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TITLE Illis: 4th Update Preview
DATE Oct, 14, 2020 VIEW 2965

[New Deus Machina Series]

- Deus Machina weapons and accessories will be added.


- Newly released Deus Machina weapons are AR 38 and deal additional damage to Lifeless.

- Deus Machina accessories have a set effect: ATK/Penetration increase.

- Deus Machina weapon crafting materials can be collected from the 4 new combat fields.

- Weapon and accessory recipes will be provided through a new content update.




[New System] Grand Master Promotion


“The future story is not yet what you deserve.

Therefore, I have decided to grant you a new power.

You may call it,

Grand Master.

Yes, if you deserve it, I am willing to give you this power.

            - The Watcher of the Stars -




- A new tier, Grand Master will be added.

- A character that meets the requirements below can be promoted to Grand Master.

 * Reached the maximum level of High Master

 * Received La Atencion


- The following abilities are added after being promoted to Grand Master.

 * ATK/DEF Rating +1

 * Stats [+10] through the new awakening [Estelia] which requires Tears of the Star as a catalyst.

- Promotion to Grand Master is possible through Master Guardian and it requires Shiny Crystal as a catalyst.


- The catalyst for [Estelia], Tears of the Star, will be provided through a further content update.




[New Stance] Grand Master Exclusive Stances


- Exclusive stances for Grand Master basic characters (except Neo) will be added.


- Fighter: Ancient Guard which is a melee stance using a sword and a shield.


- Musketeer: Ancient Bullet which is a shooting stance using a rifle.


- Elementalist: Ancient Elements which is an AoE magic stance using an elemental bracelet.


- Wizard: Ancient Spirit which is a mental debuff stance using a rod or a staff.


- Scout: Ancient Tactics which is an assistance stance using a rosario.


Stance books for the 5 new stances will be provided through a content update.




[Adjustment] PVP Battle


- The following contents for World X PvP are under development.

    New Battle Mode (Chief War, Annihilation, Siege, Monster Suppression)

    World X PVP Combat Balancing

    World X PVP Shop Renewal

    New World X PVP Seasonal Rewards


     Clique Battle - New seasonal system, resolving the unbalance of the camps, balancing, new point shop, new battlefield, new combat system, Contribution Rate computation and etc.

     Colony War - Removing unnecessary combat factors, top reward: Ethereal weapon series, combat balancing and etc.


More details will eventually be posted on developer’s notes.






- All posted content so far are under development. Additions and changes may be implemented in actual update.


Thank you for your support.


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