TITLE Patch Notes - April 29, 2015
DATE Apr, 29, 2015 VIEW 15061

Patch Notes:


1. The function to show Ping (Packet Internet Groper) figures has been added.

- It will be shown on the top right of the screen as figures and colors.

- It can be activated or deactivated by typing ping on / ping off in the chat boxes.

- It is irrelevant to the screen buffering according to the user’s PC specifications. It is subject to change depending on the network situation.


2. Fixed a problem for the abnormal function of “Sound Effect Volume” and “Character Voice Volume” of the “Sound Option Tab” in the “Game Option (Alt+O).”


3. Fixed a problem wherein the [Pioneering Bahama] quest remained in the quest information UI.


4. Fixed a problem wherein users were unable to individually receive a daily mission quest in Coimbra, Nimrod Bridge.


5. Fixed a problem wherein the next letters were changed to special characters when the item link was deleted while chatting.


6. Fixed a problem wherein Gullfaxi did not drop the “Key of Capybara” because of the level revision with the character who killed Gullfaxi during the hell breaker mission.


7. Fixed a problem wherein some parts of the recommended mission were omitted in the “Mission Information Center” UI.


8. Fixed a problem wherein the field raid bosses “Griffon” and “Griffon egg,” who were generated in Veags Javier, were not regenerated under certain circumstances.


9. Fixed a problem wherein the client was shut down when the wrong gender was selected during the creation of a recruit character.


10. The equipment preset function has been added.

- It is available through the extension button, which is available after selecting a character from the Barrack mode → Character List (Alt+C).

-  Each character can extend up to two slots. One “Growth Stone” will be consumed in the first slot extension, and two “Growth Stones” will be consumed in the second slot extension.

- Settings for currently equipped equipment can be saved as the equipment preset in the character list and character information window (Alt+E).

- Saved equipment preset can only be worn in the “Character List” of barrack mode.

- Equipment cannot be worn or removed in the equipment preset tab.

- The location of saved equipment (not retained, have other character be equipped with it, in personal storage, or in the inventory) will be displayed as colors in the icon box of the equipment preset tab.

- Please keep in mind that the preset extension information will not be saved while turning a character into a mercenary.


11. Fixed a problem wherein there was no notice in the party chat tab while advancing to the high master.


12. The “Party leader’s brilliance” buff applied in the custom PC mission will not be applied.


13. The movement location of the recruit Barrel quest warp [Drunk Barrel: execution] has been modified.


14. Relevant information has been added while using the “Abyss Hole” mission that can be entered from Armonia, “En Celar / El Templo / Gloria.”


15. Armonia Episode 4 scenario quest has been added.

- You can start the quest upon entering a village after the completion of the Recruit Patrick quest “[Returnee] Reunion.”


16. New recruit NPC “Berthe and Charles” has been added.

- You can start the recruit quest after completing the Armonia Episode 4 scenario quest, “[Devil’s whisper] Mixed heart.”

- [Thanatos] stance can be used when equipping Grimoire.

- “Berthe and Charles” exclusive stance, skill ring, and job skill ring have been added.

- “Soul Burn” skill does not absorb SP in the World Cross PvP but it absorbs HP in proportion to damages.


17. The new area “Armonia, Viego” and a new boss monster have been added.

a. You can enter the area from “Armonia, El Templo.”

b. “Abyss, Afear / Abeth / Hassen / Hearts”

- All of them will be sealed and generated when the server is open.

- After being killed for the first time, “Abyss, Abeth / Hearts” will appear between 18:00––24:00 every Thursday.

- After being killed for the first time, “Abyss, Afear / Hassen” will appear between 18:00––24:00 every Friday.

- The stats and balance of each monster can be changed in the future.


18. The new daily mission, “Executor of hatred,” has been added.

-  You can enter the mission by talking to “Memento Mori, Bible” NPC in “Armonia, Apostadero.”

- A minimum of three families and a maximum of 12 families can enter the mission.

- The stats of monsters and mission in the progress method can be changed in the future.


19. “Santo De Blanc (Fighter)” item has been added.

- When killing the four types of boss monsters, “Recipe - Santo De Blanc (Fighter)” will be stochastically dropped.


20. Armonia accessory has been added.

- There is a low chance of acquiring the “Recipe - Armonia earring” in the “Executor of hatred” mission.

