You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[7] Joaquin Prison Report

Quest information
Start NPC Sir Lyndon
zone The City of Reboldoeux
Objective Go to Eleonore and Deliver the message from Sir Lyndon
Basic rewards Shiny Crystal, Rose Wing, 300,000 Vis
Item rewards Novice Soul Crystal, Novice Potion of Hrin, Novice Trumph Fillers
Quest walkthrough


Go to Sir Lyndon at Cite de Reboldoeux

Click on Sir Lyndon to initiate conversation

When you deliver the Prison de Joaquin Report to Sir Lyndon, he’ll say that he ordered the Mainland to ignore what happened in Joaquin and he has already explained this to the Auch Pioneering Officer
He wants you to tell her that she must follow the orders of the Queen.
After the conversation with Sir Lyndon, you will go back to City of Auch Pioneering Officer Eleonore to deliver the message from Sir Lyndon

After conversation with the Pioneering officer, you will be given a reward. Also, this signifies the end of pioneering quest in the City of Auch
Rewards: Shiny Crystal, Rose Wings, 300,000 Vis, Novice Soul Crystal, Novice Potion of Hrin, Novice Triumph Fillers