TITLE [Patch Notes] 31.66.40 to 31.81.01
DATE Jul, 01, 2020 VIEW 1384



1. Rank missions and faction missions will be adjusted.

a. Reward Adjustment

- Drop rates of certain premium rewards will be increased.

b. Pet Box Drop

- A pet box will drop upon clearing certain missions.

- Pet Box Piece will be added in roulette reward lists of certain missions.

- Pet Box Piece can be exchanged for a pet box (event) through Pet Expert, Ruffino.

c. The faction mission roulette reward will be changed to FM Point Card.

- The points will be used to purchase the following items from FM Point Merchant, Judy in Reboldoeux.


Required Points

Purchase Limit

Constellation Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



Evil Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



Elite Bristia Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



Armonia Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



Elite Le Noir Summon Stone (Event)



Greek Croma Summon Stone (Event)



Grand Level Valkyries Crasher



Master Level Valkyries Crasher



d. Single Rank Mission + Level

- The missions can be taken from Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard at Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.

- Boss monsters will randomly drop a rank+ token on the field.

- Boss monsters will randomly drop a rank+ token box on the field.

e. Rank+ Shop

- Visiting the shop will be possible through Rank Token Merchant, Luna.

- Refer to the Mission Renewal notes for more details.

f. Boss monsters in certain missions will drop a weapon costume. 


2. The rumin system will be adjusted.

- Exchanging 3 Dazzling rumins with 50 Refined Rumin Catalyst for 1 random Refined rumin will be possible through Rumin/Enchantment Chip Exchanger in each town.

- Refined Rumin Catalyst can be obtained from the Viron Clock Tower, Viron Clock Tower Basement, and Tigres Prison missions.



Refined Garnet - Rumin

Weapon: Fire Penetration +8 

Armor: Fire RES +25

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Zircon - Rumin

Weapon: Ice Penetration +8 

Armor: Ice RES +25

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Pearl - Rumin

Weapon: STR +3

Armor: Block +8

Other: HP +5

Refined Bloodstone - Rumin

Weapon: Critical +12

Armor: Max HP +16%

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Peridot - Rumin

Weapon: Mental Penetration +8

Armor: Mental RES +25

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Tanzanite - Rumin

Weapon: Max SP +18%

Armor: Evasion +10

Other: Max SP +20%

Refined Opal - Rumin

Weapon: INT +3

Armor: All RES +10

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Topaz - Rumin

Weapon: Lightning Penetration +8

Armor: Lightning RES +25

Other: Max SP +16%

Refined Turquoise - Rumin

Weapon: DEX +3

Armor: AStat RES +25

Other: Max SP +16%


3. A consumable item exchange function will be added.

- The following items can be exchanged through Lucia Merchant, Marbon in Bahia. 


Required Item/Quantity

Potion of Steroid

 Ampule of Steroid x6

Liquor of Steroid

 Potion of Steroid x10

Enhanced Tribe Potion - Wildlife

 Enhanced Tribe Ampule - Wildlife x6

Enhanced Tribe Potion - Lifeless

 Enhanced Tribe Ampule - Lifeless x6

Enhanced Tribe Potion - Demon

 Enhanced Tribe Ampule - Demon x6

Enhanced Tribe Potion - Undead

 Enhanced Tribe Ampule - Undead x6

Enhanced Tribe Potion - human

 Enhanced Tribe Ampule - Human x6

Enhanced Tribe Liquor - Wildlife

 Enhanced Tribe Potion - Wildlife x10

Enhanced Tribe Liquor - Lifeless

 Enhanced Tribe Potion - Lifeless x10

Enhanced Tribe Liquor - Demon

 Enhanced Tribe Potion - Demon x10

Enhanced Tribe Liquor - Undead

 Enhanced Tribe Potion - Undead x10

Enhanced Tribe Liquor - human

 Enhanced Tribe Potion - Human x10


4. The illustrations of Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass and Ancient En Celar Pass will be replaced.


5. The incorrect quest area of the [A Frozen Girl] Herbal Tea quest will be corrected.


6. Will fix a bug where the icons of Lu Card (Event), Guardian Lu Card (Event), Collection Lu Card, and Collection Guardian Lu Card are tagged as normal.


7. Among the menus of Noah in Frourio, "See the Future" will be removed.


8. Will fix a bug where Desapio Token can be used to enchant non-Desapio equipment.


[World X PVP]


1. Will fix a bug where the charging damage isn't dealt properly while the [Preparedness] buff is inactive.







1. Abyss Arma weapon/accessory drop rates will be adjusted.

a. Field

 - Normal monsters' weapon recipe piece drop rates will increase.

b. Raid

 - 1 weapon recipe will always drop.

 - Accessory recipe drop rates will increase.

c. Mission

 - Boss monsters of the 5 Apostadero hard missions: 1 Abyss Arma weapon recipe's drop rate will increase.

 - Boss monsters of the 3 Distorted Armonia missions: 1 Abyss Arma weapon recipe's drop rate will increase.

 - The quantity of Abyss Arma weapon/accessory recipe pieces from the roulette will increase.


