TITLE Patch Notes - January 27, 2016 [Miscellaneous Changes:]
DATE Jan, 27, 2016 VIEW 10497

Miscellaneous Changes:

1. When VIP Gift Box is used, Treasure Box NPC is created. But after the update, the box reward will be inserted into Inventory directly.

2. Colony War will be renewed.

          I. Colony War leagues will be deleted and Colony War participation will be available without choosing a league.

          II. Colony areas will be reduced from 18 to 10 and colony occupation info will be initialized.

The following Colony War areas will be removed.

The Rion Plain

El Tejado Verde

Jezebel Glen

The Tetra Hill

Pradera de Ceniza

Ustiur Jungle Area 2

Via Fluvial


          - Once a colony is occupied, you can set the saving rate of towns connected to the occupied colony.

Colony War Area

Connected Town 1

Connected Town 2

Ferruccio Junction


Clique Battle Barracks

Garden of the King


Port of Bahia

Outside Bahia

El Lago de Tres Hermanas


Bounty Hunters Guild

Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 1

Ustiur, Base Camp

Ustiur, The Farm

Bahama, Swamp of Peril



The Bonavista River



The Old Port of Coimbra



Katovic Snowfield



Lago Celeste



Deserted Quay of Porto Bello

Castilla, Base 1

Los Toldos

The 'saving rate' can be set up to 20%.


       a. The saving rate can be set through 'Deposit Manager' NPC in each town from the end of Colony War until midnight. And at midnight, set saving rate is applied to all shops in the town.

       b. The saving rate can be checked in Shop UI, world map, and local map.

       c. Depending on saving rates, extra Vis has to be paid when purchasing and selling items in shop. The paid extra Vis is saved as deposit and occupier of the town can receive it.

       d. A leader of occupier can claim deposit saved for the week through 'Deposit Manager' NPC from the end of Colony War of the week until midnight.

       e. Unclaimed deposit after Colony War lapses.

3. Receiving Compensation for Colony Occupation from Financier, Monei NPC in Reboldoeux is no longer available.

4. Since Colony War leagues are removed, league participation will be unavailable through Royal Guard and Republican Faction Member NPCs.

5. Families who don't join a party will be unable to attack the Colony Guardian monster. Also Colony Guardian will be unable to attack families who don't join a party.

6. The family summon function can't be used within a 70m radius of a colony.

7. Changes in the towns that the saving rate can be applied.

          a. The changes will be applied to the 'Port of Bahia', 'Errac', 'Ustiur, Base Camp', 'Bahama, Base Camp', 'Castilla, Base 1', 'Viron', 'Kielce', and 'Armonia'.

          b. 'PVP Point Shop' will be added to the 'PvP Officer' NPC.

                   - PVP Point Merchant, Score NPC will be deleted.

          c. The functions of 'Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax' NPC and 'Accessory Merchant, Avena' NPC will be integrated.

          d. The 'Tool Merchant', 'Firearm Merchant', and 'Magic Tools Merchant' NPCs will be combined into 'Weapon/Armor Merchant' NPC.

          e. The 'Rumin Exchanger' and 'Enchantment Chip Exchanger' will be combined into 'Rumin/Enchantment Chip Exchanger'.

          f. The 'Refining Furnace', 'Anvil for Destroying Jewelry', and 'Anvil for Accessory Destruction' will be combined into 'Destruct Anvil'.

          g. 'Shopping Street' will be added in the Town Movement UI of 'Port of Bahia', 'Ustiur, Base Camp', 'Errac', 'Viron', 'Castilla, Base 1'.

          h. The transfer location of the Shopping Street in the Auch's Town Movement UI will be relocated.

          i. The name of 'Claire' NPC in Auch will be changed to 'Socket Merchant, Claire'.


8. The appearances of the ‘Socket Merchant, Rachel’ NPC and ‘Magic Tools Merchant’ NPC will be changed.

9. Purchase and sale prices of some items will be modified.

          I. Sale

                   - Item sale price: More than 10 Vis

                   - Modification: Sale price 10% increase

          II. Purchase

                   - Item purchase price: More than 10 Vis

                   - Modification: Purchase price 10% decrease

          The saving rate isn't applied to cashable items such as Silver Bar, Pure Gold Bar, White Gold Bar, and Elemental Jewel (sale price = purchase price).


