TITLE Patch Notes - November 26, 2014
DATE Nov, 26, 2014 VIEW 20502


- All character name with special character will be automatically change to random alphanumeric

New Event:

- Lucky Shop "Mega Sale 340 tcoins"

- Family Name change

- Cash Shop Mega Sale

- EXP Bonus

Patch Note:

1. The quest notice window position fixing function has been added.

- It is the lock shaped button on the right side of quest notice window and UI move lock /unlock are available.  If you set as lock after moving the corresponding position will be memorized after zone transfer or termination of client.

2. Fixed a problem that Ignore Magic Skill Attack was not applied when using 'Justice' buff as Laura Constance.

3. Fixed a problem that 'Invincible' buff applied and some buffs disappeared while Valeria Vendetta was casting the chain of elimination skill.

4. Fixed a problem that maximum HP increased by 2000 when equipping the beginner course completion belt (30 days).

5. Fixed a problem that the option of maximum HP doubled when equipping all belts. (addition)

6. Fixed a problem that the quest location was not shown on the local map while progressing the ‘Viron Vigilance Committee’ quest.

7. Fixed a problem that you could not talk to ‘The Crusaders Commander, William NPC’ in Sirius stance quest during Armonia Scenario Episode 2 quest.

8. Fixed a problem that Kano used 'Richard's Holy Sword' skill in place during the ‘Kano's Heart’ mission.

9. Tooltips of some artifacts have been modified.

10.'Cecile' Card has been added in the ‘Heavenly Character Card Box’.

11. Fixed a problem that information between server and client did not correspond intermittently during Knock back/Knock down. (modification)

- A problem that location of target and attacker was shown awkwardly in certain circumstances will be continuously fixed.

12. The drop rate of item in ‘Nest of Skeleton 2F’, ‘Prison de Jaquin, Gehenna Bridge’, ‘Lago Celeste’, and ‘Annex to Torsche's Mansion’ has been drastically reduced.

13. Fixed a problem that the reinforcement effect was not shown when equipping ‘Armonia Mace’.

14. Fixed a problem that mid-boss monster in Armonia, Latina absorb ‘Injured Crusader’ NPC.

15. Fixed a problem that the cannon turret installed in the farm could not attack surrounding monsters.

16. Fixed a problem that HP of character became 0 and then restored when 'Protection of Popo' and ‘Protection of the Acorchado’ buff applied.

17. Fixed a problem that the play time required for the event was not saved when a family who is online is re-connecting from the other PC.

18. It used to show 'Party Profile' when you accepted the party invitation but now it will show 'Party Information Window'.

19. Fixed a problem that a monster was not summoned and only spinel was consumed when spinel was used in the area with obstacles.

20. The motion of blinking eyes has been added in Cecile's waiting animation.

21. 'Temptation' pose of student president Ludin has been partially modified.

22. 'Lay on the left' pose of Blue Flame Ludin has been partially modified.

23. Fixed a problem that [Heart of Ryrin] was not completed even if you reacted Ghost Nucleus to the heart of Ryrin in case of progressing both [Trace of Montoro 2] and [Heart of Ryrin] quests at the same time.

24. Fixed a problem that 'Idge's Call' quest was not deleted from quest information.

25. Fixed a bug that ‘Panfilo's Call’ quest among recruitment quests was not normally terminated.

26. Fixed a problem that [Negotiation], and [Secret Meeting] quests were not completed when you completed Garcia recruitment quest through ‘Simon Ayende's Call Selection Route'.

27. Pet box for an event (Santa Graber) will not be tradable. (addition)

28. The reinforcement decrease prevention function has been added.

- It sums a chance to maintain up to a chance to decrease by consuming the certain number of dazzling gemstones at the stage where reinforce protect is used.

(e.g., when using the decrease prevention function it will change from the chance to maintain [25%] / chance to decrease [25%] to the chance to decrease [0%] /chance to maintain [50%].)

- The number of dazzling gemstone to be consumed will vary depending on the reinforcement value and number of reinforce protect.

- Weapon: the corresponding function will apply when reinforcing Bristia series and the items with over basic ATK rating 34.

- Armor: the corresponding function will apply when reinforcing the items with over basic DEF rating 32.

29. Families online will be displayed on the top in party UI (Alt + Y) and group chatting UI (Ctrl + G).

30. Confirmation message UI will be created when creating a character in barrack.

31. You will move to ‘Mine Underground Passage’ by clicking an arrow after activating 'Sign' in ‘Capybara Plantation’.

32. ‘Old Stone Pillar’, and ‘Tilted Old Stone Pillar’ NPC in Bahama, Forest of Demigod will be deleted from the area map UI and unable to be clicked.

