You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[2] Meet Sir Lyndon

Quest information
Start NPC Sir Lyndon
zone The Reboldoeux Civic Center
Objective Conversation with Lyndon
Basic rewards Enchantment Chip Beginner (5pcs)
Item rewards
Quest walkthrough

After completion of the quest “Before Starting”, you can see NPC Lyndon. The Office of Pioneering Support is a corporation established to carry out the Reconquista Policy provided for the Queen. And it is providing support for new pioneers. Sir Lyndon is the director of pioneering support office. He will give new users pioneering support gifts which are bestowed from the queen.


Gifts are Enchantment Chip  Beginner (5pcs) given to pioneer new continents. You can add options on your level 1~28 gears through Enchantment Merchant.


For your characters to automatically run or go to an NPC, press (Alt + Z) to open the Zone map. Then find the name of the NPC among the right side list, either in “Man” tab or in “Shop and System” tab and click. You may see location of the NPC in red color. The small yellow arrow is your location. Double click on the list and your characters will run to the location automatically.


 Unequipped or remove first the weapon or armor you want to enchant.


Talk or click the NPC Enchantment Merchant to enchant your selected weapon or armor. Random enchantment/options will be assigned to the item when you use an enchantment chip. Drag or double click an Enchantment Chip and a piece of equipment of the same level or higher into the window. After enchantment, the Enchantment Chip will be consumed.


*Note: There will also be a probability that the Enchantment Chip is consumed and no enchants/options added to the equipment.


 You can also purchase or buy Enchantment Chips to the Enchantment Merchant using the in-game currency Vis.


To view and read more details about enchantment, select “Enchantment guide”.


You need to accept and complete requests to obtain Shiny Crystals. Bring the Shiny Crystals to the Merchants in each town and they will exchange the Shiny Crystals for pioneering equipment.


Rewards: 5 Enchantment Chip Beginner