TITLE Patch Note - July 24, 2013
DATE Jul, 24, 2013 VIEW 25089

Patch Notes


Bug Fixed:
Artic Wolf Buff Icon Fixed
Look Up Pose issue Fixed
Incorrect Feso value in dress room Fixed

Skill description of Spy Olivia Midnight Slasher and Cut upper text issue Fixed

Event item Veteran level 10 Achievement EXP card can be used on the same character which leads to item loss Fixed

Event item Normal level 100 Achievement EXP card can be used on the same character which leads to item loss Fixed
New Events:
     Play Time Event
     Scar Event
     New Cash Shop Items
     New Feso Shop Item



A. Character

1. New recruitment NPC, Olivia has been added.



B. Area

1. Bristia, Scar area has been added.

- Can enter the area through the direction of Small path of the Shelter of Resistance.



C. Stance, Buff

1. Character buff system has been added.

- In case of composing 3MCC, (ATK Rating +1/ DEF Rating+1) buff is basically created.

(But if one character is out or dead, the buff effect is disappeared.)

- Exclusive buffs of each character are provided, and if a character is included in MCC, its buff effect will be overlapped.

(ex. Fighter(DEF buff level 2) + Musketeer(ATK buff level 2) + Scout(Max HP buff level 1) = Character Buff [DEF] +6, [ATK] +6, [Max HP] +1000)

- Refer the table below to see more details of buff effect and level.


[Character Buff Effects]



[Exclusive buffs of each character]


2. CHA stat has been changed to SEN stat. And SEN stats of some characters have been changed as follows.

- Like the CHA stat before, SEN stat affects to the summons abilities.

- If SEN stat is higher than 50, skill casting time is decreased and if SEN stat is lower than 50, the casting time is increased.

- Stats of all characters will be initialized. (Including mercenary contact characters)

- Please apply the character stats before moving to the field.



D. Quest, Mission, Raid

1. Bristia Season 2-1 scenario quest has been added.

- Once Families that completed Bristia 4th scenario quest [Opening act of a war] enter Kielce, they can receive the quest.


2. Bristia season 2-1 sub-quests have been added.

- Through 'Ghost of Missus' NPC in Scar, families can proceed with 'Endless Wait' quest,

   and once the families complete the quest, they can proceed with daily quests.

- After completing the 'Endless Wait' quest, through 'Patrol Officer, Tamehawk' NPC in Scar,

   families can proceed with 'Live in that days' quest and they can continue to proceed with daily quests after completing the quest.


3. Olivia recruitment quest has been added.

- The quest starts once families that completed Bristia season 2-1 scenario quest enter Kielce.


4. Some Bristia scenario quests have been added to diary.


5. New daily quests have been added in Bristia, Scar area.

- Once families click Blue Flower NPCs created over the Scar area after completing '[Scar]Endless Wait' quest, a quest mail is created.


6. Breeze raid monster has been added.

- It appears in random places with an announcement once a fixed amount of normal monsters are defeated in Bristia, Scar area.

- Once Breeze is created, the normal monsters are not created any longer in the area.

- Once Breeze is defeated, all monsters in the area are removed and then regenerated with level up by 1. The max level is 150 and if the level exceeds 150, it will be initialized to its original level.

- Once normal monsters or summoned monsters are defeated while Breeze is alive, Sun Stones and Moon Stones can be dropped at a low probability. Drop rate is increased if the level of the defeated monster is high.


7. The followings are added in Bristia, Scar area.

- Between 20 to 60 minutes after maintenance, 1 Red Flower NPC is created. Breeze monster is created once clicks the flower.

- Breeze drops Sun Stones depending on the level of the area. Once Breeze monsters created from the flower are defeated a lot, Breeze monsters can be created faster.

- Monsters in the area will drop mineral items.



F. Item

1. Olivia Artifact item has been added.


2. Elite Bristia Weapon has been added.

- Elite Bristia Weapon AR is 36, and the basic ATK is the same as Strata Devil weapon.

- Options of Basic ATK and additional damage according to armor types are enchanted stochastically in the enchantment.

- Options of abnormal state (Ex. Stun, Feat) and additional damage according to species are not enchanted.

- Recipe of Elite Bristia weapon can be acquired from Breeze raid.


