Granado Espada Character


The class for direct battle and have the most excellent
attack, defense and speed balance.

Initial level :
Class skill :
Available Weapon :
Knife Pistol dagger Sword Rapier Sabre Shield Javelin Polearm
Available Armor :
Leather Metal Belt Boots Glove

Fighters handle the most various weapons
Fighters will find the best attack method whenever and
wherever as they can use large variety of weapon
Fighters have various stances as many as weapons
they can use.
If you prefer warrior character with perfect balance,
you should select Fighter


Class for magic battle. Attack and assist by casting
psychokinetic and black magic

Initial level :
Class skill :
Energy shield
Available Weapon :
Rod Staff
Available Armor :
Belt Boots Glove Coat

Wizard will bring the goal to lead the battle in
the most effective way
You already knew how it’s interested to play
with the monster floundering by auxiliary magic.
Wizard will invite you into the unimaginable world
you haven’t known.


Class for tool & assistance. They cannot fight directly but
heal, trap and use assisted skill for physical attack.

Initial level :
Class skill :
Available Weapon :
Available Armor :
Leader armor Belt Boots Glove

Scouts will bring the victory on the battle through intelligent tactics by using tool and trap. They take out items endlessly from the secret bags. It seems the secret of Scout’s power is hidden in the bag.


Class for gunning battle. Musketeer can use various kinds
of guns and kill far-off enemies.

Initial level :
Class skill :
Concentrate fire
Available Weapon :
Pistols Rifle Bayonet
Available Armor :
Belt Belt(leather) Boots Boots(leather)
Glove Glove(leather) Coat

Only gun!
If you ask Musketeer what is the best weapon,
They will definitely answer “No more than guns on
this adventurous land!”
Long distance pump-action, critical damage and stances
which can maximize the merits of guns are the
advantage Musketeers have.


Class using powerful Fire, Ice, Lightning and
elemental magic.

Initial level :
Class skill :
Elemental Penetration
Available Weapon :
Bracelet of ice Bracelet of fire Special
Available Armor :
Robe Belt Boots Glove

The best skill of Elementalist will be mixed magic.
Who can say Elementalist doesn’t fit with new
continent after see the power of mixed magic
made by Wizard and elementalist?

Granado Espada Game System


‘Family’ represents the player in game.
When you create initial family, characters which is created later will belong to the initial family.
The family level will be increased in accordance with sum of each character’s level, and the buff will be provided

Family level
  • – If you want to make your character stronger or grow your character differently with other family, you can level up
    family level.
  • – Family level is decided from the sum of all character’s level you have in the Barrack.
    And once the family level is decided, the combat power is also enhanced according to the family level.
  • – You can check the enhanced combat power figure on Barrack mode.
Family Attribute
  • – Make your own Family Attribute with point you can get from level up of your Family
    (Short cut for Family Attribute : Ctrl + T )
  • – When you move the mouse cursor to the family’s Attribute icon, the effect of Attribute is marked.

Quest Process

You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

Quest acceptance
  • – You can start the quest by clicking the NPC who has an exclamation mark.
  • – You can check the details of quest and how to proceed through conversation with NPC
Check the Quest
  • – When you accept the quest, you can check the
    information window by clicking ALT+A Shortcut
  • – All quests present you’re carrying out now

Secret Guard

It’s a mentor system connecting beginners and existing players. Beginners can level up faster and existing players can
get the bonus exp. & family reputation.

Secret guard information window
  • – Ctrl + D
  • – Brings up the Secret Guard Request Menu.
Secret guard lobby information window
  • – Alt + L
  • – Brings up the Secret Guard Lobby, where you can see families requesting to guard or be guarded.
  • – You cannot be ‘guarded’ if your Family Level is 15 and above.
  • – You are required to be a minimum of Family Level 15 to provide the Secret Guard service.
  • – The Guarding Family’s Family Level cannot be lower than the Guarded Family Level.
  • – You can only maintain one Secret Guard Service at any time.
  • – The family ending the contract will not be able to request for the Secret Guard Service for 24 hours.
  • – Both the Guarding and Guarded families are required to be in a squad.
  • – Both families will gain slightly more EXP than normal. The Guarded Family will level up much faster and Guarding
    Family will receive family reputation as well.
  • – The Guarding Family has to be in the vicinity of the Guarded Family in order to receive the reputation points.