TITLE [Patch Notes] 30.64.09 to 30.81.35
DATE Nov, 06, 2019 VIEW 4258



1. The ‘Mirzar Pioneering Merchant’ points will be computed.

 - Existing Purchase Point will reset and new Purchase Point will be given according to the pioneering merchant contribution ranking.

-  Contribution ranking will reset. Note: The ranking is decided depending on the Contribution Rate points during the first maintenance of every month.

 - Purchase Point of the last month is added in odd months (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) and the point resets every 2 months.

 - Purchase Point resets in even months (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12).


2. A gate to ‘Coimbra Nimrod Bridge’ will be created upon clicking a treasure box after clearing a Coimbra Nimrod Bridge single rank mission.


3. A 'receive all daily quests' function will be added to the ‘Notice Board’ NPCs below.

- Armonia Daily Quest Notice Board

- Armonia Apostadero Daily Quest Notice Board

- Illisia Daily Quest Notice Board






1. A skip function will be added to the Kielce scenario missions.

- The missions can be skipped by clicking a button located in the ‘Remaining Time’ UI.

- Certain scenes and battles can't be skipped.



[Return Orpesia] Introduction of Union Leader

Encounter with New Governor

[Heroes of Bristia] Summon

Assembly of Heroes 1

Assembly of Heroes 2

[Encounter] The Three Men

The Three Men

[Red-eyed Man] Chase of Bloody Navy

Vice Governor Richelieu

Thoughts of Six People

[Red-eyed Man] The Owner of Royal Guard

A Man with Red-eyes

The Owner of Royal Guard

Code Name: Judgment Day

The Sister Rescue Operation

A Sister of the Governor

[Red-eyed Man] Traitor


A Summary Conviction

Choice of JD


2. New items, ‘Pioneer Premium’ and ‘Pioneer Wings’ will be updated.

a. ‘Pioneer Premium’ will apply the following buff.


EXP +100%

Stance EXP +50%

Item drop rate +50%

Vault slot +1000

Warp expansion +20

Activates Warp free pass function

Rank Token drop rate +150%

[Star Symbol] drop rate +150%

Allows to enter all premium dungeons
except Forgotten Territory, Sacred Chaos Requiem


- If a temporary item superior to ‘Pioneer Premium’ is in use, the effect of the superior item is applied.

 E.g. When using ‘Pioneer Premium’ while [Increase Vault Slot -1500] is in use, the slot increases by 1500.

b. ‘Pioneer Wings’ will apply the following buff.

- ATK Rating/DEF Rating +1, ATK +30%, DEF +10, damage to monster +15%, Penetration +5,

  HP +2500, SP +300

3. Will fix a bug where Bane's <Killer Instinct> skill doesn't apply normally under certain circumstances.


4. Will fix a bug where the raid boss monsters ‘Evil’ and ‘Divino’ appear out of raid hours.






1. The maximum number of ‘Solarion’ that can be entered when refining will be limited to 2,000.


2. Will fix a bug where ‘raid boss exclusive accessories’ are created as enhanced or socketed.


3. Will fix a bug where the material tooltip of ‘Recipe - Ring of Auto Baron’ in ‘Info Center - Item’ doesn't appear normally.


4. Will modify the tails graphic that appears when doing the ‘Loving’ pose while ‘Foxed’ is active.


5. Will fix a bug where earrings aren't located in the right place when Doom Slave wears them.


6. The wrong icon and illustration for ‘Leticia Cookie’ will be corrected.




1. ‘Aurelion Sereni’ Tooltip: ‘Exclusively for Queen Sereni Joshua’ will be replaced with ‘Exclusively for Joshua / Queen Sereni Joshua’.


2. <Rafu> Skill Tooltip: Missing ‘damage from monster -n%’ will be added.






1. Will fix a bug where Activity Point doesn't recover after completing the Armonia daily quest, ‘Faith and Wealth’.


2. Will fix a bug where actual numbers of skill targets and the numbers indicated in certain skill tooltips don't match.


3. Will fix a bug where the <Mark> skill cancels the [Cancion] buff.


4. Will fix a bug where ‘The Sister Rescue Operation’ which is a combat mission of the ‘[Red-eyed Man] Intendment of the Governor’ quest cannot be completed.


5. Will fix a bug where the ‘Notice Board’ NPC in ‘Illisia’ still gives the ‘[Daily/Hard] The Three Imperial Knights’ quest even though the Favor Rate requirement is unsatisfied.


