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TITLE Armonia: 4th Update preview
DATE May, 21, 2014 VIEW 59020

01. High Master Promotion


To a level higher than Master!


‘High Master’ promotion will be added.



A character with 100% of Master level 10 can be promoted to the High Master through Master Guardian NPCs of each town.

A promoted character is able to achieve up to High Master level 10.

A character of over Master level 10 will be automatically promoted to the High Master during the update.



I’ll be more powerful!!


A character promoted to High Master can have a ceremony called ‘La Atencion’ in the Armonia Cathedral and additional options of ATK/DEF Rating +1 and Max HP +10,000 will be applied to the character after the ceremony.

To have the ceremony, the ultimate jewel called ‘Tears of Sara’ is required, which can be purchased from Cash Shop.

However, 3 Tears of Sara are provided to a family who has completed all the first main scenario quest of Armonia. 




Saint Anis of the Cathedral holds La Atencion.


 A dungeon with the highest level will be updated for the High Masters.




02. Consecutive Attendance Benefit


Consecutive attendance benefit will be added.

Let’s go up to the High Master with the Attendance EXP buff!


EXP buffs with level 1~6 are provided depending on the number of consecutive attendance days. The attendance will be checked off every midnight and a corresponding buff will be renewed right away.

For a family who has played GE for 7 days straight, EXP +30% and Stance EXP +20% will be applied to the family’s all characters continuously.

However, the counter will reset once the family misses one day of attendance.

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