You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[5] Defeat Lightning Gavi di Gavi

Quest information
Start NPC Auch Pioneering Officer
zone El Tejado Verde
Objective Lightning Gavi de Gavi 0/70
Basic rewards 200,000 Vis, 3 EXP Cards Rank 66, 40 Shiny Crystals
Item rewards 30 Novice`s Soul Crystals, Fairy Wings (30days), Sylph Wings (30 days)
Quest walkthrough


Speak to Eleonore. She will ask you to defeat the Lightning Gavi di Gavis at El Tejado Verde.


You need to defeat 70 to proceed.


Go to El Tejado Verde to carry out the mission. To get there,  go outside Auch to Thueringen Lakeside and then proceed to the exit leading to El Tejado Verde


< Location of El Tejado Verde at Thueringen Lakeside, G-10 >


Once at El Tejado Verde, defeat 70 Lightning Gavi di Gavis.


After defeating 70 Gavi di Gavis, return to Auch and speak to Eleonore. She will reward you with “Novice Soul Crystal, Fairy Wings (7 days), Sylph Wings (7 days), 200,000 Vis and EXP Card” and give you your next task.

Rewards: 200,000 Vis, 3pcs EXP Cards Rank 66, 40 pcs Shiny Crystals, 30 pcs Novice Soul Crystals, Fairy Wings (30 Days), Sylph Wings (30 Days)