TITLE Patch Notes - August 26, 2015
DATE Aug, 26, 2015 VIEW 15152

Patch Note:

Armonia Part 5

Revisions, additions and fixes in Granado Espada through the routine maintenance are as follows:


1. View Remaining Bullets function has been added.                                                                                      

- The number of bullets currently in possession will be shown with the icon on the left of the MCC UI and the minimization button.

- The icon will be shown in different colors according to the number of bullets. The icon will be shown in red for 0– 9,999 bullets; orange for 10,000– 22,767 bullets; and green for 22,768–32,767 bullets.

- The remaining time will be displayed when equipping portable bullets.                                                                                                                                                                                            

2. The Check Box icon that only shows the “Term item currently in use” has been added on the bottom left of the “Paid item” inventory.                                                                                                                  

-It will be maintained in the checked state while travelling the zone, but it will be changed into the unchecked state when the client restarts.

3. The mission lobby and waiting room will be improved as follows:

a. Mission Lobby                             

 - A random name for the mission room will be automatically written in the subject line of the room while creating the mission room.                                                          

 - The name of the room can be randomly changed as before.                                   

b. Mission Waiting Room                                             

 - The Game Ready function has been added.                                                                    

 - The “Game Start” button will be activated when all families, except for the room leader, are ready after entering the mission waiting room.

  (When there are no families who additionally entered the mission waiting room, you can play the mission by yourself.)                           

 - Upon clicking the “Ready” button, the drop box UI color of the family will change.

 - The waiting time in the mission waiting room has been increased from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

 - You can check the maximum number of people who can enter and the number of people who currently entered.

c. Common - The UI of the Lobby and Mission Waiting Room has been modified.                                                                                                                                                                          


4. Skills using the “Linear” and “Fan shape” range type have been improved and changed as follows:

 - Upon clicking an enemy target in the casting standby status of a ground designation skill (state where the skill is clicked), standby status will not be released, and the skill will be immediately activated.

 - The range effect will be shown in white for an ally and red for enemy. Existing circular range skills during casting will be shown as well.

 - The shape of the linear skill range effect has been changed.                                                                                                                   

5. Ping (Packet Internet Groper) will be displayed as an image.

 - The image will be shown on the top right of the screen.

 - Ping can be turned On/Off: “Game option (Alt + O) > Others > Hide delaying time.”

6. View Remaining Bullets function will be changed as follows:  

 - On/Off function will be added.

 - On/Off can be set: “Game option (Alt + O)” > “Play option” > “Show the number of bullet”

 - When the function is On, the remaining bullet’s state will be shown in color in MCC UI, and the indication of the number of the bullet will be deleted.


7. Some graphics of the “Magic Party Dress” costume worn by the “Illusion” character were modified.

8. The Armonia final scenario quest will be added.

- The quest mail will be created upon entering the village after completing the “[Whisper of Devil] Mixed Feeling” quest.


9. The Anise recruit quest will be added.                            

- The quest mail will be created upon entering Armonia after completing the “[Epilogue] Remaining things, and…” quest.


10. A new recruit character, “Anise,” will be added.

- Anise can use her exclusive stance, [Placidez], when she is equipped with a rosario.                                    

- The [Placidez]stance and skill ring will be added to the “Stance ring box“ and “Ring Box of Curan.”            

- The [Placidez]stance book, “Page - Placidez,” can be acquired through the reward box with a certain chance when completing the Armonia daily mission. You can exchange the stance book with 10 “Page - Placidez” through the “Memento Mori, Bible” in “Armonia, Apostadero.”


13. New areas—“Armonia, El Soltado” and “Armonia, El Adio”—will be added.

- You can move to “Armonia, El Soltado” from “Armonia, El Templo.”

- You can move to “Armonia, El Adio” from “Armonia, El Soltado.”            


