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TITLE Bristia Part 2: 5th Update Preview
DATE Jul, 22, 2013 VIEW 9263

Bristia Part 2: 1st Update Preview


The story of Bristia, Kielce where Season 2 begins...

Bristia Part 2: 2nd Update Preview

 The true colors of Bristia Liberation Army are revealed to Bloody Navy, and Kielce goes through a general crisis after the betrayal of Olivia and Governor Caisse`s missing.

The most urgent priority is to find out where the two missing people are.


Bristia Part 2: 3rd Update Preview


 New recruitment NPC, Olivia will be added. The initial character level of Olivia starts from 100 and she basically has her exclusive stance ‘Combat Assault’ regardless of any quests.

Bristia Part 2: 4th Update Preview


The new field area of Kielce, ‘Bristia, Scar’. Bristia, Scar is a place where has been ruined by the Cannon of Concentrated Magic of Dr. Torsche during the Three-Year War.

Character Buff System

The Team Buff system that has been issued by many people will be changed to ‘Character Buff’ system.

Goodbye pioneers.

There are two big changes in the new Character Buff system unlike the former Team Buff system.

First of all, once 3MCC is composed, ATK/DEF Rating +1 buff is created basically.
The buff effect is disappeared in case one character in 3MCC is dead.
And the buff is not applied to 1MCC and 2MCC.

In unity there is strength!!

Secondly, the buff will be distributed to each character in MCC not to the team that was a fixed combination.

Looks similar but different

Exclusive buffs are added to each character of Granado Espada, and once a character is included in MCC, the character exclusive buff is applied to the whole team.
Like the basic buff, the character buff is canceled once the character is dead.

From now on, you don’t need to play with MCC that is fixed.
You can enjoy more various and unique plays by composing MCC freely.

MCC that I want, 3 dark hoodies

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