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TITLE Illis: 3rd Update Preview
DATE Oct, 07, 2020 VIEW 3491

[New Raid] Christina


Christina, the deputy commander of Legion, forbids people from passing through [Pena Tilia] by order of Valdro, the commander of Legion.


[Execute the Pena Tilia blockade operation!]




[Povero! Eurah! Cover me!]



[Christina] spawns in Illis, Pena Tilia. You can advance to Illis Masarar and the Nacria Castle after defeating [Christina]. The Deus Machina weapon recipes and the 5 Elements accessory crafting crystal can be obtained.




[New Mission] City Defense, Nacria Battle

2 new missions, Nacria Battle and City Defense will be added.


The Vespanolan special force, Legion, stationed in Illis is displeased and feels threatened by Leona and the Pioneer Family roaming all over Illis.


Hence Marcher, considered as an action taker of Legion, and Aria try to stop them.


[You shall not pass!]



Legion prefers a team battle over individual work.




That elite group is specialized in defense. They can stop the Pioneer Family without batting an eyelid.


[It’s true.]


Up to 12 families can participate in the missions through a Bloody Navy David NPC located in Illis Parlemo.


Entry is available once a day. The Deus Machina weapon recipes, Pet Box (Toy Victor), and other rewards can be obtained by clearing the missions.




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