TITLE Patch Note - June 19, 2013
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Patch Note


Bug Fixed

·         Planting large Clover in Ustiur Farm Issue –Fixed

·         Some character with non-English voice Fixed

·         Description of Westraid and Flare Fixed

·         Some item translation Fixed

·         Sigel'light Leguard glow bug Fixed


New Event

·         Golden Coin Event

-          After MA on June 19th 2013 ~ Before MA on July 3rd 2013

-          Valeria Vendetta is looking for her missing Golden Coins and look for Valeria Vendetta in Reboldoeux.

-          Once you defeat monsters, gather Golden Coins and bring them to Valeria Vendetta,

you can acquire the Golden Coin Reward Box.




Colony and Clique Battles

·         Upgrade Function has been added to Colony Manager.

If users` faction is occupying the Colony, they can upgrade Faction Colony by consuming Elemental Jewels.

There are 3 levels in the upgrade. If the occupation faction of Colony is changed, its Faction Colony upgrade will be initialized.


Effect of Faction Colony Upgrade

Level 1

Administers attack ability to Faction Colony. (Range attack causing Electric Shock)

Level 2

Summons a Guardian of Faction Colony. The Guardian causes Electric Shock.

HP of Faction Colony is recovered if the Guardian is around the Faction Colony.

Guardian is not summoned again if it dies.

Level 3

Guardian of Faction Colony uses Mass Destruction skill with him as the center.


·         Faction Colony attributes has been changed to a non-attribute monster type. DEF changed to 0.

In attack of Faction Colony, get penalty which is applied 1/10 damage.

The skills which come under [Demolition Burst] and [Tested Burst] stance, except 'Starlight Flare' and 'Fallen Angel', get no penalty and attack Colony 3 times of damage.

·         Damage of Valkyries Crasher has been changed.

Damages of [Low Level], [Mid Level], [High Level], [Grand Level], [Master Level] Valkyries Crasher to Colony have been highly increased.



Quest, Mission and Raid

·         Island of Fire has been renewed.

o   The place has been changed to a war area for superior pary, Esmero/Souveran.

o   Families belong to Esmero can move from area 1 to 2 or 4 for free.

o   Families belong to Souveran can move to area 3 or 4.

o   Families don`t belong to Esmero/Souveran cannot use area 2 and 3. They have to consume 1 White Gold Bar for transfering to area 4.

o   There are 4 areas like before. The second boss of Fire Island, Fire/Ice/Thunder/Dark Celberos are regenerated only in area 4.

o   Some dropped items from Fire/Ice/Thunder/Dark Celberos have been changed. Drop rate of 4 Symbols needed for Sekhmet raid has been highly increased.

o   Monster level of area 2 ~ 4 has been changed. The ordinary monster which appears in area 4 has been changed to Celberos Junior.

o   Lantern of Jack O is regenerated only in area 1.

o   Retained keys of Fire Island, area 1, 2 and 3 will be changed to Vis in maintenance and the Vis can be obtained through premium item.



·         New Artifacts have been added.







Butterfly Brooch


Epaulet of Vespanola Navy Admiral


Cadet Adriana


·         A distracter for purchasing ancient weapons has been added to Wandering Merchant NPC of Bahama, Base Camp.

-          A Recipe of Ancient Weapon has been deleted from the shop list of Token Merchant - Sundry Item NPC in Bounty Hunters Guild.

-          1 retaining Recipe will be exchanged to 3 Token - Veteran items in maintenance, and users can receive the items from Leonardo Expreso.



·         Item protection function has been added to Merchant UI.

-          The function can be used in town only and the Item Lock Helper NPC will be deleted.

·         Max pages of Family Attribute have been increased from 3 to 4.






[Stance and Buff]

·         Basic Blocking of [Peltast] stance was decreased to 10. This is fixed.

·         Skill toostip and effects of [Tested Guard] stance are now changed normally.

