Quest information
Start NPC Najib Sharif
zone Reboldoeux
Objective Recruit Najib Sharif
Basic rewards Sharif Card, 3 EXP Cards Grade 68, 1 Enchantment Chip Level 60, 4 Shiny Crystals
Item rewards
Quest walkthrough

[1] The Oporutan Tea Box

Sharif is located in the Shopping Street of Reboldoeux.

Once you talk to Sharif, he requests you to visit Vera and ask her expert opinion about a tea box.

Vera is located on the way to the direction of the Reboldoeux, Gate of the Queen.


Talk to Vera to obtain her appraisal and go back to Sharif.


Rewards: 3 EXP Cards Grade 2, 1 Shiny Crystal



[2] What a Foreign Merchant Wants

Sharif asks you to bring 15 ores of Vedanium since he cannot leave his shop.


Vedanium is acquired by hunting Vedanobah, Vedanobah Warrior, and Rogue of Vedanobah in Al Quelt Moreza.

Return to Sharif and talk with him once you have collected all 15 Vedanium.


Rewards: 1 [Freestyle Shot] Stance Book, 3 EXP Cards Grade 10, 1 Shiny Crystal



[3] Hobby of Najib Sharif, Firearms Merchant

Once you talk to Sharif, he asks you to bring Blazing Rubies.

Blazing Rubies can be obtained from Rufus Reapers in the Tetra Golden Road.


※ Notice: ‘The Suspicion of the Tetra Ruins’ quest which is provided from Bernelli, a gun merchant of Coimbra, must be completed before going to the Tetra Golden Road.


Once you return to Sharif bringing 10 Blazing Rubies, the quest would be completed.


Rewards: 3 EXP Cards Grade 63, 2 Shiny Crystals



[4] Barkir Rifle

Once you speak to Sharif, he requests you to bring some materials to repair Barkir Rifle.

Hematite can be acquired by hunting Mermen in Porto Bello, The Deck.


Move back to Sharif after gathering 40 Hematites.


Rewards: 1 Barkir Rifle, 3 EXP Cards Grade 63, 3 Shiny Crystals



[5] The Pigments of the Dandelion Gorillas [Hobby of Najib Sahrif]

Sharif wants to begin trading with the homeland.

He asks you to bring pigments of the dandelion gorillas speaking about the first request given to him.


To obtain the pigments, you should move to the Thueringenwald.


You can obtain Geranium Pigments from Geranium Dandelion Gorilla, Hydrangea Pigments from Hydrangea Dandelion Gorilla, and Chrysanthemum Pigments from Chrysanthemum Dandelion Gorilla.


Move to the marked place on the map after gathering 20 Pigments each.

Once you click the rock of ‘Resting Place of the Dandelion Gorilla’ in that spot,

you can be moved to Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla mission.


1 Sunflower Pigment is acquired once you clear the mission by defeating Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla.


Return to Sharif if you have obtained the Sunflower Pigment.


Rewards: 3 EXP Cards Grade 66, 3 Shiny Crystals



[6] Antique Trade

Once you talk to Sharif, he says he has been assigned to acquire a Kaleidoscope.

You should go visit Vera first to get some information about the Kaleidoscope.


To obtain the Kaleidoscope, Vera advices you to go and meet a ‘serious looking person’ in Coimbra, who loves gathering antiques and rare items.


The serious looking person of Coimbra demands you to bring 30 bottles of Old Wine for the Kaleidoscope.


The Old Wine can be acquired by hunting Zavi di Gavi and Dumanon at Porto Bello, A Deserted Quay.


Once you go back to the serious looking person after gathering 30 bottles of the Old Wine,

he would say you to go visit a haggard lady with the wine.


< Location of the Haggard Lady >


Once you bring the wine to the haggard lady,

you can obtain Coq Au Vin which is for Nunez and 10,000 Vis.


If you give Coq Au Vin to Nunez, he exchanges it to Cameo.

Finally, Kaleidoscope can be obtained once you provide the Cameo to the serious looking person.


This quest would be completed once you give Sharif the Kaleidoscope.


Rewards: 10,000Vis, 3 EXP Cards Grade 66, 3 Shiny Crystals, 1 Enchantment Chip Level 60



[7] Rococo Furniture of Ilier

Sharif says he has obtained an order for Rococo Furniture of Ilier.


He asks you to acquire 30 pieces of Rococo Furniture and 30 Silver Candlesticks in Mansion of Dr.Torsche where the only one place in the new continent that the Rococo Furniture of Ilier can be found.


The Rococo Furniture can be acquired by hunting Haunted Desk in Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Grand Library,

and the Silver Candlestick can be obtained by hunting Haunted Candle in Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Reception Hall.


Return to Sharif once you have gathered all the items.


Rewards: 3 EXP Cards Grade 68, 4 Shiny Crystals



[8] Vera, The Furniture Connoisseur

Once you talk to him, he asks you to obtain an appraisal of Vera on special furniture.


< A Specialist of Assessment, Vera >


Vera screams by attack from the furniture while she is assessing it.

You would be moved to ‘Treasure Room of Vera’ mission area automatically and the fight with the furniture would begin.


The mission is cleared once you have defeated Ghost Barons.

Return to Sharif to complete this quest.


Rewards: 3 EXP Cards Grade 68, 4 Shiny Crystals



[9] Fix Furniture

Sharif asks you to bring some materials to restore broken furniture.


The materials you need to acquire are ‘Solid Timber ‘ and ‘Daemonische Oil.‘


You can collect the Solid Timber from ‘Tree’ appearing in random places of El Tejado Verde and the Daemonische Oil from Daemonische.


Move back to Sharif after collecting them.


Sharif likes to be able to restore the broken furniture by using the materials you brought.


Rewards: 1 Sharif Card, 3 EXP Cards Grade 68, 1 Enchantment Chip Level 60, 4 Shiny Crystals