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TITLE Illis: 2nd Update Preview
DATE Sep, 29, 2020 VIEW 644

[New Map] Illis


- A new zone, Illis, will be added.













































- Illis is a dominion of Vespanola, located in the southern end of Illier.























- The island is beyond the reach of the central government of Vespanola, and is governed by Duke Nauert.












































- People from various countries visit the island for different purposes, not just to rest and relax.

































































[New Quest] Illis Main Scenario

- A new scenario quest, [Powder Keg], will be added.


- Operating the flying ship is required to enter [Illis].

























Leona and the Pioneer Family enter Illis to carry out a secret mission under the Queen’s orders and there they encounter people subtly at each other’s throats.

In their effort to further their own interests, each one claim to stand for justice.


And there appears to be something bigger behind the incidents occurring in the island.





















The governor of Bristia who seeks to achieve independence of his country by any means necessary.

The leader of the Lucia Merchants who wishes to dominate the trade route to raise the reputation of her family.

Legion, the Vespanolan special force that keeps watch on the island under the grand duke’s orders.

The Witchcraft Troops from Illier staying in the island under the pretext of conducting researches…






















“In this island, no one can be just and no one can be evil.

None can be trusted.

People lend a hand or stab you in the back depending on their own interests.

Do you understand?

Your choices may possibly kill people or save them from death in the future.”


















- Those who’ve completed the Viron scenario quest, [New Era], can begin with the 1st [Powder Keg] scenario quest.

























[New Field] Illis Fields and Monsters

- 1 new base and 4 new combat fields will be added through the 1st Illis update.




Illis, Kanya

New Combat Field

Illis, Pena Tilia

Illis, Masarar

Nacria Castle

Illis, Parlemo

New Base


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