33. Fixed a problem that families with pure family level 26 or more could not use items for beginner.

(Items for beginner: soul crystal for beginner, teleport order for beginner, steroid potion for beginner, triumph filler for beginner)

34. Fixed a problem that the effect was not applied immediately when ‘Resurrection’ skill of [Innocentio] stance was used.

35. The reward announcement shown when the time paradox mission was completed has been deleted.

36. Fixed a problem that [Negotiation], and [Secret Meeting] quests were not completed from the 'Whole Quest List' UI for families who completed Garcia recruitment quest.

37. Fixed a problem that ‘Carlos's Call’ triggered when entering Coimbra quest was not completed.

38. Armonia Scenario Quest Episode 3 has been added.

- You can start the quest when you enter the village after completing ‘[One Who is Stained with Darkness] Sister’ quest.

39. New recruitment NPC ‘Patrick Ryan’ has been added.

- You can start the recruitment quest when you enter the village after completing Armonia scenario quest episode 3 ‘[Past of Atonement] End of Darkness’.

- ‘Patrick Ryan's stance ring, skill ring and job skill ring have been added.

40. The new field ‘Armonia, Gloria’ and new boss monster have been added.

a. You can enter the new field from ‘Armonia, El Templo’.

b. Abyss Mady and Abyss Cray

- They are created in certain locations when the server is open and they will be regenerated between 3 ~ 5 days when they are killed.

41. The new daily mission ‘Magician of Madness’ has been added.

- You can enter the mission by talking to ‘Memento Mori, Bible’ NPC in ‘Armonia, Apostadero'.

- Minimum 3 families to maximum 12 families can enter the mission.

- Stats of monsters in this area and mission progress method can be changed later.

42. 'Abyss Hole' mission that you can enter the mission from ‘Armonia, En Celar / El Templo / Gloria’ has been added.

- The effect to enter the mission will be created on the random coordination between 12 hours to 24 hours after the server is opened.

43. ‘Santo de Blanc (scout)’ item has been added.

- Recipe - Santo de Blanc (scout)’ will be dropped stochastically when you kill boss monster ‘Abyss Mady’ and ‘Abyss Cray’.

44. New artifacts have been added.

a. Scroll of Old Memento Mori

- Exchangeable with high artifact.

- Justice of darkness with a certain chance when attacking (opponent's DEF by level -1)

b. Old Armonia Hollow

- Exchangeable with high artifact.

- Justice of light with a certain chance when attacking (opponent's resistance by level -1)

c. Silver Bullet

- Increase ATK speed by 10%

- DEX +5 when Laura is equipping it

d. Friend

- CON +3

- CON +5 when Sirius is equipping the metal armor.

- STR +5 when Sirius is equipping the leather armor.

45. The confirmation message will be displayed again when you progress 'Clean up the body' of pet or Tary dog in the Ustiur farm.

46. The announcement of veteran, expert and master promotion displayed in the party chatting window will be deleted.

47. Fixed a problem that 'Mysterious Altar’ quest mail was left in some families and it will be deleted at once during the regular maintenance.

48. Fixed a problem that some AI of boss monster created in ‘Armonia, El Templo’ did not work normally.

49. Jane Christie has been changed and modified as follows.

- ‘Sit’ pose has been modified.

- Fixed a problem that ATK rating was applied not conformably to the buff level when ‘Deducing’ buff is used.

-Fixed a problem that 'DEF decrease' was omitted in the tooltip when ‘Identified’ buff was applied to target UI.

50. Sanctity "Level 1" was applied if you use Armonia Holy Water when ‘Deprave’ buff with level 20 or below was applied.

- Before: Sanctity "Level 1" was applied when using Armonia Holy Water at level 15 Deprave.

- After: Sanctity "Level 5" was applied when using Armonia Holy Water at level 15 Deprave.

51. Fixed a problem that the screen was switched to the login screen when you clicked 'Continue the mission' button in the barrack when you moved to the battle area during a mission and a character was unable to act.

52. Fixed a problem that you were able to use opening the personal shop function in the places other than villages.

53. Fixed a problem that families who rejected ‘Simon Ayende's Call 3’ were not able to proceed the Garcia recruitment quest in Auch.

54. Fixed a problem that the family name of vice party leader was displayed twice in party information UI of some parties.

55. The web page will be open by the default browser set in PC when clicking ‘Game Transaction Security Number Initialization’ of game option.

56. Fixed a problem that the position of ‘Quest Check Window UI’ was not saved when logging out or terminating client after moving the position.

57. The movement location of quest warp below has been modified.

- Dr. Torsche's Mansion scenario quest [Elemental piece - Otite (2)]

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