You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

Viki - [Trance Robo] Stance Book

Quest information
Start NPC Ulrik
zone Bahia Hut
Objective Acquire [Trance Robo] Stance Book
Basic rewards [Trance Robo] Stance Book, 3 Expert G EXP Cards
Item rewards
Quest walkthrough


Notice: When the family which has completed Viki recruitment quest, [Castis] Stance Book quest and Jugdment Day 'Round-Table Conference' mission enters Auch, this quest can be started.


[1] Scientist of New Ten Nobles

Ulrik has some important things to tell Viki.

Set Viki as a team leader, talk to Ulrik in Bahia Hut.

Ulrik shows the workshop to Viki to bequeath her everything of Ernesto family.
After looking around workshop, talk to Ulrik again.

Ulrik suggests Viki to enlarge her experience first.
[2] Personal Taste of Boy
Move to Dr. Torsche, Reception Hall to show Viki the dolls in the mansion.
< Dr. Torsche, Reception Hall >
Viki doesn`t like the dolls of Torsche that much.
Next, show him mysterious monsters in Tierra Putrefacta.

< Tierra Putrefacta >
Viki says the monsters in Tierra Putrefacta look so nasty and wants to see neat and nice dolls instead.
Move to Viron, Clock Tower 1F mission to show him moving robots in the Clock Tower.
[3] Boy and Minced Meat
Tendercore, found in the Clock Tower, catches Viki`s fancy. 
You should hunt 15 Tendercores.
Talk to Ulrik once you have hunted them all.

Viki puts Tendercore in the workshop.

To hunt next monsters, move up to the Clock Tower 2F.


Once you reach to a specific place on the Clock Tower 2F,

Viki would say that she wants to capture the flying monsters in the sky.



[4] Boy and The Steam Punk

You have to hunt a Gale Steamer in the Clock Tower 2F.

Once you have defeated a Gale Steamer, return to Ulrik.

Ulrik thinks he can make enhanced dolls by changing and enhancing the steamer.
The next day, talk with Ulrik again.

Ulrik asks you to bring 10 Enhanced Steels and 5 Energy Cores to enhance the steamer.


Energy Cores are obtained by hunting Candle Geister in the Clock Tower, and Enhanced Steels are obtained by hunting Steam Geister in the Clock Tower.


Let`s get them all and go back to Ulrik.


To continue to show him moving robots in the Clock Tower, move to Viron, Auto Baron mission.
In there, Viki is fascinated by Auto Baron`s red color, seems like it has at least 3 times of speed.
[5] Boy and Red Robot
Speak with Ulrik.
Auto Baron says he will draw a blueprint based on the picture of Auto Baron.
You should try to talk with him the next day.

Move to the Clock Tower again, acquire 15 Energy Cores and 30 Enhanced Steels, and them go back to Ulrik.

[6] Gift of Grandfather
Talk with Ulrik setting Viki as a team leader.
You would be move to 'Rusty steel doll' mission after the conversation, and an experiment of Auto Baron and Ararat begins.

Ulrik, at last, asks you to bring some materials for his Ararat.
Move to the Clock Tower, acquire 10 Energy Cores and 20 Enhanced Steels, and return to Ulrik.

Ulrik says he will start Ararat enhancement and asks you to visit tomorrow.
Talk with him again after one day.

The test is to win the doll of previous family leader with your power.
you need to defeat Ulrik`s Ararat.
The mission would be cleared once you win in the battle with Ararateer.

Rewards: [Trance Robo] Stance Book, 3 Expert G EXP Cards
Tip: Energy Cores used for summons can be created once a day by trading with a specific item in 'Ernesto workshop' in Bahia Hut.