- Enchant chip expert grade will be used to reinforce the enchant and accessory.

- The item can be worn by a high master or a higher level.


21. The new story has been added to the Story Book.

- “[Armonia Secret Memoir - Berthe and Charles]” can be stochastically acquired while hunting in Armonia, Viego.

- “[Armonia Secret Memoir - Berthe and Charles]” can be acquired whenever you complete the Armonia Episode 4 scenario quest.


22. The new party mission, “Armonia Holy War II,” has been added.

- Four types of middle boss and one final boss will appear.

- The more attacks you deliver to defeat the middle boss, the higher the stats of the final boss will increase. The rewards and party points will also increase.

- Re-entering of the waiting time will be applied based on the time of creating the party mission regardless of whether a reward box was used.

- The number of middle monsters you killed and the remaining time will be added and applied to the party mission ranking.


23. The difficulty level of the raid boss monster in Armonia, En Celar / El Templo / Gloria has been equally adjusted.

a.  En Celar: Abyss, Sorrow/Gloom

 - ATK has been slightly increased.

b. El Templo: Abyss, Deathglosse/Deceth

 - ATK has been slightly increased, and penetration has been decreased.

 - DEF has been slightly increased, and HP recovery function has been added.

c. Gloria: Abyss, Maddie/Cray

 - ATK and penetration have been greatly decreased.

 - ATK attribute has been changed to “Lightning attribute,” and lightening penetration has been increased.

 - The frequency of using the skill has been slightly increased.

 - HP recovery rate, DEF, and immunity have been decreased.


24. Fixed a problem wherein the ATK of some boss monsters in Armonia were incorrectly shown.

- The error has been corrected and actual damages are the same as before.


25. Equipment preset has been modified as follows.

- Fixed a problem wherein the “Quest Item” and “Medal” were included in the clearance checking of the inventory while equipping the equipment preset.

- Saved items cannot be linked in the equipment preset tab.

- Fixed a problem wherein the equipment could only be worn in the left hand using the equipment preset.

Equipment that is only in the left hand will be removed and moved to the inventory after routine maintenance.


26. Fixed a problem wherein the level of Jane’s [Identified] buff was not decreased in stages on the monsters.


27. Fixed a problem wherein one was unable to select all after using a “Soul Crystal” and location movement or “Teleport scroll” when some MCC characters were unable to act.


28. Fixed a problem wherein the “Family Fame” item was dropped in some missions of the Ustiur scenario mission, including “Confrontation.”

- The item will be immediately deleted during the routine maintenance.


29. Fixed a problem wherein a family who entered a mission lobby remained in the lobby when entering to the other mission. A family will be out when they enter the other mission.


30. “Lucker,” “Wealth,” and “Honor” monsters will no longer be generated when destroying all “controller” monsters in the fourth room of “The Secret Vault Of Arsene” mission.


31. The daily quest “Part-time distributing flyers” from “SCHIFF president, John” in Kielce has been changed as follows.

 - Upon receipt of the quest, it will be checked for extra storage room for inventory.

 - Even though you completed distributing flyers during the quest, there are relevant items that still remain. All of the remaining items will be consumed if you move to the quest areas (Reboldoeux, Auch, and Coimbra) again.


32. Fixed a problem wherein some hair costumes were classified as “Hat.”


33. The Blood Navy mission will be changed as follows.

- The required “Elemental Jewel” to enter the mission has been decreased from 20 to 5.

- The recipe reward drops when killing “Holy Coffin,” “Zero Mirror,” and “Castle One.” It has been changed from one to two.


34. Recruit NPC “Berthe and Charles” has been updated as follows.

- Barrack animation has been modified.

- Some parts of the graphics were modified.

- The excessive expression of skill effects in using the “Back of the Dead” skill has been adjusted.


35. Fixed a problem wherein a party leader immediately entered the mission upon the creation of the party mission below.

- “Montoro of Madness,” “Kielce of Madness,” and “Armonia Holy War II”


36. Fixed a problem wherein the characters were shown as in their inability state in UI, even though they were revived by using the location or “Teleport Scroll” after using the “Soul Crystal,” when some MCC characters were unable to act.


37. Fixed a problem wherein a weapon remained only in the left hand of a previous character when another character wore the right-hand equipment of a character who was equipping the said equipment on both hands as the equipment preset.

