You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[7] The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza

Quest information
Start NPC Sir Lyndon
zone Al Quelt Moreza
Objective Bring the Pioneer Token Level 1
Basic rewards 20,000 Vis, 3 pcs EXP Card 18 grade, 5 pcs Shiny Crystals
Item rewards 10 pcs Triumph Potion for beginner
Quest walkthrough



Lyndon asks you to obtain a pioneer token as a proof of cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza.

All Pioneer Token has a same shape but its power depends on the monster which has it. And it can make this level different.

Get 3 Pioneer tokens as a proof of cleansing.

You can move to Al Quelt Moreza once by using the waypoint in the village.


< Find Waypoint and Select Al Quelt Moreza >


< Enter the Dungeon >


After enter the dungeon, you will meet Three Pioneering Merchant NPC

There are three Pioneering Merchant Vent, Magia and Tempestar.

You can get four quests from one merchant. Total of 12 quests.


< Receive All Quests from Three Merchants >


< You Can See Quests from Merchants on ‘Repeat tab’ in the Quest Info Window(Alt+A) >


After defeating monsters followed by quest condition, return to Pioneering merchants NPC and complete the quest.

You should complete 3 Quest from Pioneering Merchants first to complete Al Quelt Moreza quest from Sir Lyndon


< Complete 3 Quests >


< Obtain 3 Pioneer Tokens Level 1 >


Now Return to Lyndon and complete the quest



Rewards: 20,000 Vis, 3 pcs EXP Card 18 Grade, 5 pcs Shiny Crystals, 10 pcs Triumph Potion for Beginner