Opening Version: 10.23.4 Bonus Update Preview Part 4

  • July 12, 2023

New Expansion Pack Bonus Preview Part 4
(Bonus Preview consists of 4 parts)
Preview consists of details of the update we are currently testing. Actual update may differ.

[Table of contents]

■ New Recruit NPC Sharon
■ New Family Attribute System
■ New Faction Vault System
■ Renewal: Costume Wing Purchase


■ New Recruit NPC Sharon

NPC Sharon (new acquisition) is newly added.

Eva Sharon, who is Cortes (who is familiar to us)’ secretary, is added as new NPC.
Wearing beautiful outfit, Eva will come out as totally new person trying to fulfill Cores’ desire.

One day, Wheelton has called on the pioneering family after feeling suspicious acts from an unknown woman at Viron. Not knowing that (petrified) Cortes has fully died, Sharon was wandering around Lucifer Castle at Viron (in order to find traces of Cortes) and the pioneering family would start talking to her.

Along with quest to acquire Sharon and 5 elemental pieces, the new scenario quest begins in order to find Rhodolite.
Therefore, in order to start quest of acquiring Sharon, there are difficult standards that you must satisfy.
Completion of Selva acquisition quest
Completion of Beatrice acquisition quest
Completion of Errac scenario quest
Completion of Nar acquisition quest
Completion of Ania acquisition quest
Completion of Hellena acquisition quest
Completion of Reckless Emilia acquisition quest, Completion of serve quest
Completion of Viron scenario quest ‘Round Table Conference’ mission

Enter the village and quest will begin once you clear all the standards above.

■ New Family Attribute System

New family functionality called ‘Family Attribute” system is added.
As for family specialty, previously provided ‘Family grace’ buff that was dependent on family level would be removed and this is the newly provided (exclusive) family level system.
You may check family specialty that’s added as new UI at Main Menu  My Family Info  Family Attribute.

You may learn any special skill using special points for family specialty.
Special points are provided similar to that of family level and for all specialties, one point is used.
Once you click on the left side of the icon, you can increase the level by 1 and once right clicked, you would decrease the level by 1.

Click on the special skill that you wish to level up and by clicking [Save Attribute] on bottom right of the screen, you would be saving the selected specialties and they would directly be applied to your family.

As for special points, they do not get affected from family level and you may keep using them.
However, if the character is deleted or family level is decreased due to exile from fraction, then family points would not be added unless you reach up to the max points of family level.

In general, family specialty is divided my width and length of the screen.
From the UI, width displays types and length displays level of those types.
There are total of 5 types for levels (length)

Lower the level, that means the skill’s ability is greater and the next line will be activated once the sum of level becomes at least 5.
Conditions for both offense and defense are similar and as for specialty for assistance, you may activate specialties by using points (without any limit).
Also, you may save various skills in Attribute Page and keep switching them time by time.
Can add up to 2 (MAX) attribute pages and can also pay specific amount of Feso to add more.
In order to switch over to attribute page from a specific spot (not a village), there is waiting time of 10 seconds, and you would not be able to switch during the battle.

You may add Family Attribute Page and initialize through Master Guardian NPC.

Use new Family System to try various plays and aspects of this game.
■ New Faction Vault System
Faction vault system is newly added.
You may use Faction vault system at Faction Granary Guard NPC from Auch.

Faction leader must construct the faction vault in order to have usage and faction leader and deputy leader can provide rights of vault usage to faction members.
Moreover, as you complete the quests from faction granary guard, then you may increase slots of the vault.
※ Regarding usage of faction vault system, you cannot be protected from item loss, cheats, and more so in terms of dealing with vault and item management, please be extra cautious.
After the Faction vault system update, item must not be inside the vault when there is disperse of the faction.
If there are items in the vault, then disperse would not be possible.

■ Renewal: Costume Wing Purchase
Ways of purchasing custom wing and option setting are changed and various custom wings are added as well.
You can now purchase with custom wing exchange ticket.
This ticket would be available in an event that would be held in the future.

period previous now
1day 70,000Feso Ticket for custom wing exchange (1day)
7days 280,000Feso Ticket for custom wing exchange (7days)
30days 570,000Feso Ticket for custom wing exchange (30days)
90days none Ticket for custom wing exchange(90days)

■ 10.23.4 Version’s next update would be on Bristia, which everyone has been waiting for!