TITLE [Patch Notes] 31.53.82 to 31.59.96
DATE Jul, 01, 2020 VIEW 2127



1. Scenario quests will be adjusted as follows.




Acquire the Favor of Veronif. (2)

Garas Heart drop rate 5%

Garas Heart drop rate 20%

[Judgement Day] 

[Quest Clear Reward]

[Quest Clear Reward]

The Final of Montoro

- Shiny Crystal Box x1 

- Shiny Crystal Box x1



- Evil Weapon Summon Stone (Event) x2



- Elite Le Noir Summon Stone (Event) x1

[Devil Returns] 

[Whereabouts Requestion Fee]

[Whereabouts Requestion Fee]

Disappearance of Pharrel

- 100,000 Vis

- 10,000 Vis

[Devil Returns] 

The population of Sloth, Torchere, Elite Sloth,

Tesserae Pharrel

and Elite Torchere spawn in Lucifer Castle,


Reception Hall of Oblivion decreased

Go to Red Sunset Forest (1)

For the charged route:

For the charged route:

- Elemental Jewel x1

- White Gold Bar x5

- Growth Stone x1

- Moon Stone x5

Advice of Dr. Torsche

Piece - Holy Water, Piece - Otite

Piece - Holy Water, Piece - Otite

Piece - Corazon, Piece - Stone Gas x100

Piece - Corazon, Piece - Stone Gas x50

Seal Ointment (1)

Kryptonite x5

Kryptonite x5


Pure Talt / Pure Etretanium x300

[Tears of Doll] 

Great Clear Rum x1

Clear Rum x10

Twisted Father's Love

[New Era] 

- Superior Rogue Seal x100

- Superior Rogue Seal x50


- Dark Celberos Heart

- Chimera Heart

(Pioneers of the New Continent)

- Cabosse x100

(Acquired from Chimera



in the Porto Bello, St. Cathrina Saloon mission)



- Cabosse x50

[New Era] 

- Thick Arctic Bear Skin x100

- Thick Arctic Bear Skin x50


- Arm Shield of Mighty Ogre

- Elmorc Armor Piece

(Refugees of Bristia)

- Magic Bullet of Marksman x1

(Acquired from Starving Elmorc



in the Tower of Ice Wizard, Leo Room mission)



- Refined Etretanium x200

[New Era] 

- Ancient Warrior Helmet x50

- Ancient Warrior Helmet x25


- Contract of Abyss

- Dark Fragment 

(Experts of Vespanola)

- Ancient Relic Piece x100

(Acquired by destroying the Gate



in the Joaquin Barrier Defense mission)



- Ancient Relic Piece x50

[New Era] 

- Kobold Elder Tooth x50

- Kobold Elder Tooth x25


- Essence of Sekhmet

- Nightmare Blade Antelope Horn

(Warriors of the Ancient Civilization)

- Rhodolite x50

(Acquired from Nightmare Blade Antelope



in the Nightmare Blade Antelope mission)



- Rhodolite x25

[New Era] 

- Anteater Hind Leg x200

- Anteater Hind Leg x100


- Contract of Abyss

- Contract of Abyss

(Heroes of Illisia)

- Pebbles x10

(Acquired from Bone Rebirth



in the Rhapsody of Dead Man mission) 



- Pebbles x5

[New Era] 

- Bigfoot Foot Coverings x50

- Bigfoot Foot Coverings x25


- Testormento Hammer

- Giant Golden Bat Horn


- Silver Piece x500

(Acquired from Golden Bat



in the Strange Dungeon of Gullfaxi mission)



- Silver Piece x200

[New Era] 

- Petrified Golden Honeycomb Powder x50

- Petrified Golden Honeycomb Powder x25


- Overlord of Elements Piece

- Prairie Merman Eater Scale

(Descendants of Demigod)

- Elementium x20

(Acquired from Prairie Merman Eater



in the Mine Passage, Nest of Merman Eater mission)



- Elementium x10

[The End of Jurgen] 

Crystal Ball of Demonic Necro Shaman x5

Crystal Ball of Demonic Necro Shaman x2

Snowfield Defense Operation

[The Symbol of the Titan] 

Yellow Phobitan General's Cabosse x3

Yellow Phobitan General's Cabosse x2

Playboy Kael

[The Symbol of the Titan] 

Corazon Crystal x10

Corazon Crystal x2

La Parcie Mordon

[Glorious Sanctuary] 

Reward: Otite Perfume (Event)

Trail 2

[Glorious Sanctuary] 

- Barrel Cover of Crown Lloyd x200

- Barrel Cover of Crown Lloyd x50

Trail 3

- Tender Arctic Wolf Meat x200

- Tender Arctic Wolf Meat x50

[Glorious Sanctuary] 

Required Asphodel 20 pcs

Required Asphodel 10 pcs

The Cathedral of Light

[Glorious Sanctuary] 

Earring of Cepheus drop rate 5%

Earring of Cepheus drop rate 50%

Everyone Is Involved.

