You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[6] Control Porto Bello

Quest information
Start NPC Nunez
zone Porto Bello Deck, Cabin, Hold
Objective 3 Pioneer Token LV 4
Basic rewards 30,000 Vis, 20 shiny Crystals
Item rewards Recommendation letter of Nunez, Letter of Jonathon
Quest walkthrough



Move to Porto Bello Dungeon and receive quest order from the Pioneering Merchant.

You need to obtain 3 Pioneer Token LV 4.


First of all, use waypoint to move to Porto Bello.

< Move to Porto Bello from Coimbra >


< Porto Bello, Get Into the Deck >


After entering the Dungeon, you should receive quest order from the Pioneering Merchant and defeat the nearby monsters needed.


< Receive Quest Orders >


< Monster hunt >


< Receive Quest Reward >


If you have already obtained 3 Pioneer Token LV 4, go back to Admiral Nunez.

Admiral Nunez will asks you to meet Pioneering Officer of Coimbra before you leave for Auch.




Coimbra Pioneering Officer will congratulate you on getting the Recommendation letter of Nunez and will ask you to deliver a welfare letter to his sister on the way to Auch.


If you complete The Scenario Quest in Coimbra, you can go and experience the new quest in Auch.