14. The seal of “Dullahan Cabeza” that appeared in “Armonia, El Templo” will be released.

- The “Dullahan, Cabeza” will respawn within 12–24 hours after it was killed.


15. The regeneration time of the raid boss monster in Lucifer will be changed as follows:

- In case of a “Death Wraith,” it will be regenerated right after the server is down. It will appear after the regeneration time regardless of the server.

16. The new story will be added to the storybook.           

- “Ornella’s postcard” can be obtained with a certain chance when hunting in all fields and dungeons of Armonia.                               


17. The weapon item craft / reinforcement-related items will be changed as follows:

* It does not apply to armors.                                                                                                                   

a. Weapon item reinforcement

   - Reinforce protect cannot be used for reinforcing weapon items.

b. Weapon item craft    

   - The number of “Dream of Devil” required to produce “Strata Devil Weapon” will be reduced from 200 to 100.                                                                                                                         

   - The time consumed and the method used to produce “Diary of Veronif” and “Old Witch’s Broomstick” will be changed.

   - The required number of material to produce Masterpiece, Ogre, Werewolf, Werebear, Dullahan, and Kobolt series weapon will be reduced.

   - The materials of “Broom of Little Witch” will be changed.       

   - Materials required to produce an evil weapon will be changed.

   - The number of time crystals has been reduced from 600 to 150.

   - One time ore + 300 time crystals will be changed to one time ore + 75 time crystals.                                  

   - Two time ores will be consumed as before.                                                  

   - The weapon recipe shop of 'Leonora' and 'Sierra' NPC in Witch's house and room in Bahama will be deleted.                                                                                                

   - One Encyclopedia Page can be obtained when completing the daily quest, “[Repeat] Ork's Collection Retrieval.”               

     (It only applies to families who completed the recruitment of Cano.)

   - An encyclopedia page purchased from Ork can be purchased by “Ancient Rune” or “Enchantment Chip Veteran.”                                                               

   - The “Strata Devil Weapon Recipe” can be obtained from “Naraka’s Alchemy Table” with a certain chance.                                                                                                                          

   - The “Dream of Devil” drop will be added to “Viron, Red Sunset Forest / Blood Fog Forest / Crow Forest.”                                                                                                                             

   - The obtainable number “Sacred/Dark knight’s crest, Sacred/Dark priest’s crest“ from “Elohim’s Box” has increased.                                                                                                           

   - The refinement time of “Red Armonium Ore” progressed from Priest, Joel NPC has been reduced from five hours to 30 minutes. The consumption cost of feso is 10,000 feso, the same as before.

   - The regeneration time of a mid-boss monster that drops “Abyss piece” has been reduced.

   - The required point to purchase crystal equipment items at World Cross PvP will be reduced.

   - The purchasing point of “Recipe - Kurenai,” which is purchasable at “Pioneer Merchant,” shop will be reduced.                                                                                                                  

   - The “Shiny Crystal” will be deleted from the list of alchemy rewards.

c. The price of the following paid items will be reduced.

   - The price of “Enhancement Booster” will be reduced from 30,000 feso to 6,000 feso.                                                                                                     

   - The price of “Ambrosia” will be reduced from 100,000 feso to 4,000 feso.

18. The new item, “Valeron’s powder” will be added.                                                    

- “Valeron’s powder” of the same ATK rating as a weapon’s rating when failing to reinforce a weapon with the basic ATK rating of 33 or higher             .

- The production of “Enhancement Booster” using “Valeron’s powder” will be added in the future.                                                                                                                         

19. The new item, “Enchant Scroll,” will be added.           

- The enchant merchant in each village sells “Enchant Scroll.”

- The enchant scroll can be enchanted through enchant UI using the same enchant chip as the weapon. (The same enchant option as the weapon will apply.)

- The “Enchant Scroll” item is the same as the weapon that can be obtained when separating an enchant.                                                                                                                                 


20. The enchant separation/combination function for weapons will be added.

* It does not apply to armors.                   

a. Common information

   - The function can be used through the “Enchant merchant” NPC in each village.