[Son of Darkness] 

Required Full-blown Asphodel 30 pcs

Required Full-blown Asphodel 10 pcs

A Cross and a Ribbon

[The Past of Atonement] 

Broken Armonium Fragment drop rate 50%

Broken Armonium Fragment drop rate 100%


[The Past of Atonement] 

Required Broken Piece of Madness 30 pcs

Required Broken Piece of Madness 10 pcs


[Whisper of Devil] 

White Iron Keeper, 

White Iron Keeper, 


Black Iron Keeper kills:

Black Iron Keeper kills:


30 / 50 / 100

20 / 30 / 50

Illier Scenario Mission

The Dietrich monster's


ATK, Penetration, ATK Rating, 


Max HP decreased

Illier Scenario Mission

The Dietrich monster's

- The Dietrich monster's

<Rescue Dietrich>

skill usage count: 20 times

skill usage count: 10 times



- Skill usage frequency doubled

Illier Scenario Mission

The Dietrich monster's

<The Herbert Sisters>

ATK and Penetration decreased

Illier Scenario Mission

The Magical Rose monster's

The Magical Rose monster's HP

<Defeat Auto Baron T>

HP recovery time 75 sec

decreased by 20%



- HP recovery time 120 sec

[The Imperial Capital, Illisia] Something Ominous

1 of each 5 elemental source

Source of Fire x1

Altria Scenario Mission


<Queentula Suppression>

ATK and DEF decreased

[El Cielo y La Tierra]

Dried Bloodstain drop rate 10%

Dried Bloodstain drop rate 33%

Gathering Quiritatio Information

2nd Bahama Scenario



- Sharon recruit quest complete

- Unexpected Fate quest complete

[The Resurrection of Orden] 

Otite Piece x1000

Otite Piece x200

The Ancient History (1)

Orden Scenario Mission

To lower the difficulty,

<The New Evil Army 4>

Archdemon Fordoi, Archdemon Vordoi,

<The New Evil Army and Orden>

and Archdemon Gluttony's attack patterns changed

[The Storm and the Dragon] 

- Anteater Meat x100

- Anteater Meat x50

The Source of Evil

- Refined Leaf x5

- Red/Yellow/Green Leaf of Rafflesia x1

[The Storm and the Dragon] 

Scattered Garim Essence x5

Scattered Garim Essence x2

The Barrier of Orden

[The Storm and the Dragon] 

Otite Fragment x5

Otite Fragment x1

The Barrier of Orden 

- Dr. Torsche

[The Storm and the Dragon] 

Fierce Capybara Knight kills: 10

Fierce Capybara Knight kills: 5

Rage of the Dragon

[The End of Jurgen] 

Magical Stone x10

Magical Stone x5


[The End of Jurgen] 

Blue Star Piece drop rate 10%

Blue Star Piece drop rate 50%

To Snowfield of the Ice Wizard

Orden Scenario Mission

The Lorch monster's

<Furuhollen Troops>

skill damage decreased,


abilities increase only 3 times at max rage



2. Abilities of certain monsters that spawn in the Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory/Basement Warehouse/Secret Garden/Moonlight Garden fields will decrease.


3. New Achievements will be updated.


Family Level

Game Login (Attendance)

Vis Gathered By Selling Items

Achievement Points

Monster Kill Count

Rank Mission Clear Count

Infinito Challenge Rounds Breakthrough

Weapons/Armor/Accessory Craft

Enhancement Achieved Through Item Craft

Socket Processing Success

Scenario/Recruit Quest

Illisia Notice Board Favor Rate Achievement

Illier Clique Favor Rate

* Rewards of completed Family Level/scenario quest/recruit quest/Infinito Challenge round Achievements will be inserted through [Leonardo Expreso].


4. The Infinito Challenge will be adjusted as follows.

a. Mechanics

- It will be possible to participate up to 5 times a day without bonus entry.

- A "Rechallenge the Round" function will be added.

  - The daily entry is counted upon rechallenging the current round.

- After clearing Round 10, it will be possible to rechallenge from a round 5 steps down by consuming Shiny Crystal.

(E.g. Clear Round 10 -> Consume Shiny Crystal -> Round 6, Round 7, Round 8... Round 10)

b. Reward

- From Round 41, Enchantment Chip Master will drop.

- Desapio Token will drop randomly.


5. A new accessory series, Desapio will be updated.

- Desapio accessories can be acquired from the boss monsters of the Infinito Challenge mission.

- Enchantment and enhancement require Desapio Token.

- Each accessory applies "Max HP +800, ATK to monster +2%, Penetration +1, Immunity +1".

- A set of the 5 accessories adds "DEF Rating +1".

- The accessory series is exclusive for Veteran and above.

- The Desapio accessories and Desapio Token can't be traded or discarded.