- Equipment only in the left hand will be removed and moved to the inventory during update.


39. Fixed a problem wherein there is an awkward costume position in the “Jin” character.


40.  Purchasable costumes in the dressing room have been added.

 - Brilliant Dandy Style Costume: Veil

 - Silky White Hat: Veil

 - Dandy Glasses: Veil

 - Pretty Noble Costume: Rachel Sheffield

 - Casual Short: Rachel Sheffield

 - Black Scorpion: Rascel

 - Rascel Natural Hairstyle: Rascel


41. The entire cash shop of UI has been reorganized.


42. The “Priest of Horror” mission has been changed as follows.

- All conditions of mission failure apply when the knights are dead or the minimum number of people in a mission was not fulfilled and deleted.

- The mission time has been changed from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

- Abyss Sorrow monster’s HP has been increased.

- The knights’ NPC stats were decreased.

- “Shout of Death” debuff will apply when the knights’ NPC dies.


43. Market UI will automatically close when the following are activated:

- Illustrated Character Book

- Feso Shop

- Cash Shop

- Cabinet


44. Fixed a problem wherein the “Attribute Resistance Value” was incorrectly displayed in the monster information UI, and each “Attribute Resistance Value” with 90 or more will be displayed.


45. Fixed a problem wherein the system message was displayed when acquiring “Big Cabosse” during the “[Repeat] Shiny Flower” quest in Bristia, Scar.


46. Fixed a problem wherein a character was changed by changing the location where the character could enter the mission while using the “Continue the mission” function in the barrack. 


47. The effect to display the summons maintenance range of “Rose Sprit” and the summoned monster, “Mantara,” has been added.

 - Summons will be canceled if the “Mantara” monster is not in the fight after a certain amount of time, while the “Rose Sprit” is out of the effect range.


48. INT +5 will apply when “Blue Flame Ludin” and “Student President Ludin” equip the “Fire Crystal” artifact.


49. Fixed a problem wherein the “Ork’s request to collect the green book” quest of “[Repeat] Ork’s Collection Retrieval” in Kielce was not completed.

- A family who was progressing the “Ork’s request to collect the green book” need to restart the quest again as all quest items were deleted during the maintenance.


50. Fixed a problem wherein the only weapon that remained was in the left hand of a previous character when another character wore the right-hand equipment of a character who was equipping the equipment on both hands as the equipment preset.

- Only the equipment in the left hand will be removed and moved to the inventory during the update.


51. “Home Premium” service has been changed. (Modification)


- Increase EXP/drop rate/stance EXP by 40%

- You can enter the ancient areas except for El Ruina de Memoria and Ancient En Celar.



- Increase the EXP/stance EXP by 50% and the drop rate by 40%

- You can enter the ancient areas except for El Ruina de Memoria and Ancient En Celar.

- Regeneration speed of monsters in ancient Castila and Castila, Temple increases.

  *The drop rate will be decreased depending on the regeneration speed of the monster.

- The restricted daily entry for the hard mode can be canceled at no cost (when not using the home premium service, Token - Bounty Hunter Guild x 80 is required)


52. The hard mode will be added to the demonic missions of “Bounty Hunter Guild.”

- The mission entry method, daily entry restriction, and removal of daily entry restriction are the same as normal demoniac missions. (Modification)

- The daily restriction of normal and hard mode will apply separately.

- “Token - Bounty hunter guild x 80” or “Home Premium” is required to remove the daily entry restriction for the hard mode. (Modification)

- CON, ATK, and mission reward in the hard mode have been enhanced compared to the normal mode mission.

- “Castilla, Temple Dungeon [Sphinx],” “Castilla, Temple Dungeon [Minotauros],” and “Castilla, Temple Dungeon [Medusa]” missions have been excluded.


53. The “Knight of Chaos” mission will be changed as follows.

- The normal difficulty has been deleted.

- When the mission begins “Gate,” “Corrupt Dullahan Guardian” will be generated at both sides of the local map. “Dullahan” monster will be generated when killing the “Gate” monster.

(When you fail to kill the “Gate” monster during the appointed time, you will be unable to attack the monster. “Corrupt Dullahan Guardian” monster will be generated within a certain amount of time.)

