Torrent High-speed Download

Granado Espada Client can be downloaded using Torrent program

How To Torrent Download Client?

  • 01You should install Torrent program first to download GE client through Torrent program.
  • 02Click the above ‘Torrent Program Download’ button, and you can find the window which has ‘Free Download’ button. Click it and download ‘uTorrent.exe’ file and install.
  • 03If you finish the installation, click ‘Granado Espada Torrent Download’ and download ‘GE_Full.torrent’ file.
  • 04Execute ‘GE_Full.torrent’ file you downloaded and the client download will be started through torrent program automatically.
  • 05The torrent client software will now talk to a tracker server for 2 to 10 minutes, while it scours the Internet for people to swarm with.
  • 06As the tracker locates torrent users to swarm with, each user will be automatically labeled as either a “leech/peer” or as a “seed”.
  • 07A percentage will show the amount of files you have downloaded.
  • 08Once it hits 100%, open the folder and run the client.


Maunally download the clitent if the client is not automatically installed to your computer.

Ver : 25.97.54 / 7.48GB / 2016.11.25

Download Mirror Site

The download links below are for downloading the same game client. Choose one of the links below:

System Requirement

Before installing and running Granado Espada, please check to make sure your PC meets the requirements listed below.

OS Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista or 7
(32 or 64bit support)
CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz
equivalent or above
Intel® CoreTM2 Duo Dual-Core
equivalent or above
MEMORY 2 GB or more RAM 4 GB or more RAM
or ATI/AMD RadeonTMX1600 Pro 256MB
equivalent or higher
NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT
or ATI/AMD RadeonTM HD3870 512MB
equivalent or higher
ONLINE 56k Internet connection Broadband Internet connection
HARD DISK 10 GB or higher free space
VIDEO CARD Direct X 9.0c or above

Driver Download

Please install the newest driver from your manufacturer.