·         Some characters` stances and skills have been changed as below.







Levitation stance added



Increases ATK roughly by 20%

Mind Pressure

Mind Absorb Level 1 : Mortal Wound

Mind Absorb Level 1 : Fear

Mind Absorb Level 2 : Poison

Mind Absorb Level 2 : Paralysis

Mind Absorb Level 3 : Improve Disease

Mind Absorb Level 3 : Improved Curse

Mind Absorb Level 4 : Paralysis

Increases Duration of Improved Curse

Mind Absorb Level 5 : Improved Curse

to be double

Mind Blast

Increases ATK by 20% per Mind Absorb Level

Increases ATK by 33% per Mind Absorb Level

Mind Absorb

Max Level 5

Max Level 3

Increases ATK by 5% in case of Level 5

Increases ATK by 6% in case of Level 3

Decreases Casting Speed by 5%

Decreases Casting Speed by 9%


Duration of job skill 'Fire Aura' 90 sec

Duration of job skill 'Fire Aura' 120 sec



Increases ATK roughly by 10%

Call Giant


Increases reaction speed of Fire Golem

Flame Rod

Base on Level 10, ATK 1480%

Base on Level 10, ATK 1720%

Fire Flower

Base on Level 10, ATK 2840%

Base on Level 10, ATK 3359%

Lava Explosion

Base on Level 10, ATK 1800%

Base on Level 10, ATK 1900%



Increases ATK according to

job skill 'Mensa' INT stat

Turning Force

Cancels CounterAttack buff in use

Does not cancel CounterAttack buff in use

Fatal Move

Does not cancel CounterAttack buff in use

Cancels CounterAttack buff in use

·         Radius of Deception skill of [Trikinesis] stance has been changed from 2m to 3m.

·         The effective targeting range of Serenade stance has been changed.

·         Magical Position range of Crystal Prison of [Distortion Cube] stance has been changed.



·         Beacon was not created in a map of Altar of Duskfall where can enter through PVP Officer. This problem has been fixed.


[Colony and Clique Battles]

Distribution system of Colony rewards has been changed.

·         Market Deposit is divided to basic compensation and party compensation.

·         Basic compensation is 50% of Market Deposit and can be obtained according to the number of occupied Colony.

·         Basic compensation is provided to any factions who have occupied Colony through Financier NPC in Reboldoeux channel 1. But, Neutral factions without a party cannot receive the basic compensation.

·         Party compensation is 50% of Market Deposit and is allocated 50% again to Esmero/Souveran.


·         Only factions, occupies Colony, belongs to Esmero/Souveran, can obtain the compensation according to the number of occupied Colony.

·         But, a party cannot obtain the compensation which is allocated to the other party even if the party has occupied all Colonies.

·         There is no change in Event Colony.

Distribution system of Colony compensation has been changed.

·         It goes through a confirmation process to prevent wrong distribution.

·         Only Deposit can be checked through Financier after the Colony War.

·         Deposit must to be checked before getting compensation.

Changes of Colony War are as follows.

·         Chance of Electric Shock by Colony attack has been decreased.

·         Recovering HP of Colony while a Colony Guardian is summoned has been decreased.

In case of moving zones in Clique Battle area, skill cool time was initialized. This has been fixed.

·         All kinds of Lollipop cannot be used in Clique Battle Area.




[Quest, Mission and Raid]

·         Period of 'Tierra De La Sed' has been changed.

-          All world, every 21:30 ~ 22:30

·         The minimum number of entry member of Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber mission has been changed to 3.

·         In Castilla Demonic mission, the mission was ended up 2 minutes after appearance of awakened monsters. This has been fixed.

·         Cursed Pattern mission has been changed.

-          New monster and top level have been added.

-          Chances to acquire Serpent weapon according to the level of mission have been increased.

·         In case of entering Chateau de Bourgogne mission with more than 1MCC, users can move all characters to Barracks except a leader.

