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TITLE Armonia: 5th Update preview
DATE May, 28, 2014 VIEW 45449

07. Infinito Challenge


The limitless challenge, 'Infinito Challenge' mission will be added.



You can proceed with missions only once before but through the Infinito Challenge, you are able to proceed with them for more than 2 times.

You can enter through the Bounty Hunters Guild. In each play, missions are created in different locations, with different monsters and AIs.


You can enjoy different types of missions with monsters you have hardly seen in a familiar place or in a new place. 


And more…


[Quest Renewal]

Renewal for the whole quest will proceed for 2 times.

Upon the first part of the quest renewal, quests from Reboldoeux before Viron will be renewed.

The levels of the quests in the area above will be rearranged and it will be changed to upgrade the level naturally by proceeding with a scenario quest.

Once a scenario quest is completed, the EXP increase buff will be added.

This EXP increase buff can be used together with other EXP increase buffs at the same time and if there is remaining time on the buff, the period of usage will be accumulated.

To Master with lightning speed!

We will inform you other added details after the update.

Thank you for your support on Granado Espada.

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