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TITLE Bristia Season 2: 2nd Update Preview
DATE Sep, 09, 2013 VIEW 44665

The new recruitment NPC ‘Veil’


"For my country, for fighting against betrayer, I would like to be used as a human shield."

Veil will be added as the new recruitment NPC.
Veil is a commander of the former Resistance that fought for Bristia’s independence before Liberation Army. He was promoted to colonel by his accomplishment during the Tree-Year War. But after Bristia’s defeat, as Vespanola started rule his country, he threw up his appointment and grew the power of his own army hiding in a forest.

The Best Actor of Orpesia Award 2013
But by a plot of someone, Veil gets imprisoned in Tigres Prison and the Resistance is deceived by Renauld forgetting its commander and objective.
In the prison, Veil, bearing ill feeling against Bristia army and Vespanola, swears to the Pioneer Family that he would devote his life for Bristia.

Commander’s Dialysis Crossbow with no mercy
The third character of crossbow users, Veil is added after Calyce and Ralph. He has ‘Twin Sting’ stance which uses two crossbows on both hands. Equipping crossbows on his left and right hands shows powerful force to enemies.

Holding weapons on both hands is fabulous!
The initial level of Veil is 100. (It is getting used to characters that have initial level of 100.)
Unlike Calyce and Ralph who equip armors for Fighter, Veil equips Musketeer exclusive coat armor.
A character buff of Veil is ‘Movement Speed Increase’.

Update Preview – Final Update of Bristia
In this final update preview of Bristia scenario, we would like to introduce the new recruitment NPC Caisse, Tigres Prison and the new items you are waiting for since the first update.
Final Bristia Scenario
The final story of Bristia’s independence scenario begins.

Are you the landlord? I am house hunting...
Once families who have completed Bristia scenario 2-2 enter Kielce, this final Bristia scenario can be started.
The Governor’s missing and Marchetti’s incomprehensible acts.. What will happen in Bristia?

It is more enjoyable if you watch JD sub-quest and Bernelli sub-quest together with this final scenario.
A special medal is provided to a family which has completed all the Bristia scenario quests.

This is Penetration given to you for your efforts.
The New Recruitment NPC, Caisse
Finally a character you are waiting for, the owner of Bristia, Governor Caisse Kielce is added as a recruitment NPC.

I have been waiting for it since September last year!!
Caisse is the eldest son of Kielce family and the Governor of Bristia. Also he is the one who tries to achieve the independence of Bristia escaping the vigilance of Vespanola.

Give up on marriage since you joined my family.
The last recruitment NPC of Bristia, Caisse can be recruited by completing Bristia scenario 2-3 mentioned above.

Receive my card!
As opened in GCC and offline, Caisse uses various kinds of gun.

A Master of Guns
Among them, ‘Heavy Stinger’ which is an exclusive stance of Caisse uses 'Large Caliber Rifle' having the longest range and strong power.
The newly added shooting weapon, the exclusive weapon of Caisse, 'Large Caliber Rifle' is made by Marchetti at Caisse’s request.

Load like this and..

'Heavy Stinger' is a stance that used in standing position but it has the same shooting range with the kneeling shot. However the weapon affects to character’s movement speed due to its heavy weight.

Aside from the movement speed, Heavy Stinger has its exclusive setting. It shots 1 bullet in normal attack and the ATK Speed is fixed as 200.

Someone who is sensitive about ATK Speed cannot believe, but it is true.
The fixed ATK Speed cannot be changed by character stats, equipment or item consumption. But the other strong ability compensates its slow ATK Speed.
[Overheating] buff is applied to Caisse while he is using Heavy Stinger and he can ignore enemy’s DEF by 1% per every 2 levels of Overheating.

A man who is hot
Once the level of Overheating exceeds 100, it turns in [Cooling Gun] status and skills cannot be used. Cooling Gun status is lifted after 30 seconds.

A man who cools slowly
Caisse’s job skill, 'Gun Master' is a buff skill that applied to all the team members and squad members.
‘Gun Master’ increases shooting ATK and it can be used together with Bernelli’s ‘Maskmanship’.

The initial level of Caisse is 100 and he wears coat armor for Musketeer.
His exclusive stance, Heavy Stinger shots an enemy by using 'Metal Shell Ammo’.

'Bust Grenade' aims for a range attack by throwing a grenade and shooting it in the air.

'Smoke Screen' is a skill that blocks enemies’ view by throwing a grenade.

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