- “Dullahan” monster will be changed as follows.

- “ATK rating” and 'DEF rating” have been reduced from 83 to 81.

- “DEF” has been reduced from 255 to 229.


54. The buff tool-tip function of the target UI window has been improved.

- To see the level and detailed description, move the mouse over the buff and the debuff icon displayed on the bottom of the target UI window.

- “Family Characteristic” and “Armonia Weapon Blessing” won't be displayed.


55. “Token - Bounty hunter guild” will be tradable.


56. The drop reward when killing “Ancient Abyss, Sorrow/Gloom” monsters in “Armonia, Ancient En Celar” will be given to families who accumulate more damages. 


57. Fixed a problem wherein transportation to an abnormal location or transportation by clicking the field of the attacked character when the character was knocked back or knocked down by evasion/blocking/normal attack.


58. Fixed a problem wherein “Healing Ampoule” given during the Diego the Carpenter recruit quest was divided with the same item sold in the shop inventory.

- “Healing Ample” divided during the routine maintenance will be deleted, and it will be given as a normal item through the “Paid Item Receipt.”


59. Fixed a problem wherein the quest mail was automatically retained even though you didn’t receive the “Bait Box at the Crow Forest” and “Making Killer Chocolate” repetition quest.

- The quest mail will be finished after completing the quest once after the update.

- You will be able to progress the quest upon clicking the “Box” in Viron, Crow Forest without starting the quest from hunter June NPC in the Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory during the “Bait Box at the Crow Forest.”


60. Fixed a problem wherein the [Hunter June who requires liquefied gas] quest was displayed as an incomplete quest from the quest list upon completion of the friendship level quest.


61. Fixed a problem wherein the yellow quest icon was shown over the head of “Nunez” NPC in Coimbra.


62. Fixed a problem wherein all HP was not recovered when the “Manzana Filler” was used.


63. Fixed a problem wherein the psychokinesis RES of the summoned building-type monster was incorrectly displayed.


64. The notification message UI has been improved.

 - The “Mailbox” icon on the top of UI has been deleted.

 - The “Notice” icon has been added on the top of UI.

 - The “Notice” icon will flicker when there is a new topic. You can check the message by clicking it.

 - The mail function will be included in the “Community” on top of UI.

 - The “Letter” icon on top of the mini map UI has been deleted.

 - The check box option of the “Family Characteristic Notice” has been added to the “Family Characteristic Page.”


65. The tutorial quest of “Sanctity” buff has been added.

- You can receive the “[Sacred Blessing] Armonia Holy Water” quest upon entering “Armonia.” You can receive the Lv 200 “Sanctity” buff by talking to  Priest, Baruch NPC in “Armonia Cathedral.”


66. The “Berthe and Charles” subquest has been added.

 - The quest mail will be created when a family who completed the [Thanatos] stance quest enter “Armonia.”

 - The chance to generate a “Corrupt Soul” that drops “Armonia secret memoir - Berthe and Charles” item will slightly increase during the “Enjoy Halloween Festival!” event.


67. Some of the quest in Armonia have been changed as follows.

a. The route that can acquire the “Spirit of Mady,” which is “Spirit of Cray” item required for the “[Returnee] Control” quest, has been added.

- Upon receipt of the quest “[Returnee] Control - Spirit of Mad Magician,” a quest mail will be sent at the same time. You can select the [Patrick Recruit Quest] options by talking to “Memento Mori, Bible” NPC in Armonia, Apostadero with the quest mail.

b. The acquisition rate of the required “Soul Stone of Warrior” for the “[Abyss Hunter] Sanctuary for Warriors” quest has been changed to 100%.

c. “Abyss Bear Spinelle” and “Abyss Wolf Spinelle” items have been added. You can purchase it for 10 million vis from the “Ustiur Hunter Association Vice President Catherine” NPC in the Ustiur base camp. 


68. The maximum limit will increase from “Ten billion vis” to “Twenty billion vis” for trading in the market. (Modification)


69. The drop rate for the normal equipment of “Ancient Castilla, Temple” has been slightly increased.


70. The damage of “Meteor Shower” skill used by “Blue Flame Ludin” and “Student President Ludin” will increase while the “Magic Enhancement” buff is applied.


71. Fixed a problem wherein the skill range for “Lightning Road” of Mireille exclusive stance [Electric Katz] was applied differently from a tool tip.


