TITLE Patch Notes - December 18, 2013
DATE Dec, 18, 2013 VIEW 20080

Patch Notes






-Major locations are marked in Kielce zone map.



Colony and Clique Battle


Declaration of War function has been added.

 - Able to declare war against other factions through Faction Information UI (Alt + T).

 - The number of declaration of war varies according to the faction level and the maximum number is 10 times.

 - If the faction level is below 5, the faction cannot declare war on other factions.

 - Declaration of War item is needed and the item can be purchased from Reception Hall or Villa de Libertad by consuming Faction Activity Point.



Quest and Mission Raid


2 new faction missions have been added.


- Fury Kielce

   - Faction Activity Point is increased by hunting normal monsters.

   - Mission period is increased by hunting second bosses.

   - Faction Activity Point is decreased once a citizen is dead.


New Pioneering Merchant quests have been added to the areas below.

 - Errac, Land of Day / Errac, Land of Night / Castilla, Ruins / Castilla, Temple

 - Viron, Red Sunset Forest / Viron, Crow Forest / Viron, Blood Fog Forest

 - Shelter of Resistance / Bristia, Scar

 - 2 kinds of quest are added to the each area, and they are not included in the Urgent Pioneering Request area.

 - In the areas above, 4 Favor Rate and points can be acquired and Favor Rate is decreased by 5 once a quest of other merchants is completed.





New Rank S is added to Pioneering Merchant.

 - A promotion mission can proceed by purchasing Pioneer Rank S Test Application from the item list of Rank A Shop. 

 - Purchase points of the shop items have been decreased roughly by 5% and new items have been added.

 - Favor rates of each merchant have to be more than 20,000 for using the shop.





New Artifact items have been added.

 - Pocket Watch: Critical +5/ DEX +5 once worn by Lorch

 - Necklace Made of Ring: Destino skill level +1/ STR +5 once worn by Selva

 - Dagger of Assassin: Eye of Cat skill level +1/ DEX +5 once worn by Calyce 

 - Proof of Intrepidity: HP +800/ AGI +5 once worn by Nar/ STR +5 when Nar is wearing Leather Armor

 - Proof of Defence: Critical +5/ STR +5 once worn by Ania

 - Mittens: Critical +5/ DEX +5 once worn by Natalie

 - Friendly Looking Picture: Accuracy +5/ STR +5 once worn by Daria








Tierra De La Sed is temporary closed for renewal.

 - World Map has been edited.


Forgotten Territory and Ancient Territory have been changed as below.

 - Relevant areas: Prison de Joaquin, Laboratory Block / Ancient Skeleton Nest / Bahama, Ancient Underground Cave / Sacred Chaos Requiem Dungeon /Ancient Castilla, Temple

 - Unable to battle or attack opponent factions in the area above.

 - Unable to enter in Baron status.

 - The shelter areas are deleted and channels for normal dungeons are extended.

   a. Ancient Skeleton Nest 1F, 2F : + 3 channels

   b. Bahama, Ancient Underground Cave: + 3 channels


The message displayed while entering Deadlands has been changed.



Colony and Clique Battle


The superior factions have been abolished.

 - Esmero factions are changed to belong to Royalist Party and Souveran factions are changed to belong to Republican Party.

 - The individual faction quests and the betrayal quests to promote to Esmero and Souveran have been deleted.

 - Some items that have consumed for proceeding with the betrayal quests are provided through Leonardo Expreso.

 - The quests for Pegadilla joining/withdraw have been deleted.

 - Penetration +2 option has been added to the 'Esmero' and ' Souveran' medals which were obtained from faction quests.

 - Players can enter the Clock Tower for free regardless of their faction affiliations.

   a. The usage of the Elemental Jewel or the Pass of Gerar which were required for the players who didn't belong to the superior factions has been deleted.

   b. The Spell Key is still consumed.

 - Able to enter Tigres Prison regardless of faction affiliations.

 - Neutral Party can enter Kielce, Night area for free.


 - The additional conditions which were applied to families who didn't belong to the superior factions for using the Artifact Material Exchanger have been removed.

 - While entering Island of Fire, entrance areas are not divided depending on the affiliations.


 - Due to the superior faction’s deletion, everyone can receive the Ancient Blessing buff through 'Ancient Blessing Statue' NPC.

 - The superior factions related quests which are in progress, quest items and all squad registration information are initialized.


Colony War has been changed as follows.