6. Will fix a bug where certain quests are categorized incorrectly.

- Before: Scenario Quest

- After: Selective Quest


 Angie Sub Quest

 Bernelli Sub Quest

 Jean-Pierre Sub Quest

 Emilia Sub Quest

 Jack Sub Quest

 Raven Sub Quest

 Selva Sub Quest


7. Will fix a bug where certain AIs of Bloodthirsty Queentula don't function properly.


8. Will fix a bug where "ATK +3%" isn't applied when Daria is wearing Sanctuary of Balisada (Event).


9. Will fix a bug where the client shuts down after defeating Cepheus Jonathan in the I will save them! combat mission of the [Glorious Sanctuary] Everyone Is Involved. quest.


10. Will fix a bug where the Cocktail Straw Costume graphic doesn't display when Sariel and Grim Reaper Sariel are wearing it.


11. Will fix a bug where ‘Info Center - Item’ displays items used in custom combat missions.


12. Will fix a bug where Upgraded Flame-Guard Ring and Upgraded Aiming Shot Ring increase incorrect skill levels.


13. Will fix a bug where the Forgotten Treasure Maiden mission is open after selecting Mystic Treasure Mission through the Treasure Hunter NPC.




1. <Booster Drive>/<Protective Shade> skill tooltips: The max range will be replaced from 6m to 8m.






1. A Character Card Exchanger NPC will be added.

- Collection cards can be exchanged for [Character Card Box Piece [Event]] and [Character Card Box Piece [Collection]] through the Character Card Exchanger NPC in Port of Bahia.

- 50,000 Vis is required for each exchange. A recruit character card is exchanged for 1 ~ 2 pieces and a premium character card is exchanged for 5 ~ 10 pieces.



Character Card Box III (Event)

 Character Card Box Piece [Event] x20

 Elemental Jewel x2

Character Card Box lV (Event)

 Character Card Box Piece [Event] x30

 Elemental Jewel x4

Character Card Box V (Event)

 Character Card Box Piece [Event] x40

 Elemental Jewel x6

Character Card Box Vl (Event)

 Character Card Box Piece [Event] x50

 Elemental Jewel x8

Collection Character Card Box III

 Character Card Box Piece [Collection] x20

 Elemental Jewel x2

Collection Character Card Box lV

 Character Card Box Piece [Collection] x30

 Elemental Jewel x4

Collection Character Card Box V

 Character Card Box Piece [Collection] x40

 Elemental Jewel x6

Collection Character Card Box VI

 Character Card Box Piece [Collection] x50

 Elemental Jewel x8


2. Will fix a bug where a normal character announcement appears when opening a character box.


3. Will fix a bug where the Task of the [Judgement Day] Seal Ointment (1) quest doesn't display.


4. Will fix a bug where an enchant option isn't applied to Desapio Gloves occasionally when enchanting the item.


5. Will fix a bug where the Desapio accessories' enchant options: AGI and HP are reversely applied.


6. Will fix a bug where Charlotte's start quest is tagged as rare character in the Info Center.


7. Will fix a bug where the 4 enchant options are fixedly applied to Desapio Boots when enchanting the item.


8. Will fix the incorrect Rank 6 Conqueror Achievement progress.


9. Will fix a bug where the Devil Weapon: Hunt Great Mandradora and Devil Weapon: Hunt Amber Bee quests are not accessible.




1. "Earrings" in the Desapio Gloves description will be replaced with "Gloves".


2. "Earrings" in the Desapio Belt description will be replaced with "Belt".






1. Cadet Romina will be added in Character Card Box of Heaven.


2. Hildegard Character Adjustments

- <Menesis> skill duration will be changed from 3 sec to 0.5 sec.

- <Menesis> skill effect graphics will be modified.

- The <Count Buster> skill type which is set as Magic will be corrected.


3. Distorted Armonia Scenario Quest Fixes

- NPC dialogue typos will be corrected.

- Will fix a bug where monsters attack PC during the conversation part of the The Last Devil mission.

- Will fix a bug where certain skills of Archbishop don't work properly during the Asphodel combat mission.


4. Will fix a bug where conversation with the Battle Cook Panfilo NPC isn't possible while taking the Altria scenario quest.


5. Doom Slave's earrings graphics will be modified.


6. Will fix a bug where Weapon Costume Crystal is not found in the Inventory when using the socket expansion function.


7. Will fix a bug where the illustration of Battle Cook Panfilo Card is not tagged as Rare Card.


8. Will fix a bug where Bahama, Room of Witch is not showing in the Quest Area of the [The Prophet’s Forest] Spirit of Forest quest.


9. Will fix a bug where damage isn't dealt properly while Bloody Navy Cano and Commander in Chief Cano are under the [Protection of Ravol] buff effect.




1. Will fix a bug where Empty Bottle is categorized incorrectly in the Inventory. 


2. [The Die Is Cast] Unextinguished Flames quest: The mission title, "Heaven's Altar Protection" will be replaced with "Mission: Tetra Avernus Road".


3. Cure Ring tooltip: The item's required stance which is indicated as "Cadet Elisa" will be corrected.

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