TITLE [Patch Notes] v25.83.73 to v25.90.29
DATE Jun, 29, 2016 VIEW 7146



1. An Elementalist exclusive stance [Elemental Master] will be added.

- The stance becomes activated when wearing a 'bracelet' on the right wrist.

 * Special asst bracelets don't activate the stance.

 * [Elemental Master] skills attributes follow an attribute of a bracelet.

- Expert and above can acquire the stance.

- The ‘[Elemental Master] Stance Book’ can be purchased with 1 ‘Symbol of Pisces (the 12th)’ and 5 ‘White Gold Bars’ from ‘Master Guardian’ NPC.

- An ‘[Elemental Master] Stance Book (Event)’ will be added in the reward list of the ‘[Expert Stance] Gift from Emilia’ quest.

- [Elemental Master] skill/stance rings will be added in the ‘Ring Box of Chester’ and ‘Stance Ring Box’.


2. The ‘Baron Penalty’ will be toughened as follows.

- ‘ATK’, ‘ATK Rating’, ‘DEF’, and ‘DEF Rating’ of Experimental weapons and armors won't be applied.

- When a Baron is killed while wearing untradeable items such as Evil weapons and equipment for event, the items will disappear and the rate and quantity will be the same with tradeable items.

- The system messages regarding item drop and disappearance will be modified.

- The following item types will drop or disappear.

 * Weapon, armor, earrings, necklace, belt, gloves, shoes, skill ring

- Items in Inventory will just drop, not disappear.

- Premium items won't drop or disappear.


3. New single raid missions ‘Lucifer Castle: Cortes’ and ‘Death Wraith’ will be added.

- Families can enter one random mission among the two above through ‘Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard’ NPC at the ‘Coimbra Nimrod Bridge’.

- Families can enter the mission for free once a day. The [Home Premium] buff and the ‘Mission Rank 5 VIP’ medal allow one more free entrance and the ‘Mission Rank 5 VVIP’ medal allows two more free entrances.

ex) 1 free entrance + 1 free entrance from [Home Premium] buff + 1 free entrance from ‘Mission Rank 5 VIP’ medal or 2 free entrances from ‘Mission Rank 5 VVIP’ medal = up to 4 free entrances a day

- The 'continue the mission' function is available for the mission.

- The mission ranking info is saved for the mission.


4. While using the ‘AI location Storing’ option, some UIs are not displayed normally after changing resolution. This issue will be fixed.


5. In the state of ‘Immunity to Abnormal Stat’, some irrelevant buffs are applied. This issue will be fixed.

ex. When [Calmese] buff level 12 is activated, <Espacio> skill's [Movement Disable] buff is applied.


6. ‘Triumph Liquor (Event)’ and ‘Principal Liquor (Event)’ will change to be registered in the Premium Item Inventory.


7. Families will also be able to enter the ‘5 Elemental piece - Otite (2)’ quest by talking to 'Dr. Torsche' aside from entering the ‘Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Laboratory’.


8. The 'Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family' quest doesn't start when selecting the quest through 'Master Guardian' NPC. This issue will be fixed.


9. When ‘Risky’ is wearing ‘Party Dress - Spade’ costume, skill sound effects and her voice are not played. This issue will be fixed.


10. When using the ‘Item Comparison’ function, some items are compared to wrong items. This issue will be fixed.


11. [Elemental Master] Stance Book (Event) and Elemental Master Ring (30 days) will be added in the Master Guardian NPC's Family Level-up Shop.


[World X PVP]


1. <Corriente Estelar (PVP)> skill's [Drain] buff will be deleted.






1. Occasionally rewards can't be acquired from the mission reward box or the box can't be clicked. This issue will be fixed.


2. The 'Equipment Preset' function will change to equip characters with only items that equipment conditions are satisfied.


3. The rewards of ‘Reboldoeux’, ‘Coimbra’, and ‘Auch’ scenario quest clear Achievements will change from ‘Moon Stone’ x3 to ‘Pet Food’ x10, x12, and x15.


4. The ‘Custom Wing Exchange Coupon (30 days, Event)’ will change to be registered in the Premium Item Inventory.


5. When using [Manipulation] stance's offensive skills, the maximum monster damage in proportion to HP will decrease from 500 times to 200 times.


6. When using [Rosa Secreta] stance's normal attacks, they look as if they miss a target. This issue will be fixed.


7. When a friendly buff is applied on a character that [Ropera] buff is activated, [Magic Counterattack] buff is applied. This issue will be fixed.


8. Under certain circumstances, [Elemental Spirit] buff isn't normally activated depending on levels. This issue will be fixed.


9. Some quests in the Entire Quest List UI are not linked to right ‘Wiki Guide’ addresses. This issue will be fixed.


10. The entrance history of the ‘Lucifer Castle Mission (Rank 4)’ can't be reset under certain circumstances. This issue will be fixed.




1. Tradability (tradeable/nontradable) will be marked in the ‘Weapon Box - Grade ○○ (Event) tooltip.


2. In the ‘Bless’ buff tooltip, the ‘Holy Magic Damage' will be replaced with ‘Holy ATK’.






1. The ‘Discover a Hidden Way’ quest will no longer require hunting Siegmund.

- The quest item ‘Keys to Hideaway’ will be deleted.


2. Occasionally the 'continue the mission' function brings characters to a wrong mission. This issue will be fixed.


3. The ‘Tourmaline of Dominance’ weapon costume effect will be modified.


4. When wearing ‘Grimoire of Tyrant’, the magic book is unnaturally located. This issue will be fixed.


5. Wearing equipment is unavailable using the Equipment Preset in the Barracks Mode. This issue will be fixed.


6. The AIs of ‘Abyss Sorrow’ and ‘Abyss Gloom’ in ‘Armonia, En Celar’ become activated even though there's no character within their attack ranges. This issue will be fixed.


7. Some skill effects of [Elemental Master] stance don't appear when the skills are used by Elementalist TYPE 2. This issue will be fixed.




1. The ‘Romina/Rescue Knight Job Skill’ in the ‘Resuscitation’ skill ring tooltip will be deleted.




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