TITLE Patch Notes - September 24, 2014
DATE Sep, 24, 2014 VIEW 20828

Patch Note:

- High Master Imperviums in Feso Shop
- Golden Coin Remove

New Event:
_ Lucky Shop
- Laura Event

Event Ended:
- EXP Event Buff for 1 week



1. There was a problem that skill point wasn't consumed during skill level-up in a certain circumstance. This has been fixed through the last patch 

i. As a follow up measure, skill points of the stances below will be initialized 

Reset Stances

Reset Stances

Reset Stances

Guardian Structure


Epee Glacier

Grim Guard

Sabre Garde

Occult Assistance

Kneeling Shot

Sabre Glacier

Secret of Moonlight

Double-Gun Shot


Straight Shot

Corte Duplicado

Shotgun Blaster

Install Trap

Dual Blaster

Shadow Assault

Close Encounters


Soul Guard


Defending Guard

Superior Blaster

Combat Assault

Defending Shot

Standing Shot


Rapiere of Grim

Defensive Construction

Twin Blades


Split Shooter

Puppet Master

Raid Assault


Forgotten Magic

The Elemental Lord

Advance Garde of Grim

Possession Ice

Royal Guard


Freestyle Shot




Main-Gauche Garde

Targan Shot


Main-Gauche Garde of Grim

Evocation Lightning


Occult Magic

Evocation Ice

Hack and Slash

Martial Arts Compendium

Evocation Fire

Hunting Blaster

The Five Books of Martial Arts - The Book of Flow


Heaven or Hell


Epee Garde

Heaven or Hell of Grim


Epee Garde of Grim



ii. In case a family has a wrong total amount of skill points aside from the stances above, the skill points of each stance will be initialized individually.

* If you have any issue regarding the skill point initialization, please send us an inquiry including details of characters and stances that a problem occurred so that we can solve your issue faster.

2. 17th and 18th Barracks have been added.

- Family attribute point increase depending on family level up is applied up to family level 80 only.

3. Some contents will be changed or deleted due to item arrangement.

a. Contents changes

=‘Painkiller’, ‘Analeptic Remedy’, ‘Nutrition’, and ‘Antidote’ have been merged into ‘Mithridart’.

- Upon using Mithridart, [Intensify], [Acceleration], and [Meditation] buff with level 5 are applied.

- Tool merchants of each town are not selling the deleted 4 items any longer.

- The 4 items have been removed from the reward lists of alchamy level 0 to 2.

- Skills that consumed the 4 items are changed to consume Mithridart.

- The 4 items that were required to complete some quests have been changed to Mithridart.

- The 4 items have been removed from reward lists of some quests and Mithridart is provided instead.

- Reward Box NPC in Toubkal dungeon has been removed.

- Possessed 4 items are exchanged for 100 Vis each and provided through Leonardo Expreso. (modified)

b. Item deletion

= ‘Aprinium’, ‘Jezebelnium’, and ‘Chalcedony’ have been removed.

- The items are not dropped in field and dungeon areas any longer.

- Chalcedony required when purchasing ‘Key [Tetra Avernus Road]’ from Federigo NPC has been removed.

=‘Reboldoeux Culverts Key’ quest item has been removed.

4. Bahama Exploitation (defeating Swamp Frogfish) and Mysterious Water (defeating Elite Amber Bee) quests have been simplified as below.

- Before: [Association of Hunters] quest was offered by talking to Evan, President of the Hunters’ Association in Bahama, Base Camp.

   After: The quest above is offered along with [Bahama Exploitation] quest by talking to Igorni.

- Prices of ‘Frogfish Spinelle’ and ‘Amber Bee Spinelle’ that ‘Ustiur Hunters’ Association VP, Katherine’ is selling have decreased from 2,000,000 Vis to 1,000,000 Vis each.

- ‘Recommendation letter’ required to proceed with Hunter, June's quest and the quest mail have been deleted. And 1 White Gold Bar is provided as Premium Item to families who have consumed White Gold Bar through ‘Ustiur Hunters’ Association VP, Katherine’.

5. When summoning a friend in Demonic Castilla missions that you can enter from Bounty Hunters Guild, the summoned family was set to turn in hostile relations in a certain circumstance. – Fixed

6. There was a problem that ‘Bloody Bandage’ Artifact was not acquired even through you met the acquisition conditions. – Fixed

7. Quest Warp destinations of the quests below have been changed.

- Reboldoeux scenario quest [Advance to Al Quelt Moreza]

- Kielce Bernelli scenario quest [The Last Farewell] [Stolen Berneli’s Gun]

- Lisa recruitment quest [Angel Fruit]

- Idge recruitment quest [An Old Armor] [The Lost Drawing]

8. There was a problem that when having a battle using Steamer, Ararat, and Auto Baron summoned by [Trance Robo] stance, critical function didn't disappear. - Fixed (added)


1. The maximum points required to win Clique Battle have been increased by 15%.

2. ‘Health-Generator’ has been removed from Shiny Crystal Shop. The item can be purchased at 8,000 Vis from tool merchants in each town.