10. 'Brilliance of the Leader' buff effect will be changed as follows.

Number of Colony Occupation


After Modification


ATK +7%, DEF +7

ATK +18%, DEF +18


ATK +13%, DEF +13

ATK +22%, DEF +22


ATK +18%, DEF +18

ATK +25%, DEF +25


ATK +22%, DEF +22

ATK +27%, DEF +27


ATK +25%, DEF +25

ATK +28%, DEF +28


ATK +27%, DEF +27

ATK +29%, DEF +29


ATK +28%, DEF +28

ATK +30%, DEF +30


ATK +29%, DEF +29

ATK +30%, DEF +30


ATK +30%, DEF +30

No change


ATK +30%, DEF +30

No change


11. 'Golden Scroll' sale will end.

          - Party registration is available through 'Gabriella' and 'Simon Ayende' NPCs by consuming 300,000,000 Vis.

          - Party registration is also available using retained Golden Scroll.

12. Some NPC shops will be removed.




El Tejado Verde

Troubled Merchant

Katovic Snowfield

Soldier Selling Equipment

The Frozen Plain

Soldier Selling Equipment

Ferruccio Junction

Street Vendor


Crossbow Merchant

Reboldoeux, Gate of the Queen

Girl (part timer in bakery)

13. Some missions will be modified as follows.

Mission Title


After Modification

Lost Glorious Time


Extra reward box after defeating King Scissor Garas

Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber

Moon Stone x3,

Shiny Crystal x3
Extra reward box after defeating Ortega Furuhollen

High Quality Ruby x1,

High Quality Sapphire x1

High Quality Emerald x1

Kielce Back Alley

Rank 3

Rank 4

Extra reward box after defeating Bomber Dyna

Tetra Avernus Road


Extra reward box after clearing Ice Celberos and Fire Celberos rooms

Secret Vault of Arsene


Extra reward box after clearing Controller room

Dr. Torsche's Mansion - Basement


Extra reward box after defeating Greg and Wight

Endless greed


Extra reward box after defeating Greedy Treasure Ghost

Chateau de Bourgogne


Extra reward box after defeating Mario

Prison de Joaquin Basement Passage


Extra reward box after defeating the 3rd Veilant

Citizen Rescue

1 rescuee: reward box rank 2

1 rescuee: reward box rank 3

2 rescuees: reward box rank 3

2 rescuees: reward box rank 4

3 rescuees: reward box rank 4

3 rescuees: reward box rank 4

Overlord of Elements


The quantity of the fragment required for element stabilization will be reduced.

Occulta, Room of General


Ania's early dialogues will shorten.

Porto Bello, St. Catherine Saloon


The Rotating Blades located at the left and right sides of the entrance will be removed.

Prison de Joaquin, Corridor of Assize

Chrysalis appears once the Experiment Machine is destroyed or after a certain time.

Experiment Machine will be removed.

Chrysalis appears after the mission starts

Lava Leaf

Rank 1

Rank 2

Hell Breaker

Rank 1

Rank 2


Rank 2

Rank 3

Vergo the Cursed

Rank 2

Rank 3

Demonic Chaos Requiem

Rank 2

Rank 3

Inside Tower of Ice Wizard

Rank 3

Rank 4

Gate of Lightning

Rank 3

Rank 4

Inside Crater

Rank 3

Rank 4


Rank 3

Rank 4

14. Infinito Challenge will be modified as follows.

          - 15 new boss monsters are added.

          - 2 new maps are added.

          - 4 new patterns are added.


15. The order of the zodiac signs will be displayed next to the names of the 12 Constellation Indication items.


16. The price of 'Steel Bullet Ammo Box' will rise from 68 Vis to 135 Vis.

          - The price rise will also be applied when purchasing the box from Bullet Dispenser.