3. New Ring Box items have been added.

- From the new ring boxes, job skill ring, Veteran/Expert stance ring, Sharp Shooter and Fortitudo stance rings can be obtained

 - The rings that provided from in-game contents are not given through the ring boxes.

 - The former ring boxes are possible to use but not provided any longer.




Ring Box of Richard


Ring Box of Genos


Ring Box of Chester


Ring Box of Veiren


Ring Box of Curan



5. New Artifacts have been added.





Anchor Skill Level +1

500 Essence of Balance


 INT +5 once worn by Rio



Leadership Skill Level +1

500 Essence of Purity


DEX +5 once worn by Leonele



 (Same as the level 12 skill stats)


Small Wooden Sword

 Grinding Skill Level +1

500 Essence of Corruption


STR +5 once worn by Lisa


Secret Book : Moon Walk

Swift Move Skill Level +1

500 Essence of Balance


AGI +5 once worn by Cruise or Asoka



6. New pioneer items have been added.

 - They can be purchased from Karjalainen NPC in Auch.

 - Mysterious Rosario of Pioneer, Mysterious Special Bracelet of Pioneer, Mysterious Magic Scroll of Pioneer, Mysterious Encyclopedia of Pioneer, Mysterious Cube of Pioneer



G. System

1. Barracks character list has been added.

 - Character list can be checked by clicking [View Character List] on the upper left side.


2. The names of Shop/System NPCs of each town have been changed and added.


3. New characters have been added in Illustrated Character book.


4. Steel Bolt Box has been added in Tools Shop of Castilla, Base 1.




A. Character

1. Lisa`s face has been renewed.


2. Lisa`s pose is displayed normally now.


B. Area

1. Regeneration time of Lucifer area has been changed as follows.

- Some monsters in this area are regenerated after 6pm.

* Ex. Base on the monsters regenerated after 1 day, if they are defeated from 12 midnight to 6pm, they will be regenerated at 6pm the next day.

* Monsters that are defeated from 6pm to 12 midnight will be regenerated the next day, at the time they defeated.

- Error of regeneration time can be occurred depending on the server condition.






After the change

Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory

Corrupt Elminor

24 hours


Mutated Frogfish

96 hours (4 days)


King Pollux

120 hours (5 days)


King Castor

120 hours (5 days)


King Dragon Head

120 hours (5 days)


Wrath Devil

144 hours (6 days)


Dark Garim

144 hours (6 days)


Lust Witch

144 hours (6 days)


Great Gluttony

144 hours (6 days)


King Betelgeuse

144 hours (6 days)

Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse

Ararat Defender

1 hour



144 hours (6 days)


Hell Lord

144 hours (6 days)


Experimental Undertaker

144 hours (6 days)



144 hours (6 days)


Stone Cortes

168 hours (7 days)

Lucifer, Secret Garden

Male(Great Monkey)

96 hours (4 days)



96 hours (4 days)



144 hours (6 days)



144 hours (6 days)

Lucifer Castle, Moonlight Garden

The Harvester

4 hours



120 hours (5 days)


Rose, The Spirit

144 hours (6 days)


Rose, The Heart

144 hours (6 days)



168 hours (7 days)


Demonic Jurgen Furuhollen

168 hours (7 days)

Lucifer, Banquet Hall


168 hours (7 days)



168 hours (7 days)



168 hours (7 days)


G. Lich

168 hours (7 days)

Lucifer, Death Corridor

Cursed Monster

24 hours


Thick Face Elminor

24 hours



168 hours (7 days)


Moon Night

168 hours (7 days)



C. Stance, Buff

1. Casting time and duration of some skills have been changed.

- Duration of the Elemental Penetration skill has been changed from 1.1 sec to 1.6 sec.

- Casting time of the Memorization skill has been changed from 1.5 sec to 1.1 sec, and the Duration changed from 3.3 sec to 1.6 sec.

2. SP Recovery method has been changed to be automatically.

(SP cannot be recovered once get attacked.)

3. Melee character can still recovered sp while being attacked.

SP recovery is greatly delayed while being attacked.

4. 'Damage to PC decrease' option of Animato buff wasn`t applied normally. This problem has been fixed.

5. A skill of [Darkness] stance has been changed as below.

 - Casting time of the Deep Sleep skill has been changed from 0.63 sec to 1.3 sec.

