TITLE [Patch Notes] 29.11.12 to 29.13.53
DATE Jun, 14, 2018 VIEW 2423



1. ‘Faction Colony’ will change as follows.

- ‘Faction Colony Guardian’ will be removed.

- Faction Colony’s Max HP will increase.

- Faction Colony’s basic attack type will change to Non-elemental Magic.

- Faction Colony’s basic attack target will be selected randomly.


2. ‘Faction Colony Upgrade’ will change as follows.

- All Faction Colony upgrades will require [Elemental Jewel].

- All Faction Colony's upgraded options will reset when Faction Colony is destroyed.


a. General Upgrade

- General Upgrade will be applied separately from Selective Upgrade.

  Max HP Upgrade

- As the upgrade level increases, Faction Colony's Max HP increases.


b. Selective Upgrade

- Only one of the three options below can be upgraded.

- Each of the options has two sub-options.

- Upgrading the both sub-options is possible.


  Colony Offense Upgrade

   - Strengthens Faction Colony's normal attack and triggers a debuff on a target.

    a. ATK Upgrade

     - As the upgrade level increases, Faction Colony's ATK and ATK Speed increase.

    b. Debuff Upgrade

     - Faction Colony's attack has a chance of inflicting a [Magic Encroach] debuff.

     - As the upgrade level increases, a chance of inflicting [Magic Encroach] increases.


  Colony Defense Upgrade

   - Decreases Faction Colony damage and builds [Colony Guard Tower] which improves [Colony Repair].

    a. Guard Tower Max HP Upgrade

     - As the upgrade level increases, Colony Guard Tower's Max HP increases.

    b. Colony Defense Buff Upgrade

     - As the upgrade level increases, colony damage decreases as well as [Colony Repair] is improved.

    c. Colony Guard Tower Re-build

     - Resummons Colony Guard Tower once it's destroyed.


  Colony Skill Upgrade

   - Faction Colony casts the ‘Mass Destruction’ skill in a cycle.

    a. Skill Casting Speed Upgrade

     - As the upgrade level increases, the skill casting speed becomes faster.

    b. Skill Cooldown Decrease Upgrade

     - As the upgrade level increases, the skill cooldown is reduced.


3. ‘Valkyries Crasher’ will change as follows.

- Max HP will increase and it will receive 1 damage from all attacks.

- The summon duration will be removed. It will be destroyed once its summoner moves to Barracks or other areas.


4. ‘Valkyrie Destroyer’ will be removed.

- The item will be refunded and returned as Vis through Cabinet.

- If the item is in Party Inventory, it will be refunded and returned as Vis through faction leader's Cabinet.


5. 5 types of defensive weapon named ‘Valkyrie Repair’ will be updated.

- The item can be purchased from ‘Tool Merchant’ NPCs in each town.

- The item creates a ‘Valkyrie Repair’ which repairs a nearby colony.


6. Additional dialogues for certain characters will be updated.


7. The Personal Trade UI will display the other party's family level and faction information.


8. The respawn time of ‘Great Geckos’ in ‘Twisted Time: Imperium Arma’ will be changed.


9. The sale prices of ‘Valeron Hammer’, ‘Valeron Controller’, ‘Valeron Pendant’, ‘Valeron Rosario’, and ‘ILE-525 Large Caliber Rifle’ will change to 110 Vis.


10. Info Center will display ‘Strata Devil Weapon (Event)’ and ‘Armonia Weapon (Event)’.


11. Will fix a bug where ‘Info Center - Mission’ doesn't display item lists of certain ‘reward boxes’.


12. Will fix a bug where Arbitrator Berthe’s hair costumes can't be purchased in Dress Room.


13. Will fix a bug where ‘Ring Box of Genos’ doesn't drop ‘Seismic Wave Ring’.


14. Elisa and Cadet Elisa’s ‘Sonora Hair’ costume graphics will be modified.


15. Will fix a bug where sound doesn't play when switching a stance into [Corsair] or [Carrier].


16. Will fix a bug where HP doesn't recover normally when <Krollonia> skill's counterattack succeeds.


17. ‘Recipe - Brandistock (Quest)’ won't be stored in Item Vault.



[World X PVP]


1. Will fix a bug where the <Geas> skill inflicts [Curse of Geas] to the caster.


2. Will fix a bug where the World X PVP ranking point is wrongly determined under certain circumstances.





1. <Mind Steal> Skill Tooltip: Accuracy +10% will be replaced with Accuracy +10.


2. <Pain Killer> Lv.1 Skill Tooltip: The wrong ‘magic damage decrease’ value will be corrected.


3. Wrong ‘Valeron’ item tooltips will be edited.






1. A new option ‘Mark Quest Monster’ will be added in ‘Game Options (Alt+O)’.

- ‘Mark Quest Monster’ is active by default. In order to deactivate the option: Options (Alt+O)’ UI Option Uncheck Mark Quest Monster

- When the option is active, a yellow circle highlights quest monsters from underneath.

- The option only applies to quests listed on the quest check screen.


2. ‘Rada’ will be added in ‘Character Card Box of Heaven’.


3. ‘Soul of Castilla’ will be added to the roulette reward of ‘Castilla, Relic: Hard’.


4. Sealing ‘Messenger of the Stars Earrings’ will become possible.

- A tradable ‘Messenger of the Stars Earrings Box’ is acquired by dragging and dropping ‘+9 Messenger of the Stars Earrings’ or ‘+10 Messenger of the Stars Earrings’ on ‘Aclla the Shaman of Fire’ NPC.


5. Will fix a bug where a character moves to the wrong location when casting a skill under certain circumstances.


6. Will fix a bug where characters don't pose after clicking ‘Watch Character’.


7. Will fix a bug where the chat window still displays “family name after entering “family name, sending a whisper, deleting the message, and moving to another zone.


8. Will fix a bug where the wrong additional damage is dealt to PC with lower Max SP when the [Gold Circle] buff is active.


9. Will fix a bug where ‘Blessing of Armonia’ doesn't apply to ‘Armonia weapons (event)’.


10. Will fix a bug where HP is already consumed as much as increased Max HP when entering a zone while a [Clique Battle title buff] is active.


11. Will fix a bug where the wrong medal icon shows up when wearing ‘Chains of Destiny’.



[World X PVP]


1. Will fix a bug where the skills of ‘Arbitrator Berthe’ deal damage to allies.



[Colony War]


1. ‘Valkyries Crasher’ and ‘Valkyrie Repair’ will change as follows.

- They will receive fixed damage from ‘siege’ skills.

- They will be summoned for 60 seconds.

- They will disappear once their summoners die.

- ‘Valkyries Crasher [Catapult]’ won't disappear even if its summoner dies.


2. ‘Faction Colony Defense Upgrade’ will change as follows.

- Colony Guard Tower's Max HP will decrease.

- The [Colony DEF Boost] buff's damage decrease effect will change.

- The ‘Colony Guard Tower Rebuild’ menu will be removed.

- Once ‘Colony Guard Tower’ is destroyed, it will be rebuilt within a certain period of time.


3. ‘Colony Manager’ will change as follows.

- The size of ‘Colony Manager’ NPC will increase.

- The ‘Selective Upgrade Reset’ menu will be removed.


4. Will fix a bug where ‘Valkyries Crasher’ recovers its HP under certain circumstances.


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