72. Fixed a problem wherein a summoned monster looked as if it was stopped when Catherine used the “Aye Ma’am!” job skill. (Addition)


73. The maximum number of squad people will be extended from 12 families to 24 families.

- Check No.1 / No. 2 Tab from the “View Squad Member CON UI” list on the left side of the screen.


74. “Valkyrie Crasher [Catapult]” has been reformed.

- Retained “Valkyrie Crasher [Catapult]” will be immediately deleted and will be given through Leonardo Expresso.

- Higher catapult than the “Valkyrie Crasher [War god class]” with a long range and higher ATK

- Receive one damage from all attacks and skills but a big damage from siege skill, “Castle Crusher.”

- “Valkyrie Crasher [Catapult]” will be maintained when a summoner dies but will be deleted during zone transfer or log-out. 


75. The use of “Novice Soul Crystal,” “Novice potion of Steroid,” and “Novice Triumph filler” has been changed as follows.

- It cannot be used in the colony war area during the colony war.

- “Token merchant - miscellaneous goods” NPC of “Bounty Hunter Guild” does not sell the above items anymore.

- The “Novice Soul Crystal” that was given upon completion of the Auch scenario quest [Report on the Prision de Joaquin] has been increased from 50 to 100.


76. The maximum item number to register to the market has been increased from 20 to 30. In case of extending to 21 slots or more, three million vis will be consumed per slot.


77. Fixed a problem wherein when a field monster used a beneficial buff, the buff was applied to the “Revengeful Spirit” summoned by “Necromancy” of [Thanatos] stance.


78. Fixed a problem wherein the “Protection Field” buff was applied when the level of “Sanctity” buff was 150 or more in “Armonia, Viego.”


79. Fixed a problem wherein it was not possible to click on the “Help-wanted ad board” NPC in Armonia, Apostadero when the Armonia daily quest “Today's Enemy,” “For Them,” and “Sanctuary” quests were completed.


80. Fixed a problem wherein the “Copy the family name” button wasn‘t shown when the family name in the chat window and server bulletin board were clicked using the right mouse button.


81. The graphic of “Abyss Grimoire Costume” and “Abyss Destruction Rifle Costume” has been modified.


82. The awkward earring position of Laura has been modified.


83. Images of some coat armors have been changed.


84. UI information function has been enhanced.

- In case of a change or addition of UI, the corresponding icon or button will be accented.


85. “Valkyrie Crasher [Catapult]” has been adjusted as follows.

- The attack range, attack speed, ATK, and MAX HP have been increased.


86. Information of a family who sends a letter from the mailbox UI will be saved as follows.

- The name of a family who sends a letter when deleting a family / changing a family name / moving a family will remain.

(e.g. It still remains as “Test 1” in the UI of the receiving family even if you delete the family name or change it into “Test 2” when sending a mail to the “Test 1” family.)

- A message with “Unconfirmed Family” will remain when there is no previous information on the family who sent a mail.


87. Fixed a problem wherein the mission lobby of “The Secret Vault of Arsene” mission was not created under certain circumstances.


88. Fixed a problem wherein three of the “Harvester” were intermittently generated when killing “Soltiegus” in the “Time Paradox: Rose” mission.


89. Fixed a problem wherein the option of the Patrick recruit quest remained while talking to “Laura” NPC during the “Patrick recruit quest.”


90. The ending menu will be automatically closed upon selection of the “Select Channel” and “Game Option” from the ending menu.


91. Some of the chat record will remain while transferring.

 - Whisper: a maximum of 20 chat records will remain.

 - Squad/Group/Party Chatting: Each chat record will be retained for up to 50.


92. Damage of [Illusion Guardians] stance of “Lyndon” has been reduced.


93. “Event Character Card” will be used first when one has a normal character card and an event character card at the same time.


94. Fixed a problem wherein an abnormal status, such as flame, freeze, and darkness, were applied to some boss monsters through a normal attack.

 - The debuff effect (grinding and identified, etc.) by skill attack of characters will still apply.


95. Fixed a problem wherein the party level was not leveled up by “Party Activity Point” in case of a no “Vis.”


96. The costume and hair will be given upon completion of the Berthe subquest. (Addition)

- “Berthe Costume Coupon” previously acquired will be deleted during the routine maintenance, and the costume and hair will be acquired through the paid item. 