2. Hildegard will be added in Character Card Box of Heaven.


3. Stance ring tooltips will display stance user names.


4. Will fix a bug where a player is moved to Prophet's Forest after the Single Raid: Ruincruger mission ends.


5. Will fix a bug where the fee for the Rank 6 mission bonus roulette is set at 3,000,000 Vis.


6. In the Infinito Challenge, enchantment chips will no longer drop and the Desapio Token drop rate will become 1.5 times itself.


7. The missing drop reward information will be added in the Info Center - Castilla, Tower of Chaos.


8. Will fix a bug where the <Grand Pressure> skill consumes 19 levels of the [Magazine] buff.


9. The Extra Reward Coupon check box in the Mission Roulette UI will be relocated.


10. Will fix a bug where Improved Clabuster Ring can't be enhanced.


11. Will fix a bug where current enchantments aren't showing when enchanting an item.


12. Will fix a bug where a Strata Devil weapon is included in Rank 6+ Reward Box. 


13. Will fix a bug where the monster type of Merman Chieftain in the Single Raid: Merman Chieftain is recognized as Human.


14. Will fix a bug where Token - Rank 5+ doesn't drop in the Single Raid: Castor, Pollux mission.


15. Will fix a bug where Token - Rank 4+ doesn't drop in the Single Raid: Chateau de Bourgogne mission.




1. Master Guardian's 5 elements sources explanation: "from Hamaan" will be replaced with "from Master Guardian".







1. A new character collection book system will be added.

- A character collection book hot key (Ctrl+Shift+D) will be added.


2. About 50 Katovic Snowfield items will be integrated as follows.



Eternal Flame

Golden Apple

Silver Powder

Silver Piece

High Quality Floccus

High Quality Suede

High Quality Velour

High Quality White Fur

High Quality Cripte

White Steel

Steel Piece

Ice Crystal

Katovic Crystal

Marble Stone

Glacial Lily

A Lump of Jade

Snow Quartz

Blue Stone


Fragment of Ice


Mist Sapphire

Lapis Lazuli

Blue Powder

Glacial Blade

Black Sap

Katovic Fluid

Blue Sap


Dried Maroon Grass

Maroon Henna

Blue Enamel

Black Enamel

Black Cloth

Katovic Silk

Dragonfly Silk

Scale of Lazim-Lam

Wings of Ice Rufus Reaper

Spool of Ice Thread


Hard Scale

Ebony Tree

Katovic Ore

Diamond Ore

Black Steel

Silver Splinter

Tangled Fur

Katovic Leather

Molar of the Yeti

Horn of Elgum

Well-processed Fur

Artificial Ivory


Silver Metal

Gray Feather

Leather of Elviot

Fur of Wolf

Nail of Bear

- Items in your Inventory will be replaced with the new items and inserted through Cabinet.

- Items in the Faction Inventory will be replaced and inserted through a faction leader's Cabinet.


3. Purchasing the Katovic weapon recipes won't be possible but the weapons can be created as a custom weapon costume.

- Each Katovic weapon recipe in your Inventory will be exchanged for 900,000 Vis and inserted through Cabinet.


4. The item exchange function of the Anvil, Shelf, and Loom NPCs in the Katovic Snowfield will be removed.


5. FM Point Card - 1000 and FM Point Card - 10000 can be purchased from FM Point Merchant, Judy.


6. The [Distortion Cube] stance's <Crystal Prison>, <Force Field>, <Lightning Cube>, and <Land Cracker> skill icons will be highlighted on their 3rd hit.


7. Will fix a bug where the <Freeandis> skill doesn't add more damage to PC while [Will of Battle Cook] is active.


8. Will fix a bug where the [Istion] stance's <Bolum> skill tooltip range and the actual range don't match.


9. FM Point Merchant, Judy's faction mission shop purchase points will be adjusted.


Purchase Point Before Adjustment

Purchase Point After Adjustment

 Constellation Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



 Evil Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



 Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



 Elite Bristia Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



 Armonia Weapon Summon Stone (Event)



 Elite Le Noir Summon Stone (Event)



 Greek Croma Summon Stone (Event)



 Grand Level Valkyries Crasher



 Master Level Valkyries Crasher






1. Single Raid

a. Mission Name

- Will fix a bug where the Single Raid: Chateau de Bourgogne mission name is showing as Single Raid: Ghost Baron.

- Will fix a bug where the Single Raid: Ghost Baron mission name is showing as Single Raid: Lifted Cursed Pattern.

- Will fix a bug where the Single Raid: Secret Tower mission name is showing as Mission: Demonic Secret Tower Dungeon.

b. Single Raid Mission Entry Phrase

- "Participate in the Single Raid: Thief Morgan mission" will be replaced with "Participate in the Single Raid: Nest-hair Huganoid mission".

- "Participate in the Single Raid: Sphinx mission" will be replaced with "Participate in the Single Raid: Demon of Ice and Fire mission".


