TITLE [Patch Notes] 29.16.51 to 29.27.95
DATE Jun, 14, 2018 VIEW 2451



1. The new costumes below will be updated.



Leonele /

Andante Hair

Cadet Leonele

Brown Andante Hair


Blue Andante Costume


Brown Andante Costume

Lady Rachel /

Vivace Hair

Student Council President Rachel

Pink Vivace Hair


Blue Vivace Costume


Red Vivace Costume


2. Will fix a bug where the current chat entering modes: @, #, & are cancelled when moving to another zone.


3. Will fix a bug where certain quests aren't taken after receiving a detour quest and completing it in a different way than clearing detour missions.


4. Will fix a bug where locations of certain monsters are changed abnormally when they die.


5. Will fix a bug where the ‘2016 Summer Special Package’ items aren't used normally.


6. Will fix a bug where certain quest warps don't function normally.

- Accordingly, the following bug fix of ver.29.13.53 will be unapplied temporarily.

(6. Will fix a bug where a character moves to the wrong location when casting a skill under certain circumstances.)


7. Will fix a bug where ‘Valeron Rosario’ appears to have 4 sockets when creating it.





1. ‘Experimental Arm Shield’ Tooltip: ‘A prototype cannon’ will be replaced with ‘A prototype arm shield’.






1. 8 new raid monsters will be updated.

- The monsters will spawn in ‘Distorted Time: Imperium Rex’.

- Their information will be added in Info Center.


2. A ‘Selene’ recruitment quest will be updated. 

- The quest will automatically be received upon entering ‘Snowfield of the Ice Wizard’ after completing the ‘The Power from an Unknown World’ quest.

- ‘Selene Card’ and ‘Selene Card (Event)’ will be removed from the reward boxes below.


Character Card Box of Heaven

Character Card Box of Heaven (Event)


3. Will fix a bug where certain skills can't be used consecutively.


4. Will fix a bug where the ‘[Dissonance] Pair Annihilation’ quest isn't completed under certain circumstances.


5. Will fix a bug where some of Orden's attack effects don't show up during the ‘Remains of Sky Road’ mission.


6. Will fix a bug where ‘Divine Necklace’, ’Divine Belt’, and ‘Divine Earrings’ are not destroyed on ‘Destruct Anvil’ NPC.


7. Will fix a bug where the ‘Tetra Avernus Road’ mission isn't completed under certain circumstances.


8. Will fix a bug where the Faction Activity Point isn't applied normally under certain circumstances.






1. A new premium character, ‘Doom Slave’ will be updated.

- When using his card, ‘Doom Slave’, wearing ‘Experimental Metal Armor’ and ‘Experimental Sword’ is created.

- ‘Doom Slave’ can use his exclusive stance, [Tyrfing] while wearing ‘sword’ weapons.

- [Tyrfing] stance and skill rings will be added in ‘Stance Ring Box’ and ‘Ring Box of Richard’.

- ‘Doom Slave’ doesn't require any job skill rings.


2. The item drop rate of the ‘[A Frozen Girl] A Girl's New Journey’ quest will be changed.


3. Will fix a bug where the ‘The Misfortune of Cortes’ and ‘A Red Rose Petal’ quests can't proceed at the same time.


4. Will fix a bug where ‘Move Gate’ NPC isn't created under certain circumstances during ‘Mission: Imperium Rex’.


5. Will fix a bug where a target's knockback time is abnormal when using [Corsair] and [Carrier] stance skills.


6. Will fix a bug where characters can't leave ‘Distorted Time: Imperium Arma’.



[Colony War]


1. Will fix a bug where ‘Valkyrie Repair’ doesn't display its recovery amount.





1. [Devil of the Sea] Buff Tooltip: The missing stat details will be added.






1. Will fix the ‘Doom Slave’ character bugs below.

- The <Berserker> skill animation doesn't play.

- Stats of a left hand weapon and a costume are not applied normally.


2. Will fix the abnormal pattern of ‘Distorted White Wolf’ in ‘Distorted Time: Imperium Rex’.


3. Will fix the abnormal stat of ‘Beatrice’ in the ‘L vs Beatrice’ combat mission of the ‘[New Era] Execution’ quest.


4. Will fix a bug where the ‘Lucifer, Moonlight Garden: Hard’ mission roulette doesn't drop ‘Vigor of Montoro - Jealousy’.


5. The shop price of ‘Recipe - The Secret Tower - Magic Scroll’ will be changed from ‘13,750 Vis’ to ‘1,375 Vis’.


6. Will fix a bug where game access is unavailable after creating a 'Wizard' under certain circumstances.






1. ‘Executor Anis’ and ‘Arbitrator Berthe’ will be added in ‘Character Card Box of Heaven’.


2. The name of ‘Prospe Recipe Box’ will be changed to ‘Prospe Weapon Recipe Box’.


3. Will fix the ‘Divine accessory’ bugs below.

- ‘Divine Gloves’ doesn't apply the ‘Max HP +300’ option.

- ‘Divine Earrings’ doesn't apply the ‘Max HP +300’ option.

- ‘Max HP +300’ will be added to the ‘Divine Gloves’ and ‘Divine Earrings’ tooltips.


4. Will fix a bug where damage of each hit doesn't display normally when ‘Doom Slave’ uses a normal attack.


5. Will fix a bug where the <Berserker> skill increases ‘ATK Speed’.

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