6. Glory of Leader buff will be applied in some missions and areas.

7. In use of Gavin's job skill 'Shadow Trigger', attack buff will be applied.

8. Tooltip of JD's job skill Weapon Master has been modified.

  - Added: Description of Casting speed +10% option in use of Sword/Rapier

9. [Supply Stocking War] buff and [Character Buff - ATK Speed] weren't overlapped before. - Fixed.

10. Damage rates of each attack type will be displayed in stance tooltip.

- The existing damage rates will be displayed. (There is no change in the rates.)

11. When moving zone while HP is increasing by character's exclusive buffs or by others, the increased HP is not decreased to its original HP any longer.

12. Family attribute ‘Defensive (Summons DEF Increase)' wasn't applied to Lloyd summoned by Present skill of [Death Chopping] stance. – Fixed

13. Among the effects of Barsel skill Lv.12 of [Occult Assistance] stance, ATK Rating increase effect wasn't applied before. – Fixed

14. When moving zone while using [Gigantic Marksmanship] stance, the stance was changed to [Siege Burst]. – Fixed

15. Some changes of [Trance Robo] stance

- ATK was changed if summons put on or off rings. – Fixed

- HP of summons will be recovered in use of Energy Charge skill. The actual HP will be recovered but it will be not displayed in the HP bars located below the summons.

16. While 'Guard of Argus' buff is applied to Argusbrain, the monster is not damaged by wide skills and others.

17. Changes of [Trance Robo] stance

- Once a summoned monster transforms, HP was applied lower than its Max HP. – Fixed

- In use of Energy Charge skill, HP UI wasn't renewed. – Fixed

18. Buff icons will be displayed up to 4 lines.

19. There was a problem that increased HP was disappeared while moving from a mission to a zone. – Fixed

20. In case of moving zone without using skill in a condition that cool down of the skill was initialized by effect of Refresh Mind, the initialized cool down was reapplied. – Fixed


D. Quest, Raid, Mission

1. Maximum acquirable number of 'Time Paradox: Cortes' item from Distorted Time Piece, Cortes mission has been changed to 3 pieces like other broken mission series.

2. The time wasn't displayed in Triple X Triple mission that can be entered through PvP Officer. – Fixed

3. During the Angie, Lorch sub-quest, it wasn't able to use Lorch Shop. – Fixed

4. In the final level of Queen of Valkyries of Castilla, Tower of Chaos mission,

the amount of robot that can get buff by consuming an item has been increased to 12 and a robot can get buff once only.

5. Changes of monsters in some quests

- The regeneration time of Exiliced Valkyrie in Snowfield of the Ice Wizard area has been changed from 30 min to 20 min.

- The size of Queen Bee which appears in Ustiur Jungle Area 2 got bigger than before.

6. In the 3 kinds of Demonic Castilla mission, normal monsters that appear after defeating the awakened boss will drop more Sun Stones than before.

7. In case of completing Esmero promotion quest, 'Piece of Metal' item of Souveran promotion quest wans't deleted. – Fixed

- Undeleted 'Piece of Medal' will be removed in maintenance.

8. During the Bristia season 2 '[Missing] Memory of the Past' scenario quest, the repeat quest was not able to proceed with through Victor NPC. – Fixed

9. If families that are neutral or don't belong to any faction attack raid monsters, they will be on hostile relations with families that belong to superior factions.

- The neutral means all the factions that don't belong to Esmero and Souveran.

- While having hostile relations, if neutral or independent families log-out or move zone, the hostile relations will be canceled.

- The families will have hostile relations once attack monsters below.