·         Changes of Lost Glorious Time mission are as follows.

-          In the mission, monsters can be defeated twice.

-          Rewards of repeat twice have been increased.

·         Changes of 'Letter goes far' quest of Bernelli`s Entry of Bristia quest are as follows.

-          The quest has been changed to one day quest. (It used to take up to 3 days to complete it)

-          Users who are preceding the existing quest can proceed on the changed quest by entering Coimbra town.

·         Changes of Gavin recruitment quest, Showdown in the Snowfield, Seal of Novia mission are as follows.

-          'Necklace of Wise Man' is not provided in Showdown in the Snowfield mission any longer.

-          Mission level of Seal of Novia has been decreased.

·         Chances of acquiring quest items of 'Mysterious Altar' and 'The 2nd Altar' have been highly increased.

·         Secret tombstone item, created after defeating Dilos Latemn in Al Quelt Moreza Hidden Holy Water Chamber mission, is not disappeared even a time of period passes.

·         In the '[Pioneering Merchant] The Three Pioneering Merchants' quest, NPCs` merchants were written in a wrong way. This has been fixed.

·         A distracter of receiving all rewards at once has been added in Citizen Cain [Token of Thanks].

·         Wrong marked location information of [Adriana] where about of Supplies quest has been fixed.

·         Wrong marked location information of [Manager of Stone Pit, Jack] Envelopes Made of Rags quest has been fixed.

·         During the Fire of Chester mission, Cano NPC didn`t follow. This problem has been fixed.



·         Series of some weapons have been changed as bellow, but the titles of the items maintain.                      



bayonet / Rifle


Special Rod / Rod


Special Shotgun / Shotgun



-          Bayonet stance can be used even if users equip Rifle.                   

-          Existing weapon costumes will change together.                              

-          Basic ATKs of Strata Devil Bayonet and Evil Bayonet have been increased to 420.                              

-          [Converge] which is a unique specialization of Strata Devil Rifle and Evil Rifle has been changed to [Anti-Personnel]. The effects are as follows.                 

-          Before: Doubles anti-personnel ATK.                     

-          After: Doubles anti-personnel ATK and increases Critical by 30% in use of shooting skill.

-          Staff of Pioneer of the Mage and Staff of Pioneer of the Lord Mage cannot be purchased through NPC any longer.                 

-          Demonic Jurgen is not dropped 'Recipe - Strata Devil Bayonet' any longer.                           

-          Montoro is not dropped 'Recipe - Strata Devil Rifle' any longer.                 


·         Protected equipment were recognized as materials while making stance rings and costumes. This problem has been fixed.                        

·         'Enhanced Health-Fillers' and 'Enhanced Soul-Fillers' purchased from Errac were separated with items purchased in other areas. This problem has been fixed.                           

-          The prices of healing fillers sold in Errac have been changed.                      

-          The items purchased in Errac before update is not combinable. After update, the items will be combined with items of other areas starting with the items from Errac.(Added)     


·         Basic ATK of Intuition of Al Rischa item has been increased from 277 to 283.                        

·         Protected Impregnable Gauntlet item was exchanged for other kinds of Impregnable Gauntlets. This has been fixed.                   

·         When an item drops from Anvil, Shelf and Loom of Katovic Snowfield, the item will belong to a barterer.




·         Duration of Entrance to Tower of Ice Wizard was 30 sec. This problem has been fixed.

·         Some parts of Character illustration UI have been changed.

·         When Clock Tower Guard required Elemental Jewel, his dialogue appeared twice. This problem has been fixed.

·         Custom Emblem is now changed normally.

·         A family located in the same zone cannot be summoned.

·         Warp List cannot be used in case all characters are dead.




·         Range of character cognition of Lich Bat monster in Lucifer, Banquet Hall has been increased.

·         Minimum range of attack of Montoro monster in Lucifer, Moonlight Garden has been decreased.



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