   - Enchant separation does not affect the weapon reinforced value and socket.                              

b. Enchant Separation

   - It can be used through the “Separation” tab on top of the enchant separation/combination UI.

   - Enchant separation is available for a weapon with more than one enchant option and an ATK rating of 33 or higher. 

   - You can equally obtain an “Enchant Scroll” that recorded weapons without an option and a weapon’s option before separation when separating an enchant option.                     

   - The cost required for an enchant separation will be determined by the basic ATK rating of the item.

   - The weapon that an enchant option has separated cannot be restored by “Tears of Ana”.     

c. Enchant Combination

   - It can be used through the “Combination” tab on top of the enchant separation/combination UI.

   - You can only combine an enchant option with the same kinds of weapons as an enchant scroll.

   (e.g.: Options recorded on “Enchant scroll - Wits of Gemini” can only be combined with “Wits of Gemini” weapons.               

   Even if the grade is same, an enchant combination cannot be executed with other weapons.)

   - All of the enchant options of a weapon will disappear and will be replaced as options recorded in the enchant scroll during enchant combination.

   - The “Enchant scroll” will disappear after the first combination.


21. The entrance and reward of some missions will be changed as follows:

a. Change of Entrance

   - Missions are categorized into Rank 1–4 according to the difficulty level. The restriction of daily entrance for a categorized mission will be deleted.                       

   - “Key Merchant” NPC on the Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge will be deleted. The required items and recipes for entry sold by some NPC will be deleted.

   - During the update, a retained key item will be replaced in the following exchange items and will be given to the cabinet.

   - The required item to enter the mission will be integrated to “Shiny Crystal.”

   - The required item to enter the special zones in the middle of “Nest of Garim,” “Occulta, Room of General,” and “Mission: Lava leaf” will be deleted.

   - You can enter “Mission: Hell Breaker” and “Mission: Lava leaf“ through the “Individual Raid Mission” NPC on the “Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge”.

  - You can enter “Mission: Heaven's Altar Protection” and “Mission: Overlord of Element” through the “Stone with mysterious energy” NPC in Bahama, Base camp.              

  - The restriction on the creation of a mission lobby by world in the “Blood Navy” mission will be deleted, and it will be changed into the daily mission.

  - The “Time Paradox” mission will be progressed twice a day.                                                  

b. The difficulty level and reward

   - Missions are categorized into Rank 1–4 according to the difficulty level and rewards will be changed by rank.                                                                                                                      

   - The “Ambrosia” and “Enhancement Booster” will be added to the Demonic Hard mode missions.

   - The drop reward will be deleted and the reward box will be added upon clearing the “Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber” mission.

   -“Abyss piece” will be added to the “Priest of Fear” reward box.                           

   - The maximum HP of monsters, “Myconid of land,” “Trace of fire,” “Acor of wind,” “Blue fish of water,” and “Ruler of element” that appeared in the “Overlord of Element” mission will be reduced by 50%.                                                                                                                                                                                            

   - The HP of boss monsters will be adjusted when playing the normal and hard mode of “Demonic Porto Bello,” “Demonic Mansion of Dr. Torsche,” and “Demonic Prison de Joaquin Dungeon” missions.            

   - The number of “Dream of Devil” obtainable from the “Infinito Challenge” reward box has been increased.                                                                                                                             

   - “Dream of Devil” will be added to the “Lifted Cursed Pattern” reward box.                                    

   - The difficulty level of the following mission will increase because of the result for balance adjustment with other missions that belong to the same rank.

c. Others                                                                                                                                                                                             

   - The “Kielce Night Combat” mission will be deleted.                                                   

   - Rank information will be added to the “Mission Information Center.”

