Duration : July 17, 2019 to September 24, 2019
# Each account can get a maximum of 1pc of each unique reward
  Reward for 3,000 points
Collection Daisy Card
  Reward for 2,000 points
[Punisher] Stance Book
  Reward for 1,800 points
Elite Constellation Weapon Summon Stone (Event)
  Reward for 1,500 points
Summer Weapon Costume Summon Stone (Event)
  0000 0000
  : No Family Name
  Field Manual - Average (1 day)   Expedition Point Card   Medal of Honor C (Event)   SP Increase Potion 350 (Event)   Dish (1 hour) Ticket  
  Pet Food Box   Time Piece - Accessory   Training Card Box   Weapon Box - Grade 34 (Event)   Melee Enhancement Ampule (Event)  
  Shooting Enhancement Ampule (Event)   Magic Enhancement Ampule (Event)   Potion of Steroid (Event)   Principal Potion (Event)   EXP Card Box  
  • You Will get 1 point every 10 minutes of game play
  • Total points will be updated every 4amEST (Game Time)
  • All items are non-tradable
  • You may encounter an error when retrieving items at 4am EST
  • Play time in Barrack, World PVP, MA are not accumulated.
  • Points are earned from July 17, 2019 and this can be consumed until September 24, 2019 before maintenance
      (All points will be initialized on September 24, 2019 DURING maintenance)