17. From [Placidez] stance's Victima skill tooltip (skill lv 11 and above), 'Creates a peaceful space on a targeted area' will be deleted.


18. 'Valeron Powder - Grade 34' and 'Blessing of Valeron - Grade 34' will change to be tradeable

19. Lisa NPC's graphic will be modified.


20. The dagger locations shown in Lisa's stance basic posture and other poses will be modified.

21. The bullet consumed for the normal attack of Lorraine Bagellan's [Psychic Rev] stance will be changed from 'Elemental Sphere' to 'Psychic Sphere'.

22. The catalyst item for [Saint Shot] stance's 4 offensive skills will be changed from Ancient Star Orb to Large Caliber Bullet.

23. Enchantment Tranquillizer will be subdivided as follows.


Item Name



 Lesser Enchantment Tranquillizer

 90,000 Vis

Sold as 100 piece bundle

 Low Enchantment Tranquillizer

 270,000 Vis

 Enchantment Tranquillizer

 20,000 Feso

Sold at Feso Shop


Item Name



Weapon Enchantment Tranquillizer

 - Grade 1~30

 90,000 Vis

Sold as 100 piece bundle


 - Grade 31

 180,000 Vis


 - Grade 32

 270,000 Vis


 - Grade 33

 540,000 Vis


 - Grade 34

 10,000 Feso

Sold at Feso Shop


 - Grade 35

 15,000 Feso


 - Grade 36

 20,000 Feso / 220 Cash

Sold at Feso Shop/Cash Shop

Armor Enchantment Tranquillizer

 - Grade 1~27

 90,000 Vis

Sold as 100 piece bundle


 - Grade 28

 150,000 Vis


 - Grade 29

 210,000 Vis


 - Grade 30

 270,000 Vis


 - Grade 32

 540,000 Vis


 - Greek Croma/Fate of Castilla

 10,000 Feso

Sold at Feso Shop


 - Strata Devil

 15,000 Feso


 - Santo De Blanc/Santuario Metal Armor

 20,000 Feso / 220 Cash

Sold at Feso Shop/Cash Shop


- Due to the subdivision, retained Enchantment Tranquillizers will be compensated as follows during maintenance.

- 'Enchantment Tranquillizer Ticket' can be exchanged through Ana.

- Enchantment Tranquillizer won't be able to use for accessories.


Previous Item


 Exchangeable for the following Enchantment Tranquillizer items

 Lesser Enchantment Tranquillizer

 Enchantment Tranquillizer Ticket (Lowest Grade)


 Grade 1~30


 Grade 1~27

 Low Enchantment Tranquillizer

 Enchantment Tranquillizer Ticket (Low Grade)


 Grade 1~30, 31, 32


 Grade 1~27, 28, 29, 30

 Enchantment Tranquillizer

 Enchantment Tranquillizer Ticket (Normal)


 All items


 * Enhanced Enchantment Tranquillizer excluded

 Enchantment Tranquillizer (Event)

 Enchantment Tranquillizer Ticket (Normal)(Event)


 All items (for event)


 * Enhanced Enchantment Tranquillizer excluded

There is no change in 'Enhanced Enchantment Tranquillizer'.

24. Enchantment Tranquillizer acquired as a quest or content reward will be modified as follows.



Enchantment Tranquillizer x1

Enhancement Booster x2

Enchantment Tranquillizer (Event) x1

Stance Ring Box (Event) x1

Low Enchantment Tranquillizer x1

Shiny Crystal x2

25. The 'Enchantment Ticket' tooltip will contain the information about where it can be used.

26. Student President Ludin's skirt will be fluttering when using skills.

27. Iron Wall Gauntlets' option that offsets their unique attributes will be changed to another option that decreases damage by 30%.

28. When moving to the 'Bahama, Base Camp' using 'Waypoint', families will be moved to near the area's 'Waypoint'.

29. Cecile's neck graphic that appears when she's wearing the 'Cecile Ponytail' will be modified.

30. Cannon Shooter Claire's arm graphic and leg graphic that appear when she's wearing the 'Cannon Shooter Claire School Look' will both be modified.