   - The constellation tab will be deleted, and the Abyss piece tab will be added to the Raid Information UI.                                                                                                                                  

   - “Credentials for the Secret Tower” quest will be deleted.                                                                                                                                                                      

22. Game UI, including the warp list (Ctrl+R), will be changed. The function will be the same as before

23. Siegmund in “Discover a Hidden Way” quest can be killed by a squad state.                                                  

24. The name of [Ambrosia] stance and skill ring will be changed.

- The “Icy Ambrosia” stance skill level will increase even if you equip the existing “Ambrosia Ring.”


25. [Definition of Light], [Definition of Darkness] debuff will not be deleted when “Whole Cancellation” is applied.

26. The double-drop rate of the weapon material event will begin.                                                         

- The additional treasure box reward when clearing all missions has been doubled.

- The additional drop will apply to the main weapon materials. The list of additional items is as follows:

a. Serpent weapon: “Snail shell” and “Old chess” will be added to entire areas of Bahamar.

b. Constellation weapon: 4 Kinds of “Ancient Rune” will be added to the entire areas of Errac.                   

c. Evil weapon: “Time Crystal” will be additionally dropped in the additional roulette of the time paradox mission.                                                                                                                     

d. Strata devil weapon: “7 kinds of Piece Of Naraka,” “Devil’s Wish’s double-drop rate,” “Boss monster of Time Paradox’s 27 kinds material” will be additionally dropped in the entire areas of Viron.

e. Elite Bristia weapon: “Esssence of Purity,” “Esssence of Corruption,” and “Esssence of Balance” will be additionally dropped in the entire Bristia areas.                                                                              

f. Armonia weapon: “Crest of Sacred Knight,” “Crest of Dark Knight,” “Crest of Sacred Priest,” and “Crest of Dark Priest” will be additionally dropped in the entire areas of Armonia.    

The following shall apply to weapon item production / reinforcement change of related rewards:                            

27. The number of retained “Enhancement Booster” and “Liquid of Heaven” will be increased by five times as much as the “Currently retained number” during the update.

  Only the Enhancement Booster and Ambrosia will be canceled. Those items will be moved to the cabinet, and the number of items will be changed.                                                     

28. The same weapon will be additionally given to the weapons with a grade of 32 or higher that were created before maintenance of 2015.26.08 (within two months).                                

- The weapons with a level of 32 or higher created through production, quest, mission reward and point shop purchase                                                                                                          

  (Excluding gold rosario. The gold rosario was not included because there was no change of acquisition.)

- The one item with the same kind of created weapon, no reinforcement, no option, and no socket will be given to the owner during routine maintenance.

  (The weapon in the party storage will only be given to the party leader.)                                                            

- The reward weapon will be given by Leonardo Expreso

29. The new character, “Van,” will be added.                                                                     

- Van can use [Creacion] when he is equipped with a magic scroll.

- The [Creacion] stance and skill ring will be added to the “Stance ring box” and “Chester’s ring box.”      

- You can obtain one “Page - Creacion” when completing the Van recruit quest. You can also obtain the additional page when killing Armonia Raid Monster, which will be updated in the future.                   

- You can exchange 10 “Page - Creacion” for one “[Creacion] stance book” through “Memento Mori, Bible” in “Armonia, Apostadero.”                                                                                

30. The “Van“ recruit quest will be added.                                                                                           

- Families who completed the “[Epilogue] Things left, and…” quest can receive the quest mail upon entering “Armonia.”                                                                                                 


31. The number of “Shiny Crystal” consumed to enter the individual raid and weekly raid mission in “Coimbra Nimrod Bridge” will be reduced.                                        


32. Weapon merchant NPCs in each village will sell the recipe of weapon with a 31 and 32 grade.              


33. The following items will drop when completing the Rank 1–4 missions.

- Rank 1: Level 92 enchant chip

- Rank 2: Level 96 enchant chip

- Rank 3: Level 100 enchant chip               

- Rank 4: Enchant chip veteran                  


34. The “Time Paradox” mission will be changed as follows.                         

- The maximum number of people to enter the mission will be changed from 24 to 12.                  

