TITLE [Patch Notes] v24.89.71 to v24.98.20
DATE Jun, 29, 2016 VIEW 5738



1. Item unique numbers will be added in wearable equipment tooltips.

- The 'Show Item Unique Number' option can be set at Option (Alt + O) → Other Option tap.


2. A new daily quest will be added.

- Families can receive the quest from the ‘Scouter Pendans’ and ‘Scouter Runaf’ at the ‘Lucifer Castle, Entrance’.

- ‘Dream of Devil’ is given as a reward of the quest and also there's a chance to obtain ‘Doll Spring of Oblivion’ additionally.


3. New Artifacts will be added.




Old Watch of Truman

ATK +5%

ATK Speed -10%

Watch of Truman

ATK +10%

ATK Speed -20%

Elite Watch of Truman

ATK +15%

ATK Speed -30%

Old Cane of Truman

ATK +5%

Casting Time +10%

Cane of Truman

ATK +10%

Casting Time +20%

Elite Cane of Truman

ATK +15%

Casting Time +30%

Old Brooch of Truman

ATK +5%

Accuracy -10

Brooch of Truman

ATK +10%

Accuracy -20

Elite Brooch of Truman

ATK +15%

Accuracy -30


‘Doll Spring of Oblivion’, the main material for creating the Artifacts can be acquired by completing the new daily quest at the ‘Lucifer Castle, Entrance’ or defeating monsters in the ‘Lucifer Castle, Reception Hall of Oblivion’.


4. 'Blessing of Armonia' items available for armors will be added. (revised)



Blessing of Armonia - DEF

Blessing of Armonia - Physical RES

Blessing of Armonia - Shooting RES

Blessing of Armonia - Magic RES

Blessing of Armonia - All RES

Blessing of Armonia - Immunity

Blessing of Armonia - Movement Speed

Blessing of Armonia - Max HP


The items above can be used for ‘Santo De Blanc’ and ‘Santuario Metal Armor’.


5. The items required to purchase the ‘Blessing of Armonia’ for weapons will be changed.




Holy Water of Armonia x1, Enchantment Chip Expert x1

Holy Water of Armonia x4


6. The spawn cycle of 'Polatouche' summoned by Pluton in the ‘Lucifer Castle, Banquet Hall’ mission will change as follows.

 - Before: Every 35 seconds / It doesn't disappear automatically.

 - After: Every 70 seconds / It disappears in 60 seconds.


7. The ‘Page - Placidez’ and ‘Page - Creacion’ icon images will be changed.


8. Summoning ‘Valkyries Crasher [Catapult]’ in narrow places is unavailable. This issue will be fixed.


9. Loretta’s <Blow Slash> skill effect will be modified.


10. Silver Flash Lyn and Lyn’s [Consilium] buff can't overlap with the <Magic Barrier> skill. This issue will be fixed.


11. Even if the ‘[Devil Returns] Tesserae Pharrel’ scenario quest has been completed, the quest is still found in the conversation with ‘Leonele’ NPC. This issue will be fixed.


12. The quest clear locations in the Lorch recruitment quests, ‘Road to Independence[1] and [2]’ quest information are incorrect. This issue will be fixed.


13. In a certain circumstance, talking to ‘Claude Baudez’ NPC in Reboldoeux is unavailable. This issue will be fixed.



[World X PVP]


1. The extra damage options of <Illusion Straight> and <Illusion Mirror> skills of ‘Illusion’ character's [Illusion Garde] stance are not applied. This issue will be fixed.


2. The extra damage depending on HP options of <Impulse>, <Gruesome>, <Merciless> skills of ‘Nar’ character's [Semilunar] stance are applied higher than the set amount. This issue will be fixed.





1. In the Ania’s <Beast> buff tooltip, ‘Wildlife' will change to 'Monsters'.


2. In the ‘Enhanced Ampule Package Reward’ tooltip, ‘Principal Potion’ will change to ‘Principal Ampule’.


3. From the [Sabre Tooth] stance's <Penta Simeter>, <Dust Storm>, <Tearer> skill descriptions, ‘Increases Decay level of target.’ will be erased.





1. A daily quest will be added in the ‘Tigres Prison’ mission.     

 - Families, who have completed the ‘[Investigation] Move ahead to the prison.’ quest, are able to receive the daily quest from ‘Tigres Prison Investigator’ NPC and enter the ‘Tigres Prison’ mission lobby.           