2. Abyss Arma Belt/Earrings tooltips: "Boots" will be replaced with "Belt" and "Earrings".


3. FM Point Card - 100 tooltip: "10 Purchase Points" will be replaced with "100 Purchase Points".


4. Beast Master Ring tooltip: "Damage to Demon +25%" will be replaced with "Damage to Wildlife +25%".







1. Will fix a bug where Hildegard's [Shackle Release] buff becomes active even she's out of the [Saint Glorielle] range in certain zones.


2. Will fix a bug where <Flame Shot> skill's "The nearer the enemy, the higher the damage" effect isn't applied.


3. Will fix a bug where the [Bloodthirst] buff is still inflicted after Adelina uses a skill while she's under the [Rage] effect.


4. Will fix a bug where the boss monster of the Portus Defense mission doesn't drop the Horn of Capel Luna weapon costume.


5. Will fix a bug where the boss monster of the Memory Eating Succubus mission drops the Halloween Large Caliber Rifle weapon costume.


6.  Doom Slave field raid bug fixes

- The monster's spawn cycle (currently 48 ~ 168 hours) will be corrected.

- The monster's AI will be fixed.


7. Will fix a bug where the Melee/Shooting/Magic damage decrease AI of Dullahan Cabeza in the Single Raid: Dullahan Cabeza mission doesn't function properly.


8. Among the crafting materials of Recipe - Santo De Blanc Costume, Black Sap will be replaced with Katovic Fluid.


9. Will fix a bug where Enchantment Scroll - Abyss Arma Cube is searched in an incorrect category in the Market.


10. The graphics of Innocence of Stella will be modified.


11. Nike's <Templar> skill effects will be modified.







1. During the Single Raid: Castor, Pollux mission, King Pollux's [Invincible] will be removed once King Castor is defeated.


2. The abnormal attack patterns of boss monsters in certain Rank+ missions will be fixed.


3. Will fix a bug where Kranus recovers HP while [Blessing of Argus] is active when a summon skill is used during the Single Raid: Kranus the Great Warlord mission.


4. Will fix a bug where Aisha's normal attack element is Mental, not Ice.


5. Will fix a bug where normal monsters in Bounty Hunters Guild Mission (Hard) drop Pet Box Piece [Veteran].


6. Time Piece: Quiritatio will become tradeable.


7. Will fix a bug where Viki Summer Sunglasses aren't showing in the low specification mode.




1. Certain bullet box tooltip descriptions will be edited.







1. Buff tooltips and UI will be edited.

[Buff Tooltip]

- Certain descriptions will be edited.

- Increase/Decrease will be replaced with +/-.  

- [Mental, Fire, Lightning, Ice] RES/Penetration will be replaced with [all elemental] RES/Penetration.



- Buffs applicable to all family members will be displayed in a separate UI.

 a. Character Buff

 b. Family Attribute

 c. Manual Buff

 d. Attendance Buff

 e. Collection Book Buff

 f. Faction Buff


2. Icons of buffs applied by using cash or event consumable items will have a silver border.

(E.g. Principal, Buff of Steroid, stat increase, Enhancement Potion)


3. Item drop rates of the fields below will be adjusted.

a. Portus

 - Normal monsters' item drop rates will decrease.

 - The Portunium drop rate will increase.

b. Distorted Armonia, Distorted Armonia Apostadero

 - Normal monsters' item drop rates will decrease.

 - The Black Armonium Ore drop rate will increase.

c. Bethel Great Plain

 - Normal monsters' item drop rates will decrease.

d. Truman's Secret Workshop

 - Normal monsters' item drop rates will decrease.


4. The field raid system will be adjusted.




Fierce Gerero

Starving Ogg Jeff


Steal Leather Divino

Bloodthirsty Queentula


Ruincruger of Life

Navas the Memory Eater


Talos the Primordial Golem

Evil the Mankind Destroyer


Improved Auto Baron T



Sheol of Desire

Oscuras the First Abyss

a. Spawn

- Before: Spawn at 20:00 ~ 21:00 and 21:00 ~ 22:00

- After: Spawn at the same time between 21:00 ~ 22:00

b. Monster Adjustment

- Raid boss monsters' HP will increase.

- HP will no longer recover while not fighting.

- The [Aura of Protection] buff will be activated when a raid monster spawns as follows.

- It will start from level 50. The level will decrease by 1 for every 90 seconds.

- The area effect attack resistance increase will be reduced and damage will decrease by 1% per [Aura of Protection] level.

- Only 60% of damage will be received.

c. The monsters' unique accessory drop rates will increase.


5. Will fix a bug where the raid monsters: Evil the Mankind Destroyer and Sheol of Desire's abnormal status removal patterns don't work properly.


6. In the Source of the Wind mission, Puppet Victor, Puppet Sasha, and Puppet Lloyd will disappear once Elemental Victor, Elemental Sasha, and Elemental Lloyd are defeated.


7. Ornella and Kanna's normal attack animations will be fixed.


[World X PVP]


1. Will fix a bug where the damage is abnormal when Cadet Romina uses the <Armor Break Shot> skill while [Division Supporte] is active.

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