- The average number of obtainable “Time Crystal” from the reward box will be reduced.


35. Dialogues and scenes will be skipped if you fail and retry the mission with dialogues and combats of the Armonia scenario quests.                                                                          

36. Some of the Armonia scenario quest will be changed as follows:                                                                       

- The daily restriction function required for recruit quests, excluding Armonia 5th scenario, will be deleted.                                                                                                                                 

- The number of “Armonia Wolf” and “Armonia Bear“ to kill in “[Glorious Sanctuary] Anilio” quest will be reduced from 100 to 50.

- “Bacchanalia Piece” and “Werebear Mace Piece” of “[Son of Darkness] A Cross and a Ribbon” quest will be obtained with a high chance.

- The “Broken Piece of Madness” of “[Past of Atonement] Armonium” quest will be obtainable with a high chance.                                                                                                                   

- The “Abyssal Magic Powder” of the “[Whisper of Devil] The Two Saints” quest will be obtainable with a high chance.                                                                                                           

- The number of monsters that appeared in “[Berthe in Danger]” mission will be reduced.                           

- The stats of monsters that appeared in the “Berthe in Danger]” mission has been decreased. The stats of “Berthe” NPC will be increased to more than before.

- The stats of monsters that appeared in the “[Estranged brothers]” mission has been decreased. The stats of “Vincent” NPC will be increased.

37. The “Anis” character will be modified as follows.                       

-  [Protection of the Saint] buff will only apply when characters are in a certain range, while the “Merced” skill of [Placedez] stance is used.

- The pose of “Shoryuken” will be modified.                                                       


38. The Hell breaker mission lobby creation gate NPC in “Mine Passage” will be deleted. 


39. The “Armonia, El Soltado” movement icon display will be added to the local map of Armonia, El Templo.

40. The new item, “Valeron’s Blessing” will be added.                                                                                    

- You can obtain one “Valeron’s Blessing” by using 16 “Valeron’s Powder” through the reinforcement merchant NPC in each village.                                                                  

- The final reinforcement success rate will be doubled when using “Valeron’s Blessing” for weapon reinforcement.                                                                                                             

- “Valeron’s Blessing - 34 grade“ cannot be traded. Therefore, “Valeron’s Powder - 34 grade“ cannot also be traded.


Items registered in the market will be moved to the cabinet during the routine maintenance.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

​41. The number of max. items consumed to reinforce the following weapons and process socket will be reduced.

42. The mission rewards by rank will be changed as follows.                                        

- The 31 and 32 grade weapon recipe will be deleted from the rewards list.                         

  (You can purchase these recipes from the manufacturing NPC in each village at anytime.)                          

- The acquisition rate of an accessory recipe item will be reduced.

- The acquisition amount of an ancient rune will be increased.

- The acquisition chance of a 30–31 grade weapon item will be increased.                                                                                                                                                                                          

43. The new B.G.M., “Tragedy of War” and “il Segreto” will be added.                                                    

- The B.G.M. can be selected from “Jukebox” -> “Music List.”


44. The number of items required to exchange “Ghost Nucleus” from “Ludeza Vishihah” NPC in “Katovic Snowfield” will be reduced.

45. Costumes purchasable from the dressing room will be added.                                                                            

- Snowfield Witch Hat: Sierra                                                                                     

- Snowfield Witch Costume: Sierra                                                                                                                          

- Charm Hair: Cannon Shooter Claire and Cutie Claire                                                                                                      

- Sunset Rouge Costume: Cannon Shooter Claire and Cutie Claire             

46. “Rank point (ELO point)” will be reduced when the server is down, barrack is moved / logged out / game is over / client is forcibly terminated and the World Cross PvP-related mission is over in World Cross PVP.                                                                                                                                                                                              

- It will be counted as a defeat when the mission is over because of an Internet disconnection or a blackout. Penalty will apply.