 - Colony area is divided into 3 leagues as below.

    -League A: Abertal / Bahama, Swamp of Peril / Katovic Snowfield / Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 2 / Deserted Quay

    -League B: Via Fluvial / Lago Celeste / Garden of the King / Tetra Hill / El Lago de Tres Hermanas / Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Zone 1

    -League C: Jezebel Glen / Rion Plain / Ferruccio Junction / El Tejado Verde / Pradera de Ceniza / Old Port of Coimbra / Bonavista River



 - Able to apply the Colony War league participation 30 minutes before the Colony War start/ 30 minutes after the Colony War end.

 - Royalist Party can apply in the Reception Hall and Republican Party can apply in the Villa de Libertad. Neutral Party can apply in the both places.


 - Colony Compensations are decided according to leagues.

   League A: 50% of a total market deposit, League B: 30% of a total market deposit, League C: 20% of a total market deposit

Ex. In case a market deposit is 1,000,000 Vis, a compensation for a faction that has occupied 2 colonies in league A is as below.

         Contributed amount to league A: 500,000 Vis -> 100,000 Vis is contributed to each colony -> the faction occupied 2 colonies -> total 200,000 Vis acquired

 - A family without any faction cannot attack the colony and other families, also doesn't get attacked by other families.

 - Once the Colony War period is over, the information of league participation is initialized. 

   So players need to apply for the Colony War participation in advance.

 - Due to the changes of Colony War, the present condition of colony occupation is initialized.


Descriptions have been added to Contribution Rate/Purchase Point taps in Clique Battle Help.


Election system will be abolished.

 - Items and all NPCs which are relevant to the election are deleted.

 - The paid Vis that used for purchasing Candidate Registration Certificate will be refunded through Leonardo Expreso.


Clique Battle has been changed as follows.

 a. Entry

   - Regardless of faction affiliations, players enter the battle randomly depending on the number of people.

   - Faction members enter to the same camp.

     Ex. If the first entry members of A faction is arranged to Souveran, the following entry members of A faction will be arranged to Souveran.

   - If a family doesn't belong to a faction, the family is arranged to a camp that has a low participating number.

   - While re-entering Clique Battle, a family enters the camp that the family has been arranged in the day.

   - A family cannot enter after 5pm if the family doesn't have entry records before 5pm.

   - Neutral Party could enter 5 minutes after the Clique Battle starts. This part has been deleted.

 b. Reward

   - The Clique Battle basic reward is as below.

     - Belongs to a faction : In case of win, Contribution Rate +2500, Purchase Point +500 / In case of lose, Contribution Rate +2000, Purchase Point +500

     - Doesn't belong to a faction : Regardless of the results, Purchase Point +500

   - Leaders of factions that are from the first place to the fifth place can receive the Clique Battle Reward Box regardless of faction affiliations.

   - Players who belong to Pegadilla cannot receive the Clique Battle participation reward any longer. 

     The name of retained [Blessing of Mercenaries] buff will be changed to [Past Glory].

 c. Relevant Contents

   - Title buffs which were applied depending on Esmero, Souveran and Pegadilla have been integrated.


   - 'Pass of Gerar' will be removed. The retained item will be changed to the paid purchase point or paid money.

   - The medals were obtained from the betrayal quests cannot be acquired any longer. Retained medals are maintained.

 d. Others

   - Clique Battle Title UIs and Clique Battle Faction Rank UIs have been integrated.

   - There are some changes in Clique Battle Help UI, and Contribution Rate/Purchase Point taps have been added to the UI.

   - Players can check current records and accrued records separately through checking My Information in Clique Battle UI.




Colony compensation payment has been temporary changed.

 - The compensation will be provided to the leader of an occupying faction through Leonardo Expreso on following Monday after the Colony War.

 - In case of the test server, it will be provided after the regular maintenance. (This part can be changed in the future.)


Faction rank reward payment after Clique Battle has been temporary changed.

 - There is a problem that the faction ranks and faction score are not summed normally. So the reward will be provided on Monday.


Battle Colosseum reward acquisition has been changed.

 - The reward was inserted into inventory once the reward box was clicked but it is changed to be dropped on the ground.

 - Still, if the reward box is not created, the reward is dropped on the ground.



In the Clique Battle area, the message displayed by clicking dish of a squad member has been changed.


After Clique Battle, players can receive their rewards according to their ranks of this week from Reception Hall and Villa de Libertad.