[World X PVP]

The following hot keys will no longer be available in the 'World X PVP' missions.


Hot Key


 Ctrl+ Shift + F


 Ctrl+ Alt + F

Family Attribute

 Ctrl + T

 Server Notice Board

 Ctrl + S

 Clique Battle Help

 Ctrl + Z

 Pioneering Merchant Info

 Ctrl + Shift + M

[Clique Battle]

1. When families with titles 'General Staff Officer' and above enter the Clique Battle, Clique Battle exclusive buffs for each title will be applied.

2. Points for each title

  - Before: 150 * Clique Title LV +1

  - After: (150 * Clique Title LV +1) * (Defeated Enemy's Clique Title LV - My Clique Title LV *0.5)

3. The Contribution Rates of the noncombat actions will be changed as follows.

Contribution Rate Type



Heal Wounded Soldier



Supply Wagon Activation



Poisoning Dish



Opponent Head Kill



NPC Soldier Kill



Allied Player Revival



Turret Repair



Turret Destruction



Use Flag of the Battlefield



4. The Contribution Rate Acquisition Points will increase from '230,000' to '350,000'.

5. A winner of the Clique Battle will acquire 4,000 points (before: 2,000 points), and a loser will acquire 2,000 points (before: 1,000 points)

6. The Contribution Rates for families, who haven't participated in the Clique Battle for more than 3 weeks, will decrease as follows


Contribution Rate Decrease

 1~3 weeks


 4 weeks


 5 weeks


 6 weeks


 7 weeks


 8 weeks and more


7. When a character dies while using a skill in the Clique Battle, if the skill duration is longer than the character's auto-resurrection time, the character revives at the spot it died. This problem will be fixed.


1. The Waypoint functions will be changed as follows.

          - The Waypoint UI will be modified.

          - The ‘Starting Zone Guide’ NPC will be removed, and by clicking a button in the Waypoint UI, the current area can be set as a starting area.

          - In some areas, coordinates of Waypoints and arrival areas will be changed.

2. The magic circle effect will be modified as follows.

          - The magic circle effect will be located at the top of all objects and disappearance issue due to landforms will be fixed.

          - When using some buff skills, magic circles will appear. (ex. Principal and etc.)

3. The DEF of ‘Bristia Boots’ will increase to 12.

4. ‘Enchantment Chip (Event)’ can now be used for accessory enhancement.

5. ‘Infinito Challenge’ will be modified as follows.




Boss monster's Magic Penetration

The increase range for every round will decrease.

[Skill Disable] Debuff

Will be used by boss monsters Lv. 125 and above

[Lunatism] Debuff

Will be used by boss monsters Lv. 130 and above

'Victim of War' Monster

Will be summoned by boss monsters Lv. 135 and above

[Blood Subordination] Debuff

Will be used by boss monsters Lv. 140 and above

6. The location of the Crusaders Supply Corps Commander, Olga NPC in Armonia, Apostadero will be marked on the zone map.

7. Nar's 'Extra damage in proportion to HP' value will decrease.

8. In the 'Time Piece: Arbremon' and 'Broken Time Piece: Arbremon' missions, once Arbremon reaches 25m far away from its spawn spot, it will return to the spot and its HP will recover 100%.

9. Currently the feathers of 'Angel Weapon Costume' and 'Cursed Weapon Costume' drop to the ground but they will be changed to flutter around the costumes.

10. Some costume effects will be modified.

11. The '[Blacksmith of Steel] The Blacksmiths' quest will be changed to proceed while 'Battlesmith Idge' is in MCC.

12. Half of the words in the '[Cano] Making of Encyclopedia for Cano' quest will deleted.

13. The name of the NPC in the '[With the Will of Steel...]' mission will be corrected from 'Dyon Iron Hammer' to 'Bertir Iron Hammer'

14. In the '[Immaculate Saint] Confrontation' quest, the name of the item exchanged with 'Strong Armor of Reaper Garas' will be corrected from 'Priest of Madness' to 'Priest of Fear'

15. The quests in Viron will be renewed.

          - The quests from ‘[Viron] An island called 'End of World'. (1)’ to ‘[Judgement Day] The final of Montoro’ will be completely renewed.

