[Perfect place for a hunt : Quick Level Up and make a fortune at once]

  • July 12, 2023

Let me introduce Ancient Castilla Temple where you can get high grade of Alchemy Ingredients and speedy level up!


You should move to Castilla through “NPC Castilla Exploration Recruiting Soldier who protects The Port of Coimbra to get “Ancient Castilla, Temple”

(Players whose level is higher than 100 can explore “Castilla” area)

You can move to Ancient Castilla temple through Portal which is placed 5 O’clock direction when you arrive Castilla.

You’re not allowed to enter Ancient Castilla Temple without “Ancient Lelo Arena” or “Master Explorer Pack“
(“Master Explorer Pack“ can be purchased in Cash Shop.)

You can get ‘Kryptonite’ which is grade 5 ingredient. and higher EXP In Ancient Castilla, Temple. Besides, the boss monster Ancient Minotauros, Sphinx and Medusa appear on a regular cycle.

Moreover, You can quest out in Pioneering Memorial located in Ancient Castilla, Temple 1st zone repetitively as well as can “get Red Jewel Fragment” and “Stone of Soul” ,4 grand ingredient, when you complete the quest.

Why don’t you try alchemy with materials which can be obtained in Ancient Castilla, Temple.

Are you ready for Alchemy? Move to Viron area through NPC Captain, Ricardo who is in The Port of Coimbra. Don’t forget to check you’re higher than 100 Level. Viron needs strong pioneer.

Find the Alchemist, Veronif In Viron. You can see the alchemy table next to her.

You can do alchemy with different 3 materials (marked as ‘Able to use Alchemy’). Items that you can get from alchemy depend on sum of item’s grade.

(Upgrade the grade by spending Vis)


Consumable items, Dragon Heart, Dream of Devil (Strata Devil’s ingredient) and Hermetisme Stance ring (Expert stance of Veronif) can be obtained through Alchemy.