6. The Elemental weapon costumes will change as follows.

- Socket processing will require ‘Shiny Crystal’ instead of ‘Socket Processing Tranquillizer’.

- Effects will show while wearing the costumes.

- Will fix a bug where socket extension is not possible.


7. The incorrect ‘Single Raid’ mission information found in ‘Info Center - Mission’ will be edited.


8. Will fix a bug where the ‘Expedition’ menu doesn't show full information about ‘Navas’ and ‘Javed’.





1. The incorrect tooltips for ‘Ancient Gold Relic’ and ‘Ancient Relic’ will be edited.


2. The incorrect ‘Synodia’ quest menu of ‘Monblant’ NPC in ‘Illier’ will be edited.






1. 2 new items will be updated.

- Enhanced Tribe Ampule of Karin Box: A box containing the 5 types of Enhanced Tribe Ampule. Upon opening, it drops 1 of each Wildlife/Lifeless/Demon/Undead/Human Enhanced Tribe Ampule.

- Character Card Box of Leticia: A box containing characters released until the year of 2018. Upon opening, it gives 1 random character card.


2. ‘MSG Barrol’ will be added in ‘Character Card Box of Heaven’.


3. The following description will be added in the ‘Elite Intuition of Al Rischa’ tooltip.

- [Accuracy +10, 5% chance of inflicting Fear, ATK to Demon +15%]


4. The missing option, ‘Damage to Demon +15%’ will be added to ‘Elite Passion of Regulus’.


5. Will fix a bug where certain skills of ‘Cassandra’ don't apply ‘Ignore Evasion’.


6. Will fix a bug where items of ‘Diary Analyst’ and ‘Food Recipe Merchant’ NPCs are sold as temporary.

- The duration information of the items will be deleted during maintenance.


7. Will fix a bug where certain quests of ‘Want Ad Board’ NPC in ‘Armonia, Apostadero’ aren't received all under certain circumstances.


8. Will fix a bug where ‘Ogg Jeff’ lvl 150 spawns during the ‘Single Raid, Camellia Teia’ mission.


9. Will fix a bug where the ‘Time Piece, Sauterelle’ mission doesn't proceed under certain ‘Cruise’ circumstances.


10. Will fix the abnormal normal attack effects that appear when ‘Dietrich’ and ‘Archon Dietrich’ are using the [Fretensis] stance.


11. The tooltip of [Weapon Block] which is the unique option of ‘Strata Devil Sword’ and ‘Evil Sword’ will be edited as follows.

- [Weapon Block] Increases ATK Speed by 10% and blocks all attacks from enemies under the [Spasticity] effect. The effect will disappear when switching stances.





1. Incorrect gloves names and recipe names will be corrected.


2. Typos found in the Elite Experimental weapon tooltips will be fixed.


3. Missing ‘Miho’ and ‘Miha’ will be added in the ‘Collection Character Card Box of Heaven’ tooltip.






1. Will fix a bug where the ‘Castilla, Relic’ and ‘Castilla, Tower of Chaos’ mission roulettes include ‘Magic Greaves/Leather Boots/Shoes’, instead of ‘Greaves/Leather Boots/Shoes of Artisan’.





1. The ‘Improved Valer Ring’ tooltip will be edited.

- ‘Max Enhancement +10’ will be removed.


2. Cassandra's <Rafu> skill tooltip will be edited.

- ‘Damage by monster’ will be replaced with ‘damage from monster’.


3. ‘Lunch Box of Panfilo Chest (Event)’ Tooltip: ‘5 Premium dishes’ will be replaced with ‘5 Great dishes’.






1. ‘Occulta, Room of General Tombstone’ NPC will be removed from ‘Occulta Fortress’.


2. The incorrect task description of the ‘[Synodia] Battle: Evora vs. Patrician’ scenario quest will be edited.


3. The following messages will be added to ‘Laura’ and ‘Sirius' recruitment quest mails which require the same quest item.

- Laura recruitment quest mail: The item is obtained separately from the Sirius recruitment quest item.

- Sirius recruitment quest mail: The item is obtained separately from the Laura recruitment quest item.


4. Will fix a bug where players are forcibly moved to a town 1 minute after clearing the ‘Disaster of the Great Plain’ faction mission regardless of the number of participants.





1. Crusader Daria’s <Palace> skill tooltip will be edited as follows.

- ‘Palace Slash’ Palace Crash

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