TITLE Patch Notes - August 19, 2014
DATE Aug, 19, 2014 VIEW 20847

Patch Note


- Lyndon Box extended until August 27, 2014

New Event:

- Lucky Shop

1. “Blessing of Armonia” has been added.

 -The item applies additional stats on Armonia weapons for certain periods of time.

 -The shop can be used through “Priest, Baruch” NPC in “Armonia Cathedral,” and the item can be exchanged for Holy Water of Armonia and Expert Chip.

 -The effect of “Blessing of Armonia” is applied to a weapon on the right hand of a leader character.

*The effect of Blessing of Armonia is applied to the equipment on the right hand only.

*In case of stances using both hands (Double-Gun Shot, Raid Assault, etc.), the effect of Blessing of Armonia on supporting weapons are not shown.

*If the Blessing of Armonia is applied on main weapons, the stances show the same effect with stances using one hand.


2. Function of custom weapon costume creation has been added.

 -The corresponding UI can be activated by clicking Custom Weapon Costume button in Cash Shop of the upper UI.

 -Able to exchange with Custom Weapon Costume Ticket (30 days).

 -Able to select each type of item to create.

 -Existing weapon costumes are not subject to the function.

 -The item increases the following options:



It is applied to both handed weapons as follows:

 -Damage towards PC/monster +5%: Like the combat formula, plus both weapons, divide into 2, and apply.

 -Stat increase: Plus both weapons and apply. (ex. [Left STR +2] + [Right STR +2] = STR stat +4)

*Custom Weapon Costume Ticket will be available soon


3. In "Ancient En Celar," the chance to be knocked back by monsters' attacks has been decreased.


4. Restricted entry areas have been added in the description of Home Premium buff.


5. Elemental Jewel has been deleted from the alchemy reward list.


6. Time Paradox mission has been changed as follows:

 -A treasure box is created when the boss monster is killed and Roulette is activated when clicking the treasure box.

 -After clearing Time Paradox mission, client was held occasionally -> Fixed

 -There is a possibility that some of the animations of certain rewards may not show in the roulette.

 -The quest mail appearing after completing Time Paradox mission is no longer created.

 -Time Piece Rewarder NPC in Viron will be deleted – the rewards you get from the NPC is replaced by the treasure box / roulette in the mission.
*Please ignore the system notice regarding receiving the reward from Time Piece Rewarder NPC


7. Ancient Armonia equipment has been added

 -Melee, magic, and shooting equipment added.

 -The equipment is grade 34 and useful to make crystals.

 -Ancient Armonia equipment can be acquired through Clique Battle Reward Box, WorldXPVP shop, and Clique Battle Point Shop.

 -Required points and item quantities to acquire equipment grade 33 for crystals (Vespanola equipment) have been decreased.


8. Difficulties and rewards of some field raids have been upgraded.



-Once the Tombstone of Ferruccio is clicked while having all the Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark Insignias in Inside Crater, a gate to an area where Sekhmet is located is summoned.

-The Tombstone of Ferruccio disappears once the gate is summoned and is recreated after 30 minutes.

-Sekhmet's stats have increased.

-Sekhmet's AI has been changed.

-Dignite costume reward has been removed.



-Bribantra of Corazon de Bahia has been removed.

-Warp Gate from Corazon de Bahia to Cabeza de Bahia has been added.

-Stats of Argusbrain, Argus and Bribantra have increased.

-AI of Argusbrain and Argus have been changed.


[Common Application]

-Regenerated within 36 hours up to 72 hours.

-Artifact materials can be obtained from changed raid boss monsters.