47. The number of required “Equipment Crystal” to craft weapons will be reduced from 2 to 1.                 

 - It will apply to weapons with a grade of 32 or higher.                                                                                                  

 - The “Magic equipment Crystal - 33 grade” consumed for “Cube,” which is produced through “Marchetti,” will be reduced from 2 to 1.


48. The “ATK rating” of boss monsters that appeared in the “Lost glorious time” mission will be decreased.

49. The new boss monster, “Abyss,” will be added to “Armonia, El Adio.”             


50. The new armor, “Santo de Blanc (Musketeer),” will be added.                                           

 - It can be produced through “Recipe - Santo de Blanc (Musketeer)” when dropped with a certain chance while killing “Abyss” in “Armonia, El Adio.”                                                  

51. The facial expression will be added to the character pose of “Emilia,” “Emilia the Sage,” “Viki,” “Selva,” and “Bernelli.”

52. Applying the “Sacred Lightning” of [Protection of the Saint] buff when using the “Merced” skill of [Placedez] stance will only damage “Human type,” “Daemon type,” “Undead type,” “Lifeless type,” and “Wildlife type.”

53. The new Armonia boss monsters, “Navas” and “Oscuras,” will be added.                      

   a. “Navas” will appear in “Armonia, El Soltado.”                              

   b.“Oscuras” will appear in “Armonia, El Templo.”                           

   c. Common                     

   - They will be created in the special location when the server is open, and they will respawn within 3–5 days when they are killed.                 


54. The new armor, “Sanctuario Metal Armor,” will be added.                    

   - It can be produced through “Recipe - Santuario Metal Armor” dropped with a certain chance when killing “Oscuras,” which is generated in “Armonia, El Templo.”  


55. “The First Darkness” mission will be added.                 

   - You can enter this mission through “Memento Mori, Bible” in “Armonia, Apostadero.”                            

   - A minimum of 12 families or more can enter the mission once a week.                            


56. Some stances and skills will be changed as follows:

57. The “Damage reduction” attributes of “Santo de Blanc” will be changed as follows:

58. The acquisition amount of “Valeron’s Powder” upon failing item reinforcement will be changed as follows:

59. Dropped items when double-clicking some of the consumable items will be immediately moved to the inventory. The items are as follows:

60. “Continuous Survival” will be displayed in the information UI in “All-out Clique War.”                               


61. The new daily mission, “Dominator of Rage,” will be added.                                                                 

- You can enter the mission through “Memento Mori, Bible” NPC in “Armonia, Apostadero.”                      

- “Recipe - Armonia Necklace” can be obtained with a certain chance from the reward box.                        

- The “Re-entry mission” function can be used for this mission. 


62. The difficulty level of attack for normal monsters in “Armonia” will be changed as follows.                    

- The frequency of skill usage will be greatly decreased.                                                                                                               

- The [Blood Curse] buff used during the normal attack will be deleted.                                                                

- The ATK of the “Jumping Jack” skill will be decreased.                                                                                                 


63. The “Item production” function through the recipe will be changed and improved as follows.                             

- Previously, you needed to talk an NPC per each item to produce items. Now, the production UI will be activated by double-clicking the recipe items.                                                       

- Item production UI activation can only be used in the village.                                                                                  

-The item tooltip will be shown upon placing a mouse pointer over the item production UI recipe and material list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

64. The information sign will be shown once more when setting the “Game Trade password.”               


65. The [Degenerate] and [Holiness] buff will be changed as follows.                                                                     

- The [Holiness] buff in Armonia and missions will be consumed as before. However, the [Degenerate] buff will not be accumulated anymore.                                                                     

- The [Degenerate] buff will only be accumulated within 30 m based on the battling raid monster in Armonia.                                                                                                                            


66. The “Write a mail” UI will be activated when a family that you would whisper has not yet accessed the game.


67. The “Armonia Holy Water” item will be tradable. The limitation of number is deleted so that you can have it up to 32,767.