Quest and Mission Raid


Collecting green covered book quest which proceed through Ork NPC of Kielce has been changed as below.

 - The book was obtained through a dialogue distractor but it has been changed to be obtained automatically by moving to a specific place.


In case a family that doesn't belong to a faction attacks a raid monster, the family turns in hostile relations against other families.


The 6 kinds of individual superior faction daily quest have been changed as follows.

 - Depending on areas, there is a limit on the number of people for proceeding daily quests and the number is initialized every 4 to 6 hours.

 - Difficulties and rewards vary depending on areas.

 - A special reward is provided once each quest of each area has completed for 10 times.

 - Other quests in the same group cannot proceed within the same day.

 - Quest condition : For players who belong to a faction and have completed scenario quests of each area.

 - Area (Rewards for 10 times completion)

    : Group A [ Reboldoeux (Pet Food x 3~5), Coimbra (Pet Food x 4), Auch (Enchantment Tranquillizer for event x 3~5) ]

      Group B [ Ustiur (Enchantment Tranquillizer for event x 4), Bahama (Enhanced Enchantment Tranquillizer for event x 1~3), Errac (Enhanced Enchantment Tranquillizer for event x 2) ]

      Group C [ Viron (Socket Processing Tranquillizer for event x 1~3), Kielce (Socket Processing Tranquillizer for event x 2) ]



During the Secret Vault of Arsene mission, the number of people for Warning Control Machine wasn't initialized after being trapped. - Fixed



In the Nest of Fury Garim mission, Sealed Crystal NPC is created once a player moves to a Warp created after defeating Reydeavaricia.



In the 'Lighthouse' mission, summoned monsters attacked Vespanola Soldiers. - Fixed



During the Tetra Avernus Road mission, once a player used the Mission Re-entering function,

       Trinity Elemental Force mission was marked as the mission had been completed. - Fixed



If the Bernelli's sub quests, 'To Government General Again' and 'Bad Feeling' are in progress at the same time, 'To Government General Again' quest can proceed first. (Changed)


Changes of Tigres Prison 3F and 4F

 - The location of the treasure chest created after defeating the final boss monster has been moved to beside the Warp Gate.

 - All remaining normal monsters are removed once the final boss monster is eliminated.


In the Tigres Prison B6F mission, once a player entered the mission through Mission Re-entering function, the mission didn't proceed in a specific phase. – Fixed





In a specific circumstance, the Tigres Entrance Guard NPC didn't repond during a conversation. - Fixed


Faction level system will be changed as follows.

 - There is no change in level-up system between level 1 to level 52.

 - From the level 52, Faction Activity Point which is acquired through faction missions is needed for level-up.

   (Faction Activity Point is different from the points used for the faction skill. 

    The Party skill point becomes Faction Skill Point.)

 - Factions belong to Royalist/Republican parties can increase their level.

 - In case a faction withdraws from Royalist/Republican parties after increasing level, the current faction level is maintained but the faction cannot increase level anymore.

 - If a faction belongs to the former superior parties, 325 points per 5 families that belong to individual superior factions will be provided.

 - Before, 5 families that belonged to superior parties made level increased. This part will be changed as below.

   Ex. If there are 52 families belong to individual superior factions -> calculated as 50 families -> 3250 points

   Ex. If there are more than 90 families, the maximum points, 5850 points are provided.

 - In case a faction has received the maximum point, level of the faction can be increased up to 62.


Changes of 'Blessing of faction' buff

 - Before : Damage toward monsters +2% per 1 level

 - After : Damage toward monsters +3% per 1 level

                Stance EXP +1% (up to 10%) from Blessing of faction level 9 (Added)


Favor Rates of each Pioneering Merchant are not decreased to below 0.

 - Favor Rates which are below 0 will be changed to 0.


Damage marks are not shown as well once a player uses the Show/Hide all UI windows (Alt+F) function.


House of Witch icon is marked in Bahama, Swamp of Eternity zone map (Alt+Z).


Once a player changes a tap to another in Artifact UI, the scroll bar is moved to the top.


Once a skill hits Scarecrow monster located in Thueringen Lakeside, the total damage is displayed.


Items in Vault can be moved to Inventory and vice versa by double clicking them.


When Artifact UI is open, server is disconnected by moving to a specific area. - Fixed


Once a player used a consumable item like Box of Bellem that drops items while joining a squad, and then if the player withdrawn the squad, the player couldn't have ownership of the dropped item. - Fixed


Socket processing system has been changed as follows.