2. The entrance NPC of the ‘Tigres Prison’ mission will change.              

 - Before:  ‘Tigres Prison Guard’ of the ‘Kielce, Training Camp (Night)’ 

 - After: ‘Tigres Prison Investigator’ in the ‘Kielce’ town              


3. The item required for the additional entrance to the ‘Tigres Prison’ mission will change from ‘Elemental Jewel’ x1 to ‘White Gold Bar’ x3.           


4. The ‘Recipe - Elite Le Blanc’ in the reward list of the ‘Secret Vault of Arsene’ mission treasure box will change to ‘Recipe - Elite Trump Armor'.  


5. The normal monsters in the ‘Chateau de Bourgogne’ mission will drop ‘Piece of Trump Card’.           


6. The Viron scenario quest doesn't proceed in a certain circumstance. This issue will be fixed.             

 - Please send us an inquiry if the quest doesn't proceed after the maintenance.             


7. When using the ‘[Republican Party's Plot] Plot being exposed’ quest warp, it moves families to a wrong location. This issue will be fixed.            


8. The ‘Executor, Askara’ NPC's unnatural animation in the ‘His Answer’ direction mission of the ‘[Son of Darkness] Sisters’ quest will be modified.          


9. In a certain circumstance, the item unique numbers are displayed as same numbers. This issue will be fixed.               


10. After completing the Lorch recruitment quest, ‘A Role in the Shotgun Making Process’ quest, the ‘Testing a New Toy’ quest doesn't proceed in a certain circumstance. This issue will be fixed.     





1. New items, ‘Digestant’ and ‘Digestive Medicine’ will be added.

 - Digestant: Cancels all dish buffs.

 - Digestive Medicine: Cancels one dish buff which has the shortest time left.

 - The items can be purchased from the ‘Item Dealer’ NPC.


2. The following recipes will be added in the ‘Prospe Recipe Box’.



Recipe - Prospe Rosario

Recipe - Prospe Lute

Recipe - Prospe Encyclopedia

Recipe - Prospe Controller

Recipe - Prospe Cube

Recipe - Prospe Craft

Recipe - Prospe Tonfa

Recipe - Prospe Pendant



3. ‘Enchantment Scroll - Prospe Encyclopedia’ will be added in ‘Enchantment Merchant, Ana’ NPC's Enchantment Scroll Shop.


4. The following skills will be modified.

 - The 'Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental RES' in the <Magical Piercing> skill tooltip will change to ‘enemies' attribute RES’.

 - The '%' marks in the <Magical Piercing> buff tooltip will be deleted.

 - Debuff probabilities will be displayed in the <Armor Crasher>, <Turning Bash>, <Magical Piercing> skill tooltips.


5. While proceeding with the ‘Heiran’ recruitment quest ‘For Berneli’, when talking to ‘Veronif’ NPC without having the quest item, a notification regarding insufficient quest item will appear.


6. ‘Rachel’ character's pistol graphic size will be reduced.


7. When enhancing shields DR 32, the enhancement confirmation window will no longer appear.


8. When loading the team list in the ‘Barracks’, enhanced accessories' enhancement and option values are not shown. This issue will be fixed.


9. The ‘Prospe Rosario’ will be corrected as follows.

 - DEF will increase from ‘0’ to ‘8’.

 - Currently, up to 3 sockets can be processed. This issue will be fixed.

 - Prospe Rosario with 3 sockets will change to have 2 sockets during maintenance.

 - All items consumed for the third socket processing will be restored.

 - The rumin equipped on the third socket will be reinserted into Inventory.


10. In case a leader character is moved to the Barracks due to the <Destruction> skill, the pet order doesn't function. This issue will be fixed.


11. Once the Party Inventory UI becomes activated, the ‘Inventory’ UI and ‘Premium Item’ UI won't be closed.


12. The overlap of ‘Mireille’ character's hood and hair will be fixed.


13. ‘Anis’ character's cape graphic will be modified.


14. ‘Bane’ character's unnatural cape and hair animations that appear in town areas will be modified.


15. Some characters' unnatural poses that appear when they are wearing ‘Intuition of Al Rischa’ will be modified. (revised)



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