68. The “Armonia Holy Water” sold as “White Gold Bar” by “Priest Baruch” NPC of “Armonia, Cathedral“ will be deleted from the list.                                                                          

 The supply of Armonia Holy Water will be greatly expanded through the update in the future.        


69. Dialogues and scenes will be skipped when you fail and retry the mission with dialogues and combats during the “Berthe and Charles”,and “Patrick”  recruitment quest.

70.  The price of “92 Elite Weapon Recipe” that is purchasable from “Gloomy Old Man” NPC in Los Toldos and the required amount of Pure Otite for crafting these recipes will be reduced.

71. The skirt graphic of “Student President Ludin” will be improved.                                           


72. The “Inferno Guard Ring” dropped from “Richard’s Ring Box” will be dropped from “Genos’s Ring Box.”

73. The Armonia daily quest will be changed and added as follows:                                          

- “Mitchell’s call” and “Check Apostadero bulletin board” quest mail will be created upon entering the “Armonia, Apostadero.”                                    

- Retained “Priest of Horror Soul Stone” can be used when you complete the “[Daily] Priest of Fear” quest by talking to Mitchell.                                        

- You can check the status of a currently ongoing quest upon talking to each NPC.

74. The difficulty level of the Armonia raid monster will be decreased as follows.                                              

a. “Legacy of Grand Saint Sara” and “Legacy of Fighter Mori” NPC will be added.                                               

 - NPC will be created around the raid monster, and it can by activated by dragging 10 “Armonia Holy Water.”                                      

 - When you click on the activated NPC, the buff and debuff below will be applied to PC. Monsters within 30 meters and the NPC will be deleted.                                     

 - Blessing of Sara: “ATK against monster +10%,” “ATK speed +10%,” and “Damage from monster -10% (it only applies to PC)”                                 

 - Fighting Spirit of Mori: “ATK of monster -10%,” “DEF -10,” and “ATK rating /DEF rating -1 (it only applies to monsters)”                                        

 - Applied buffs and debuffs will last for 180 seconds, and the NPC will be regenerated after 300 seconds of activation.                                          

b. The frequency of all debuffs used by raid monsters will be decreased.                                             

c. The [Mass Destruction] skill used by raid monsters can be checked through a gauge and message.      

d. The [Armor Crasher] debuff used by a raid monster will be changed into [Fatal injury].                                             

e. The [Flame] debuff used by a raid monster will be changed into [Magical piercing].                                    

f. The HP recovery of raid monsters will be reduced to half.                                        

g. The skill casting time of “Death sentence“ of an Oscuras monster will be increased, and the [Aftereffect]debuff will be deleted when moving to the upside of creating effect.                                  


75. The difficulty level of “Armonia 2nd holy war” mission will be decreased as follows:                                 

- The pattern of some monsters will be deleted.                                              

- The stats of a boss monster will be decreased.                                               


76. The HP of “Furious Soul” monster created by “Abyss” in “Dominator of Rage” mission will be slightly increased.                                                


77. New artifacts will be added.

78. The inventory will be expanded up to 298 spaces.                                    

- The inventory can be extended by talking to “Leonardo Expresso” NPC in each village.                                               

- A certain amount of feso is required to extend the inventory by one slot.                                         

- The following amount of money will be applied when extending the inventory by the specified extension unit.

79. The discount event will begin for two weeks after the routine maintenance to celebrate the launch of inventory extension, and the following discounted price will be applied.

80. The market will be changed as follows:                                          

 - The feso sale function will be finished, and goods registered through the feso sale will be moved to the cabinet.                                                

 - When the price of an item registered in the market is “10 billion” or more, the color of font will be shown as “Dark green.”                                                


81. The initialization date of an individual/weekly raid mission will be changed as follows:                             

- Individual raid: It will be changed from “3 days” to “2 days.”                                     

- Squad raid (former weekly raid): It will be changed from “7 days” to “3 days.”

