TITLE [Update] Armonia Part 5
DATE Jul, 03, 2015 VIEW 13743


This is the Granado Espada GM team.


As the development team has announced before, there'll be massive changes in weapon, mission, and field systems.


In order to compensate for the update, we prepared some awesome rewards for you.

For your continued comfort, we will conduct various updates and modifications.


We'll do our best in return of your constant support.

Thank you.



1. If you create weapons AR 32 or above during the period from June 01, 2015 to MA for Armonia part 5 (around 2 months or so), you will get extra weapons with the same level.

a. Date: All rewards will be given after MA of Armonia Part 5

b. Details

- One weapon of the same type as you created is provided. (No enhancement, No option attached)

- The quantity is decided according to the number of weapons you create.

(ex. 2 'Tempest of Aquarius' created -> 2 Tempest of Aquarius (unenhanced, no option attached) provided)

- The one who receives the reward is the weapon's owner of MA for Armonia part 5, not the creator.

(ex. Family A creates a weapon and transfers it to Family B -> Family B possesses the weapon on August 5th and receives the reward)

- (Addition) Those who have weapons exchanged by NPCs in quests before MA for Armonia part 5 (before 8:00 am) can also get extra weapons as reward. The weapon's ownership must exist on that day and the weapon's owner receives the reward.

* Weapons AR 32 and above are as follows.

(Evil Weapons, Witch Craft, Cube, Diary of Veronif, Abyss Scroll, Old Broom of Witch, Broom of Little Witch, Encyclopedia, Constellation, Prospe, Strata, Armonia)



2. Compensation for the price adjustment of 'Enhancement Booster' and 'Ambrosia'

a. Date: After MA of Armonia Part 5

b. Details

- Quantities of 'Enhancement Booster' and 'Ambrosia' in your Inventory will quadruple during MA for Armonia part 5

- More details will be announced soon.



3. 'Impervium (Event)' will be compensated for the 'Impervium' loss caused by weapon enhancement failure.

a. Duration: 2 weeks after the MA of Armonia part 5 (2 weeks)

b. Details

- Only for enhancement of weapons AR 32 and above.

- The loss of 'Impervium (Event)' caused by enhancement failure won't be compensated.

- 'Impervium' and 'Impervium (Event)' can't be used at the same time.

- If the both types of 'Impervium' are in Inventory, the item for event is used first.

- All impervium can only be used for armors after the patch



4. Impervium and Enhancement Booster will have 40% Discount in Feso Shop

a. Duration: After MA on July 08, 2015 (Wednesday) until MA of Armonia Part 5

b. Details

- You can purchase Impervium and Enhancement Booster at 40% discounted price in Feso Shop.



5. Weapon Material Drop Rate Increase

a. Duration: 2 weeks after MA of Armonia Part 5

b. Details

- Monsters that currently drop the materials will have additional drop rate. All monsters in each area will have higher drop rate of the following weapon materials:

* Bahama: [Snail Skin], [Old Chess Piece]

* Errac: [Ancient Rune - Ti, Te, Ar, An]

* Viron: [7 types of Piece of Naraka], [Dream of Devil]

* Armonia: [Crest of Sacred Knight], [Crest of Dark Knight], [Crest of Sacred Priest], [Crest of Dark Priest]

- The boss monster in the Time Paradox mission will drop more of its materials.



6. Treasure Box Additional Reward x2

a. Duration: After MA of Armonia Part 5 until further notice

b. Details

- The reward from the extra roulette that appears at the end of all missions will be doubled.



(Additional Information)

Starting from MA for Armonia part 5, the difficulty of weapon acquisition including weapon creation using recipes and weapon exchange by completing repeat quests will be easier.


We are announcing this in advance for those who have recently created weapons and those who have gathered all required materials and are ready for weapon creation.


After the update, the required quantity of materials and the required clear count of repeat quests will be reduced.  If planning to create new weapons, we recommend doing it after the update. Kindly keep in mind that you may enhance items using Impervium without the risk of item loss before creating weapons or enhancing items.

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