3. A condition to proceed with Degenerate tutorial quest has been added.

- Families who have learned Pose Guide Vol. 4 [Praying] can proceed with the mission by talking to Immigration Officer, Tuto NPC.

4. 'View Faction Information' function has been added to the menu which appears when right-clicking a family name in chat window or server notice board.

5. Analeptic Remedy, Nutrition, Painkiller, and Antidote were dropped from the treasure boxes which appeared after ‘Forgotten Fallen Champion’ of Prison de Joaquin, Laboratory Block,

‘Ancient King of Greed’ of Bahama, Ancient Underground Cave 1st Floor and Bahama, Hidden Ancient Underground Cave 1st Floor, and ‘Ancient Thoracotomy’ of Ancient Skeleton Nest 1F were killed. – Fixed

6. Sierra's exclusive hair ‘Snowfield Witch Hair’ item's icon and illustration have been changed.

7. Once a higher grade item is acquired by using Treasure Book of Heaven, an announcement is displayed.

8. ‘Dark Priest’ mission was disconnected abnormally right after starting it depending on entry time gap. – Fixed

9. When using Illusion Mirror skill of [Illusion Garde] stance, a range mark magic circle appears. – changed


1. 2nd Armonia scenario quest has been added.

- The quest starts when you enter a town area after completing ‘[Glorious Sanctuary] Everyone is involved.’.

2. A new recruitment NPC ‘Laura Constans’ has been added.

- The recruitment quest can proceed by talking to Laura Constans in ‘Armonia, El Templo’ after completing ‘[Son of Darkness] Sisters’ which is the 2nd Armonia scenario quest.

- ‘Laura Constans’ exclusive stance, skill and job rings have been added.

3. A new zone ‘Armonia, El Templo’ and new boss monsters have been added.

a. Able to enter the zone through Armonia, En Celar.

b. Abyss Deses, Abyss Desglose

- They are generated in certain locations after server open and regenerated within 3days and 12 hours up to 4 days and 12 hours.

  - Stats and balances of the monsters can be modified in the next maintenance.

c. Dullahan, Cabeza

- Sealed Dullahan, Cabeza is generated in a certain location but an actual battle is not occurred.

4. Santo De Blanc (Wizard) item has been added.

- The item's recipe can be acquired by defeating Abyss Deses and Abyss Desglose.

5. Santo De Blanc armor's stats have been changed.

- Damage increase effect from a certain species has been deleted.

- Damage decrease effect from a certain species has been changed to decrease from by 10% to by 5%

6. Armonia accessories have been added.

- ‘Recipe - Armonia Belt’ can be acquired from 'Dark Priest' mission with a low probability.

- ‘Recipe - Armonia Gloves’ can be acquired from ‘Chaotic Knight’ mission with a low probability.

- Enchantment Chip Expert grade is used for accessory enchantment and enhancement.

- Only Armonia Belt and Gloves are acquirable.

- The items can be equipped from High Master level.

7. New stories have been added in the Story Book.

- You can obtain [Secret Memoir of Armonia - William, the sacred sword] every time you complete the 2nd Armonia scenario quest.

- You can obtain [Secret Memoir of Armonia - Constans Sisters] every time you complete Laura Constans recruitment quest.

- Also you can obtain [Secret Memoir of Armonia - William, the sacred sword], [Secret Memoir of Armonia - Constans Sisters], and [Secret Memoir of Armonia - Lena, the sacred spear] by chance after defeating normal monsters and raid monsters in Armonia, El Templo.

8. ‘Holiness’ buff has been added.

- ‘Holiness’ buff is accumulated by drinking Holy Water of Armonia when Degenerate is unapplied.

- The buff can be accumulated up to level 200 and damage from the herd of Abyss decreases by 30% from level 150.

- Level of ‘Holiness’ buff decreases by Degenerate.

9. A new daily mission ‘Chaotic Knight’ has been added.

- You can enter the mission by talking to Memento Mori, Bible NPC in Armonia, Apostadero.

- From 3 up to 12 families can enter the mission.

- You can proceed with Hard Mode once you meet certain conditions in the mission.

10. 4 new daily quests have been added.

- Material Supply

  - You can proceed with this quest when you move to ‘Armonia, Apostadero’ after completing ‘[Crusader of Light] Preparations for Dispatch’.

- Symbol of the Family

 - You can proceed with this quest when you move to ‘Armonia, Apostadero’ after completing '[Son of Darkness] Seals of Darkness’.

- Dark Priest

 - You can proceed with this quest when you move to ‘Armonia, Apostadero’ after completing ‘[Glorious Sanctuary] Everyone is involved.’.

- Medicine Supply

 - You can proceed with this quest when you move to ‘Armonia, Apostadero’ after completing ‘[Crusader of Light] Preparations for Dispatch’.

11. There was a problem that the Illusion's exclusive hair ‘Magic Party Hair Style’ was not inserted into Costume Synthesization Machine. – Fixed

12. Illusion character's Lie down to the Left (Recovery Pose) and Lie down to the Right (Recovery Pose) poses have been modified.

