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TITLE Bristia Part 2: 6th Update Preview
DATE Jul, 24, 2013 VIEW 8363

Bristia Part 2: 1st Update Preview

The story of Bristia, Kielce where Season 2 begins...


Bristia Part 2: 2nd Update Preview

The true colors of Bristia Liberation Army are revealed to Bloody Navy, and Kielce goes through a general crisis after the betrayal of Olivia and Governor Caisse`s missing.
The most urgent priority is to find out where the two missing people are


Bristia Part 2: 3rd Update Preview

 New recruitment NPC, Olivia will be added. The initial character level of Olivia starts from 100
and she basically has her exclusive stance ‘Combat Assault’ regardless of any quests.


Bristia Part 2: 4th Update Preview

The new field area of Kielce, ‘Bristia, Scar’. Bristia, Scar is a place where has been ruined by the Cannon of Concentrated Magic of Dr. Torsche during the Three-Year War.


Bristia Part 2: 5th Update Preview

 The Team Buff system that has been issued by many people will be changed to ‘Character Buff’ system.



 The New Stat, ‘SEN’

The former ‘CHA’ stat will be changed to a wholly new function, ‘SEN’ stat.



Let’s enjoy more sensible plays.

 CHA stat used to affect only to summons of summoners, but the SEN stat affects to balances of all characters.
SEN stat is applied to skill casting time of a targeted character.
Base of SEN stat 50, the casting time varies according to the SEN stat.
In case the SEN stat is 50, the casting time displayed in skill tooltip is applied
But if it is below 50, the casting time is increased and if it is more than 50, the time is decreased.
Please note that changes of casting time according to SEN stat are not displayed in the skill tooltip.
Which one can shoot first?
Along with the SEN stat update, SEN stats of some characters will be changed.
It will be adjusted depending on attributes and abilities of the characters, and SEN stats of other characters will be fixed as the basic amount, 50. Besides, all CHA stats of equipment like accessories or rings will be changed to SEN stats. ‘Status Ampule – CHA’ including event ampules will be switched to SEN as well.

  Do not miss the SEN stats in battles!
Even the CHA stat is changed to SEN stat, it will be applied to summons as the same way as before.
Just additionally it will affect to skill casting speed.

Barracks Character List Added
You don`t need to wander to search your characters anymore!
Once you search and click your characters through [View Character List] in Barracks, your Family is ready to fight right away!

Once you click [View Character List] on the left side of Barracks, you can see all your characters at a glance!

All equipped items, character names and levels will be displayed in there.
How convenient!

Improved Raid Monster Hostile Relations System
If families that are neutral or don't belong to any faction attack raid monsters, they will be on hostile relations with families that belong to superior factions.
New Items of Pioneers Added
New items of pioneers that wasn’t able to purchase through NPC are added.
Mysterious Rosario of Pioneer, Mysterious Special Bracelet of Pioneer, Mysterious Magic Scroll of Pioneer, Mysterious Encyclopedia of Pioneer and Mysterious Cube of Pioneer are added.
So that the range of equipment for your newly growing characters is expanded!
The new items can be purchased from Karjalainen NPC in Auch.

So hurry to equip them to your characters that couldn’t grow up by lack of equipment!




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