          - Viron Pioneer Manual, which increases combat EXP, will be added in the reward list of the Viron scenario quest.

          - Some unnecessary requirements for the Viron scenario quest will be deleted.

          - An effect that increases EXP of characters in the current MCC will be added in reward lists of some quests.

          - The ‘Red Sunset Forest Pass’ will be removed from Inventory. Families, who have completed the ‘[Viron] Go to Red Sunset Forest (2)' quest, can enter the Viron Red Sunset Forest through ‘Vespanola Navy, Entrance Manager’ with no limitation.

          - Some mini map icons in the Viron Quest Info don't function normally. This problem will be fixed.

          - The quest item acquisition rates of the Viron quests will increase.


16. The ‘Story Book’ will be improved as follows.

          - Stories will be categorized as history, character and others.

          - Once families mouse over a book icon, a way to acquire a corresponding Story Book will be displayed in a tooltip.

17. The ‘Bahama’, ‘Errac’, and ‘Viron’ fields will be renewed.

          - A City Guide NPC will be added in the Bahama Marshlands and Bahama, Swamp of Eternity.

          - Pioneer manuals that increase combat EXP will be added in the reward lists of the Bahama and Errac scenario quests.

          - The monster levels in the Bahama, Errac, and Viron fields will be changed as follows.


Before (Lv)

After (Lv)

Bahama Marshlands

105 ~ 107

108 ~ 110

Bahama, Swamp of Darkness

107 ~ 109

110 ~ 112

Bahama, Swamp of Eternity

109 ~ 111

111 ~ 113

Bahama, Swamp of Peril

111 ~ 113

112 ~ 114

Errac, Land of Day

110 ~ 112

116 ~ 118

Errac, Land of Night

110 ~ 112

116 ~ 118

Occulta Fortress

112 ~ 114

118 ~ 121

Viron, Blood Fog Forest

106 ~ 125

109 ~ 125

Viron, Red Sunset Forest

108 ~ 119

109 ~ 119

18. The Mercenary Contract will be added in the list of items that can't be registered in the Global Market.

19. Grades will be marked on Enchantment Scrolls' illustrations and icons.

20. The ‘Market Price Display' function will be modified as follows.

          - If prices are more than 100,000 Vis, they will be displayed without the last four digits. (ex. 100, 1234 Vis 100,000/ 12,345,678 12,340,000.)

          - The ‘Market Price Display' text will be replaced with a market icon.

          - The market prices different from actual prices will be corrected.

          - The 'Vis' marks of the market prices in item tooltips will be erased.

21. Closing the activated Waypoint UI will be available by pressing the ‘ESC’ key.

22. The magic circles of buff skills applied to allies and squad members won't be shown to enemies.

23. The 'Target Info Display' in the Play Option of the Game Option (Alt+O) will be changed to ‘Hide Target Info Display’.

24. 'One of the 3 Elementalist stances' will be deleted from the reward list of the ‘Chocolate Lady’ quest.

25. The 'The Five Books of Martial Arts - The Book of Wind' stance book will be removed from the reward list of the 'The Path of a Warrior Path to Honor: Be the Wind!’ quest.

26. When using the Skill/Stance Ring Batch Destruction function, protected rings won't be registered in the UI.

27. The spawn cycle of the Rose Ball of Rose Spirit in the ‘Lucifer Castle, Moonlight Garden: Hard’ mission will lengthen.

28. If one or more ‘Repair Kit of Auto Baron’, acquired from the ‘Madness Auto Baron’ mission is in Inventory, it won't be moved to Cabinet anymore.

29. In the Bloody Navy mission, Renauld's collapsing animation shown when he dies will be removed.

30. In order to enter the Armonia scenario quest mission, ‘Spear of Orden’, the ‘Blue Armonium Ore’ will be required.

31. Some characters' hair graphics, that appear when creating them in the Barracks mode, will be modified.

32. The 'Enchantment Tranquillizer' sold by the 'Enchantment Merchant, Ana' NPC will change to be untradeable.

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