13. Time Paradox quest mails added for Time Paradox stabilization and Time Piece Rewarder NPC in Viron will be removed.

14. Mithridart, Analeptic Remedy, Antidote, Painkiller, Nutrition, Warp Scroll, and Microphone inserted in Item Vault when creating a family have been removed.

And additional 10 Mithridarts and 10 Warp Scrolls can be acquired when moving to Reboldoeux through Nunez NPC in Startonia.


1. Some skills of ‘Saint Shot’ stance used by Laura has been modified as follows.
- Fixed a problem that DEF dropped when ‘Promise’ skill was used.
- Fixed a problem that damage by close range attack did not increase when ‘Promise’ skill was used.
- ‘Sacred Mark’ buff and ‘Quarry’ buff will be overlapped.
- Fixed a problem that the increase of damage was not applied to a monster under 'Sacred Mark' when ‘Punishment’ skill is used.

2. ‘Knight of Chaos’ mission has been changed as follows.
a. Normal difficulty level
- ‘Recipe - Armonia Gloves’ has been excluded from existing reward.
b. Hard difficulty level
- Overall difficulty level has been increased.
-The level and HP of the warp gate generated at a certain time have been increased.
- HP and ATK of normal monsters "Corrupt Dullahan long spearman and combat troops" generated at the warp gate have been increased.
- The generation cycle of warp gate has quicken.
- The appearance cycle of normal monsters generated at the warp gate have been quicken.
c. Common Changes.
- The cycle of pattern used by Dullahan monsters has been quicken.

3. Abyss Deceth and Abyss Deathgloshe generated in Armonia El Templo have been adjusted as follows.
a. Abyss Deceth
- Kopfsteamer
- The maximum range has been changed from 12 m to 20 m.
b. Abyss Deathgloshe
- Blut Fahrjet
- The maximum range has been changed from 12 m to 20 m.
c. Common Adjustments
- ATK has been slightly increased.
- Aggro of currently targeted subject was initialized after a certain amount of time but Aggro of all targets will be initialized.
- The use cycle of some patterns has been slightly quicken.
- They will be moved to the initial generation place when they get out of the generation location and recovering HP has been increased.

4. Fixed a problem that they were not hostile when an unaffiliated family attacked monsters in Armonia, En Celar/ El Templo.

5. The name of ‘Dark Priest’ mission has been changed to ‘Priest of Horror’.

6. The reinforcement value of normal equip items dropped during the monster hunting has been deleted.

7. Fixed a problem that the normal progress did not work when you talked to Lien in 'The First Day of Holding the Sword' during Grandies recruitment quest.

8. Fixed a problem that the level of world map in Lago Celeste was incorrectly written.

9. Fixed a problem that the phrase saying No recruitable pet is available was shown when you talk to Lupino NPC who had ‘Pet Box (Graber)’.

10. The number of stored items in cabinet UI will be renewed in real time and the order of received items will display when you receive all items.

11. The shape of dropping on the floor will be changed to belongings given right away when bullet box and ancient star orb box are used.

12. The confirmation window and reuse time have been deleted when ‘Armonia Holy Water’ is used.

13. Kess costume ‘Witness of History', and ‘General Hat’ will be purchasable in the dressing room.

14. ‘Request to Join a Party' function has been added in party profile UI.

15. Party information UI has been rearranged.

16. The graphic of ‘Student President Ludin’ has been partially modified.

17. Some poses and graphics of Natalie have been modified.

18. Fixed a problem that you could not talk to Bryan during ‘Pledge of Family’ quest. (addition)
- The ongoing daily quest ‘Pledge of Family’ will complete and 6  Pledge of Good Deed as a quest reward will be given to families who are proceeding the quest.

19. Fixed a problem that the time of three-time champion medal item of mini game did not go and equipping medal will be taken off during regular maintenance. (addition)

20. ‘Enhanced Soul Crystal’ item has been added.
- You will be revived when using it immediately.
- You will be revived immediately after completing all actions when you are using skills or getting hit by enemy's skill.
- The effect has been added when using an item. ( It will apply when using an existing soul crystal. )

21. The quest notice window position fixing function has been added.
- It is the lock shaped button on the right side of quest notice window and UI move lock /unlock are available.  If you set as lock after moving the corresponding position will be memorized after zone transfer or termination of client.

22. Fixed a problem that Ignore Magic Skill Attack was not applied when using 'Justice' buff as Laura Constance.

23. Fixed a problem that 'Invincible' buff applied and some buffs disappeared while Valeria Vendetta was casting the chain of elimination skill.

24. Fixed a problem that maximum HP increased by 2000 when equipping the beginner course completion belt (30 days).

25. Fixed a problem that the option of maximum HP doubled when equipping all belts. (addition)

26. Fixed a problem that the quest location was not shown on the local map while progressing the ‘Viron Vigilance Committee’ quest.

27. Fixed a problem that you could not talk to  ‘The Crusaders Commander, William NPC’ in Sirius stance quest during Armonia Scenario Episode 2 quest.

28. Fixed a problem that Kano used 'Richard's Holy Sword' skill in place during the ‘Kano's Heart’ mission.

29. Tooltips of some artifacts have been modified.

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