97. There have been changes made with the “Expert Stance Textbook Shop”

 - The expert stance textbook can be purchased through the “Master Guardian” NPCs in each village.

 - “Emilia” NPC Expert Stance Shop will only be accessible when you haven’t finished the Expert Stance Shop Quest.

- When you finished the quest, all Expert Stances cannot be obtained from Emilia and can only be bought from all Master Guardian NPCs.


98. Stances of veteran or lower level will be automatically acquired for free through the advancement state of each character.

 - “Master Guardians” in each village will no longer sell stance textbook with a veteran or lower level.

 - Stances of a stance acquisition level that is 100 or less will be created as the acquired state when the character creation and level restriction are lifted.

 - Stances of veteran level available for stance acquisition will be automatically promoted in veteran advancement.

 - The stance textbook of a veteran level or less, given from the stance acquisition quest, will be deleted. Other rewards will be given in proportion to the difficulty of the quest level.

 - Characters already created will automatically acquire stances depending on the current character level and promotion status after the patch.

 - When advancing to the master from level 100 or less through the use of the master promotion card, a veteran stance won‘t be automatically activated before transferring the zone. This problem will be fixed in the future patch.

 - The stance textbook of level 100 or less will be changed to 5,000 vis and the veteran stance textbook will be changed to 100,000 vis after the routine maintenance, and they will be given by Leonardo Expresso. (Addition)


99. Friendship for the following NPC has been added to the friendship UI.


Friendship NPC


100. Partial skills of “Cadet Leonele” character have been adjusted as follows.

- Cooldown of job skill “My Way!” has been changed from 90 seconds to 30 seconds.

- Ignore DEF and increase of casting speed have been added to the “My Way” buff.

- The “Unattackable” buff will apply for the duration when the “Gun Slash” skill of [Extreme Punisher] stance is used.


101. [Invincible] buff is applied for the respawn in the “All-out clique war,” which has been changed from 11 seconds to 6 seconds. (Addition)


102. The mission time will stop when you defeat “Dullahan, Cabeza” during the Armonia scenario quest mission “Sisters.”


103. Fixed a problem wherein the casting bar UI showed the duration of “Falling Rocks” skill was deleted through a wide-range attack of a character.


104. “Palace Guard,” “Musketeers,” “Combatant,” “Sniper,” “Baron,” and “Staff” monsters appeared in “Tierra de la sed.” An “All-out clique war” will be able to detect hiding targets.


The following will apply to the World Cross PVP:


1. Fixed a problem wherein the ELO point / EXP point / Purchasing point / Victory or Defeat penalty were not applied when shutting down the client during the World Cross PvP mission.


2. The penalty of World Cross PvP will be enhanced as follows.

- Other than the server down, including the go to the barrack / log out / game over / forced client termination in the mission, a 10-minute re-entry penalty will be applied when the World Cross PvP related mission is over .

(It will be counted as a defeat when the mission is over because of an Internet disconnection or a blackout. The penalty will apply.)

- ELO point will be counted as 0 without fail in case of a mission move-out by giving up or by forcing client termination during the mission.

-You can check the remaining time of re-entry penalty when activating the World Cross PvP lobby UI.

- The penalty will not apply to Rumble Fight.


3. The regular World Cross PVP server test will be done. Please check the link below for further details.


4. Fixed a problem wherein the use of premium equipment was available in “Fixed Item Mode.”


5. Skill ATK of shooting type stances has been decreased by 10%.


6. The time duration for Hiding and Silent Move has been reduced by 40%.


7. The [Thanatos] stance has been changed as follows.

- The increasing damage rate of the “Soul Burn” state has been changed from 2 times to 1.5 times.


8. The [Death Shadow Ninjutsu] stance has been changed as follows.

- Death Shadow Flash: damage has been reduced by 10%.

- Extensive Fetter Circle: damage has been reduced by 16%.

- Shadow Teleport:  cool down has been increased by 5 seconds.


The following applies to the all-out clique war:


1. The automatic revival places in Coimbra have been increased from 5 to 10.


2. The “Jane Card” has been added to the “Heavenly Character Card Box.”


3. The “Jin” card has been added to the “Heavenly Character Card Box.”

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