82. “Shiny Crystal” will be given as a reward from “Esteban” NPC in “Ustiur advance base“ when completing the [Corn Supply] quest.                                     


83. Icons and illustrations of production recipes for ATK/DEF rating weapons and armors of 28 or higher will be changed.


  - The drop reward of “Twisted Weapon Piece” in Tigres Prison mission has been increased, and the “Enchantment chip Expert” has been added.

  - When a previous required amount is one for a weapon or when a crystal is not required, the “Witchcraft” item will not be applied.                                                        

  - The BMP saving format will be deleted from the [Screenshot setting] of the game option (Alt + O). Screenshots will only be saved in JPG/PNG format.



1. Fixed a problem wherein the skill range’s indication effect remained under a certain circumstance when the “Linear” and “Fan shape” range type skills were used.

2. Fixed a problem wherein the kill count of some families against the enemy party did not normally accumulate.

3. Fixed a problem wherein the player was moved to “Auch” when an empty space in was clicked in “Waypoint UI.”                                                                                                   

4. Fixed a problem wherein the “Team List” and “Team Selection” functions did not work in Barrack                                        

5. Fixed a problem wherein the “Continuous Attendance Buff”' was not applied in continuing the mission                                                                                                                           

6. Fixed a problem wherein information of some areas in “[The Requiem of Doom]” quest were incorrectly displayed                                                                                                          


7. The “Anis” character will be modified as follows.  

Fixed a problem wherein ally designation through hotkeys did not work when the “Resuscitation” skill of the [First Aid] stance was used                                                                       

9. Fixed a problem wherein quest items were not shown from the inventory when in possession of quest items that are more than the required amount during [Repeat] Getting Back Ork’s Collection daily quest.                                                                                                                                                                  

10. Fixed a problem wherein the “Success? Magnifico!” skill of [Drawing] stance was not used even if the easel NPC was gone.                                                                               

11. Fixed a problem wherein the reward item information of “Demonic Occulta Dungeon” was incorrectly displayed in the “Mission Information Center” UI.                                      

12. Fixed a problem wherein the “DEF Rating” of boss monsters that appeared in “Strange Dungeon of Gullfaxi” was displayed incorrectly in the mission information center.         

13. Fixed a problem wherein you could use the recipe shop during the quest after deleting the recipe shop of “Sierra Rose” NPC.  


14. Fixed a problem wherein the character of a squad member, “Identification Icon,” was not shown.


15. Fixed a problem wherein the “Disguised Reboldoeux soldier” NPC in “Reboldoeux Queens Gate” sold the “Elite trump weapon recipe”.                


16. Fixed a problem wherein “Cancel summon” was not applied when “Buppet/Broomy” was healing a character.

17. Fixed a problem wherein damage was displayed as 0 on the left of the screen and system chat window when a player was hit by a skill attack.                                                      

18. Fixed a problem wherein the “Shooting damage reduction” option of the [Vigilar] stance was not applied.


19. Fixed a problem wherein the range was not shown while using the “Cannon Shell Falling” skill.     


20. Fixed a problem wherein the number of entrance was increased after creating the “Time Paradox” mission lobby at midnight.                                       


21. Fixed a problem wherein you were unable to progress the “Berthe” and “Van” recruit quest as well as the Armonia scenario quest at the same time                                            

- Families who are doing Armonia scenario quest and recruit quest will not skip dialogues once and shall progress the quest during the update.

22. Fixed a problem wherein the mission lobby was not created when other families were doing the “Blood Navy” mission.

23. Fixed a problem wherein the quest was being proceeded even if NPC was killed in some battle missions during the Armonia scenario and recruit quest.

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