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TITLE Opening Version: 10.23.4 5th Update Preview
DATE Jan, 02, 2013 VIEW 13577
New Expansion Pack Preview Part 5
Preview consists of details of the update we are currently testing. Actual update may differ.


[Table of Contents]
■ New Recruit NPC Beatrice
■ New Recruit NPC Adriana
■ New Zones : Lucifer, Banquet Hall / Death Corridor
■ New Item : Strata Devil Accessories
■ Rare Weapon Costumes


■ NPC Beatrice


 ‘Black Lightning’ Beatrice, an assassin who moves secretly in the dark.
Beatrice is the second Absinian to step on Granado Espada continent and she is the sister of Magic Merchant M’Boma in Coimbra.
You first have to clear  M’Boma Recruit Quest and M’Boma Sub Quest before proceeding with Beatrice Recruit Quest.
Absinians are experts in magic and Beatrice, of course, uses magic stances.
Beatrice, last magic attribute character after Ludin and Ion, uses lightning magic.

Tempest, Beatrice’s exclusive expert stance, can only be used if you are wearing lightning bracelets on both wrists.  Like existing lightning stances, it has low accuracy but has high damage. Beatrice’s maximum accuracy is only 50.

[Tempest] book can be obtained in Beatrice Recruit quest.

Beatrice’s job skill is called ‘Enchanted Arm’. With this skill, your Tempest stance will be much stronger.

Enchanted Arm.
If you compose the MCC with Beatrice, Diego, Andre, Calyce and Valeria, ‘Hidden Truth’ team buff will activate.



■ New Recruit NPC Adriana

New recruit NPC Admiral Adriana, who was sent to Castilla to explore, will be added.

To receive Adriana recruit quest, you first have to clear two prerequisite quests; which are Adriana sub quest (Castilla supply quest) Castilla, Relic quest.
Enter the Castilla, Base 1 after delivering ‘Letter of Sofia’ to NPC Manuel in the Temple to start the Adriana recruit quest.

Adriana will ask Pioneer Family to deliver ‘Shiny Golden Relic’ and exploration report to the mainland but these became lost. Adriana will go see Pharrel to find out what happened but…


No clue will be found for the missing Shiny Golden Relic and, to find out why the command is so interested in this relic, Adriana will ask to join the Pioneer Family.

To the mainland with Adriana to find the Shiny Golden Relic…

Cutlass, Adriana exclusive stance, is a two-hand stance that uses a sabre and a gun.

Cutlass is a stance used by Vespanola navy officers and Adriana perfected it with her power and agility.
[Cutlass] book can be purchased in Constellation Shop of Emilia in Coimbra with 3 Growth Stones and 1 Symbol of Cancer.
Include Adriana in MCC to activate ‘Duty of the Officer’ team buff.
Characters that can activate Duty of the Officer team buff are Romina, Leonele, Natalie, Daria, Ralph and Adriana.

■  New Zones : Lucifer, Banquet Hall / Death Corridor

The first door to the Montor’s base, gate of Lucifer Castle will be finally opened.

What is waiting for you at the end of the long corridor?

Center of Banquet Hall, located on the first floor of Lucifer Castle

First floor (Banquet Hall) and the second floor (Death Corridor) of Lucifer Castle will be added.

These zones are raid areas with middle-boss and boss grade monsters. When you enter the Lucifer Castle, you will receive ‘Curse of Montoro’ buff and the intensity of this buff is different for each area. 
You are weakened because of the curse …

Leonele will ask Pioneer Family to investigate Pharrel. Pioneer Family obtains information from Taikbin and heads out to the Clock Tower and obtains a Time Piece.
With the help of Veronif, you see strange experiment subjects and Montoro trying to awaken the knowledge of the ancient in the Time Piece.

To stop Montoro’s plan, Pioneer Family goes to Raven.

G. Lich, boss monster of Banquet Hall

You can enter second floor (Death Corridor) by defeating G.Lich.

NPC characters under the curse of Montoro

You have defeat Portero, boss monster of Death Corridor, to acquire a key.


■ New Item : Strata Devil Accessories

Newly added Strata Devil accessories are earring, necklace, glove, boots and belt. These can only be worn by Master characters.



Strata Devil accessories are not classified into Hard Armor / Light Armor / Soft Armor that any class can equip them.
Accessary Set Option will also be added. Options will be added as you wear more Strata Devil accessories. Maximum option will be applied if you wear 5 Strata Devil accessories which are; +5000 HP, +5 RES, +5 Penetration, +1 ATK/DEF Grade.

Strata Devil accessories recipe and some of the ingredients can be obtained from monsters inside the Lucifer Caste.

■  Rare Weapon Costumes

Rare Weapon Costume can only be obtained by mixing costumes in Bahia Port and up to 3 sockets can be added.  By mixing 2 Grade 1 costumes, you might acquire Rare Weapon costume by chance.






■  On Next Preview (Part 6) - January 03, 2013

● New Recruit NPC Grandice
● New Recruit NPC Vincent
● New Zone : Lucifer, Twisted Spacetime Room


Will the part 6 be the last preview?....


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