a. Lucifer Castle, basement laboratory : Footman Sanbok, Footman Sunuk, Mutated Frogfish, King Betelgeuse, King Dragon Head, Wrath Devil, King Pollux, King Castor, Dark Garim, Lust Witch, Great Gluttony, Red Death Wraith, Blue Death Wraith, Black Death Wraith, Corrupt Elminor

b. Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse : Wolfriner, Hell Lord, Experimental Undertaker, Hell General Veil/Combs/Marsha, Mage of Greed, Mage of Pain, Mage of Despair, Chimera No.666, Ararat Defender, Stone Cortes, Twin Pleasure Nephthys, Twin Sensual Nephthys

c. Lucifer, Secret Garden: Arbremon, Sauterelle, Male, Great Monkey, Kumba, Soltiegus

d. Lucifer, Moonlight Garden: Mantara, Cruise, Rose, The Spirit, Rose, The Heart, Demonic Jurgen Furuhollen, The Harvester

e. Lucifer, Banquet Hall: Footman Sanbok, Footman Sunuk, Abyss Gorgon Shield, Goldgaras, Medeia, Pluton, G Lich

f. Lucifer, Death Corridor: Time and Space Portero, Key Holder, Rhinoceur, Moon Knight, Thick Face Elminor, Cursed NPC

g. Deadlands : Frost King Arito, Fire King Wetis, Flame King Merif, Thunder King Hadeon, Queen Tempest, Apostle Meteor, Ice Queen, Fire Apostle, First Sheol, Second Sheol, Third Sheol, Sheol

10. Maximum favor rates of Kielce quests have been increased from 10,000 to 100,000.

11. Making cube that can proceed through Marchetti is available anytime regardless quest progress.

12. Monsters were disappeared in some quest missions. – Fixed


E. Item

1. Some graphics of character costumes and weapon costumes have been modified.

2. In use of Portable Bullet Box, the box cannot be used if there are more than 22,768 bullets in Inventory.

3. In use of Premium item, the buff durations of Squad members used to be renewed. – Fixed

4. The exclusive options of weapon were not displayed in Bristia weapon tooltip. – Fixed

5. In use of Master Card (Event), a confirmation pop-up message appears.

6. Dominate the sky Ring and Rocking Ring have been added to the Ring Box.

7. Portable Bullet Box (Temporary) item has been changed to be sold.

- The box can be sold at 300,000 Vis by dragging and dropping it to the Bullet Dispenser.

8. Illustration of Nucleus of Ghost icon has been changed.

9. During socket processing of Sharon exclusive costume 'Shadow Robe Costume', client was closed. – Fixed

10. Hat of Cook (30 days) costume wans't applied to the appearance of Battle Cook Panfilo. – Fixed


F. System

1. In Bristia Box Dismantle Anvil UI, if both bottons of mouse are clicked, client was closed. – Fixed

2. After the 'Weapon Unification' update, equipment worn by M'Boma was not able to check in UI. – Fixed

- Among the items that have been changed from special rod type to rod type, rod item that equipped by M'Boma will be detached and moved to Inventory.

3. While making a short-range attack on 'Mutated Mantara' created in the Time Paradox Time Piece, Arbremon, users couldn't perform normal attacks. – Fixed

4. Display of Market Help that can be checked through Market Manager has been changed.

5. Some parts of Character Details UI in Illustrated Character book have been changed.

6. Changes in Character Details (Alt+E) UI

- A button that can check Illustrated Character book is added on the upper side of Character Details. No button yet

- 'Mind RES' has been changed to 'Abnormal State RES'. Only the name is changed. (The function is the same as before.)

7. In use of Veronif's Alchemy Table, the result item is shown right away.

8.  In use of Veronif's Alchemy Table, delay of the alchemy start button has been added. (Added)

9. Ancient Rune can be exchanged by dragging it to Errac residents.

10. An announcement about the second boss of Kielce, Training Yard, 'Bloody Navy Golden Duo' is provided.

11. In a trial to acquire an item while there is no space in Inventory, pop-up messages were overlapped. – Fixed

12. In Barracks, functions of Character list and viewing equipment cannot be used at the same time.

13. In trials of enhancement, enchantment and socket processing while using Trade Lock Number, trade lock number UI pops up.

- If trade lock number UI appears, there is a possibility that the functions cannot be used. But they can be used by talking to NPC again.

14. During purchasing items in market, the total amount of Vis and Feso of selected items and the result number of searched items were not renewed. – Fixed


G. Monster

1. ATK/DEF Rating of 'Betelgeuse' of Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory used to be increased. – Fixed

2. Sacred Vespanola soldier monsters that appear in Sacred Chaos Requiem Dungeon will drop EXP Cards.

15. The appearance of Myconid monster has been changed.

- Monster's abilities are the same as before.

3. HPs of Hell Lord and Experimental Undertaker in Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse were applied lower. – Fixed



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