 - The success probability can be increased up to 100% by registering several Socket Processing Tranquillizers at once.

 - The maximum number Socket Processing Tranquillizer that can be registered varies according to the probabilities of each socket.

  Ex 1. When processing 2 sockets of Heavenly Marionette, the processing succeeds by 100% once 8 Socket Processing Tranquillizers are registered.

  Ex 2. When processing 3 sockets of Elite La Ventisca, the processing succeeds by 100% once 1600 Shiny Crystals are registered.

 - A button that registers the maximum quantity of Socket Processing Tranquillizer or Shiny Crystal at once has been added.

 - Socket Processing Tranquillizer Purchase UI has been added.


Socket Processing UI has been changed as follows.

 - Equipment cannot be worn while the Socket Processing UI is activated.

 - In case Shiny Crystals were registered below their maximum quantity and then a player reduced them one by one, required Vis for the processing was displayed with minus sign. - Fixed

 - When Shiny Crystals were registered below quantity that can be registered, UI stopped while processing. - Fixed


Verifying letter input function has been added for item enhancement and socket processing.

 - This function is added for preventing item loss because of unwanted equipment enhancement/socket processing by mistake.

 - In case of equipment enhancement, this function is activated while enhancing weapon AR 32 above and armor DR 30 above.

 - In case of socket processing, this function is activated when Socket Processing Tranquillizer is not registered for 2 or more socket processing.

 - Enhancement and socket processing don't proceed if a player doesn't input provided words correctly.


Item enhancement and socket processing have been changed as follows.

 - During item enhancement/socket processing, in case retained quantities of Socket Processing Tranquillizer/ Impervium/ Enhancement Booster are insufficient than maximum quantities that can be registered, purchased item quantities from the purchase window that is displayed by clicking the 'Registrate Maximum' button are added to UI automatically.

 - Once the Register Maximum button of Socket Processing Tranquillizer (Shiny Crystal) was pressed, the quantity was registered in UI event the quantity was insufficient. - Fixed

 - The item grades that display the verifying message during enhancement have been changed.

  - Weapon : AR 32 -> AR 33

  - Armor : DR 30 -> DR 32

 - The verifying message has been simplified.

  - Enhancement : Start enhancement -> Enhancement

  - Socket processing : Start processing -> Processing



The 'Invisible' buff is lifted once a player attacks PC during Invisible status.

 - The buff is not lifted by attacking normal monsters, summons and structures.

 - This is applied to the Invisible buff caused by Invisible Stalker skill and Invisible Potion usage.

 - Skills still cannot be used during the status.


A description about Faction Activity Point acquisition has been added to the faction mission description.


Faction skill point is not initialized by changing faction affiliations.


In normal fields or Clique Battle, when a faction member was killed by another faction member, multiple notices were displayed in system chat window. - Fixed


Once a family that was level 71 above (original+faction bonus) used mail service, an error message was displayed. - Fixed


Barracks slot extension has been simplified.

 - While increasing Barracks slot continuously, the confirmations have been omitted.


Once a player checked the character list in Barracks after creating a character, the client was down occasionally. - Fixed


While recruiting a mercenary, once a player clicked [View Details] button, the client ended. - Fixed


While casting a skill, an active skill could be cancelled by selecting channels or using teleport. - Fixed


While casting a skill, the enforcement could be cancelled by moving zone, summoning a family and using Warp. - Fixed





All levels of the Seals of the Pioneer are integrated into one 'Pioneer Token'.

 - The Seals of the Pioneer level 1~5 items which were required for completing scenario quest are not used any longer.

   The quest can proceed by talking while holding the integrated Pioneer Token.

 - The Pioneer Token can be acquired from 1 quest among F-rank quests and from D-rank quests of Pioneering Merchant in each area.

 - The former Seals of the Pioneer level 1~5 that were acquired by completing quests are changed to the 1 kind of 'Pioneer Token'.

 - Retained Seals of the Pioneer level 1~5 are refunded to Vis according to the quantity and the Vis can be obtained through 'Collect Premium Item'.



The Improved Soul of Wind ring didn't increase Soul of Wind skill level. - Fixed





The level of Angry Comodo in the Lava Plateau of Joaquin has been changed to 72.



Note: Other part of the Patch Note will be added on a later time

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