9. Tierra De La Sed buff effects have been upgraded.

10. EXP from Dangerous Delivery has highly decreased.
11. Claude Baudez Recruitment Quest has been changed:
-The recruitment quest continues when you go to Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage and find a weird chest where the Silver Baron Sword is. It can no longer be found or obtained from Porto Bello.
12. During Edward recruitment quest, if you didn't have the Wheel of Destiny back costume, Edward NPC didn't respond by clicking. It has been changed to display a dialogue regarding standby once you talk to Edward.
13. Sierra Rose Card (Event) has been added in the "Bahia Token - Mini Game" shop.
14. Character Artifact has been moved from Unique tab of Artifact UI to Character tab.
15. "Around Excision" skill of Electronic Katz stance couldn't inflict knock back on some PCs with high HP. -> Fixed
16. EXPs acquired from missions for quest have been adjusted.
17. In Revival of Takion mission of Viki [Castis] stance quest, the mission can proceed even if Cherlyn NPC is dead.
18. "Holy Shielder Stance Book" has been changed to be tradeable.
19. The location to complete [Dark Clergyman] Trace of Clergyman(3) (Vincent recruitment quest) has slightly changed.
20. Tutorial quest of [Degenerate] buff applied in Armonia has been added
-The quest mail is created when entering Armonia, Anilio.
21. Regeneration times of boss monsters in the following areas have been changed.
-The following monsters are created after server open immediately.
-The next regeneration times are saved once the following monsters are dead, and MA doesn't affect the regeneration times.
22. Requirements to complete some quests have been changed as follows:
 -In [Suspicious guy in Viron] The Request of Ion quest, the required quantities of 3 detour quest items have been changed to 500 each.
23. Although the use period of the Increase Vault Slot has expired, the quantity of vault slot did not return to 500. -> Fixed
-Vault slots that belong to families who are not using the Increase Vault Slot item will change to default during update.
24. In “Infinito Challenge” mission, some monsters' wide ranged skill attacks were applied to untargeted ones with higher damage. -> Fixed
25. During Bristia main scenario, when trying to enter the Bristia Government General while there was no quest relevant to Government General, Armonia quest message appeared. -> Fixed
26. Canceling function has been added in the hunting quest of "Ancient En Celar."
27. The following costumes will be sold at discounted prices.
-Femme Fatal Hair: For Heiran (Original price: 300,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 100,000 Feso)
-Natural Half Hair: For Romina (Original price: 300,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 100,000 Feso)
-Femme Fatal Costume: For Heiran (Original price: 500,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 200,000 Feso)
-Crusader Coat Costume: For Romina (Original price: 500,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 200,000 Feso)
Next Sale:
-Wavy Long Tail: For Elementalist (Female) (Original price: 300,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 100,000 Feso)
-Gray Dandy Slicked-back: For Elementalist (Male) (Original price: 300,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 100,000 Feso)
-Water of Abyss (Female): For Elementalist (Female) (Original price: 500,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 200,000 Feso)
-Water of Abyss (Male) : For Elementalist (Male) (Original price: 500,000 Feso -> Discounted price: 200,000 Feso)
28. Infinito Challenge mission has been changed as follows:
a. Reward
 -"Shiny Crystal Chest" has been removed from the reward item list.
 -Reward is provided every 10 rounds and accessory recipes have been removed from the reward list of round's 1 to 30 round
 -Additional reward can be acquired from each round as follows:
b. A new monster's pattern has been added.
 - Boss monsters use 'Skill Disable' buff once a certain period passes.
 - A character becomes unable to use skills after getting the buff above but normal attacks and potion use are allowed.
c. Possible entry no. of today is displayed in Diary.
29. Forced Attack has been changed as follows:
 -Before: Baron point is acquired when a target is killed by forced attack.
 -After: 50 Baron points are acquired by forced attack immediately.
30. The following missions are finished after the treasure box is clicked.
*Since the mission complete point has been changed, the Blessing of Armonia event points of 3 Castilla missions are provided after clicking the box.
31. 'Uraeus', the raid monster created in Bahama, Underground Cave appeared outside of ranges of shooting characters occasionally. –> Fixed
32. There was a problem that ‘Dark Priest’ mission could proceed when 1 family entered. ->Fixed
33. Mis-typed tooltips of Sharon's job skill [Reflect Skin] and Illusion's job skill [Show Time!] have been corrected.
34. Additional reward items randomly acquired by completing Treasure Maiden of Heaven mission have been changed as follows:
 *Like before, the additional reward may not be acquired.
-Acquirable character cards from the Character Card Box of Heaven are as follows:


35. Clique Battle has been changed as follows:
 a. Starting and revival locations have been changed.
 >Auch: Moved to Auch Safety Area after entering.
 >Reboldoeux: Moved to Reboldoeux Safety Area after entering.
b. Functions of the leader monsters have been changed.
-Basic stats of the leader monsters have increased.
-The monsters were able to attack 1 target but it has been changed to attack up to 5 targets.
-When the leader monsters are killed, Clique Battle doesn't end and the monsters are regenerated after 30 minutes.
-Acquired Contribution Rate by killing the leader monsters: Changed from 10,000 to 3,000/ Purchase Point: Changed from 1,000 to 300.
-After killing the leader monsters, newly appeared leaders have stats increased in proportion to frequency of killing them. (Stats increased consistently are applied to both parties when reappearing.)
-Secret Document Piece item is dropped to surroundings when the leader monsters are killed.
-When Gabriella is killed, Royalist Secret Document Piece is dropped.
c. Functions of Mercenary have been changed as follows.
-Jack (Royalist)/Rio (Republican): Inflict [Requiem] buff on enemy PCs in their areas after a period of time.
-Ramiro (Royalist)/Tiburon (Republican): Inflict [Sprint] buff on ally PCs in their areas after a period of time.
d. Mining function has been changed as follows.
-Ore monster has been changed to NPC.
-A gauge appears once the Ore NPC is clicked, and when the gauge is full, it drops minerals.
-Drop rates of Weird Ore, Shiny Ore and Shiny Crystal in the Junction area are higher than the Stone Pit.
f. Others
-Destinations are displayed on the zone map of Clique Battle.
36. Some contents will be changed or deleted to arrange items.
a. Contents changes
-Box of Expedition will be merged into Memo of Expedition.
-Box of Expedition will not be dropped in Bahama any longer.
-Some items purchasable with Box of Expedition will be purchased with Memo of Expedition.
b. Item deletion
-Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax in Auch will not sell dye items any longer.
37. Treasure Chest NPC which appears after killing the boss monster in Rafflesia mission did not disappear even it was clicked. -> Fixed
38. When Extreme - Casting buff was applied by Time of Diablo (Artifact), the effect of Spell Bead skill (Reckless Emilia's ‘Madness’ stance) didn't show. -> Fixed
39. Rescue Knight's barrack character list image has been changed.
40. Possibilities of attaking enemies in the air and knock back by hit are displayed in skill tooltips.
41. There was a problem that client was closed in a certain situation when using Microphone. -> Fixed.
42. In Gracielo quest "The First Day of Training" mission, the quest wasn't completed by attacking the stone. -> Fixed

43. A new pet Rabbit has been added; the new pet Rabbit has the following abilities:

 -Rabbit uses [Blessing of Rabbit] buff and the buff is applied when the pet is activated.

 -[Blessing of Rabbit] buff increases EXP, stance EXP, and drop rate by 30%.
44. Some contents will be changed or deleted to arrange items.
a. Item deletion
-"3 Forgotten Territory Passes (1 day)" item will be exchanged for 3 tickets of ‘Forgotten Territory Pass (1 day)’.
-"5 Forgotten Territory Passes (1 day)" item will be exchanged for 5 tickets of ‘Forgotten Territory Pass (1 day)’.
*"Forgotten Territory Pass (1 day)" will be obtained from Leonardo Expreso in exchange for the deleted items above
The following items will be deleted:

Halloween Pumpkin



Lucky Symbol

Strange Red Stone

Golden Orb

Silver Orb

Copper Orb

Lucky Symbol of Tiger

Event Zone Ticket

A Box of Pistol Bullets

Red Ticket of the Secret Room

Yellow Ticket from Secret Room

Blue Ticket from Secret Room

Green Ticket from Secret Room


Deflated Ball

Watermelon Skin

Deprodine Piece

Key to the Treasure Chest on the Island of Fire

Eye of Honey Spider

Red Dye

Blue Dye

Yellow Dye

Green Dye

Sky Blue Dye

Mustard Dye

Orange Dye

Violet Dye

Pink Dye

Black Dye

Small Jewel

Strange Device Key (North)

Strange Device Key (West)

Strange Device Key (East)

Secret Tower Key (3rd Floor)

Key [Chateau de Bourgogne]

Exploration Ticket : Castilla

Key of Dungeon Ruins

Key of Bellem

Puzzle Piece 1 ~ 20

Cabinet Piece 1 ~ 20

Mold of Katzbalger

Mold of Long Sword

Mold of Durandal

Mold of Spirit of Valkyries

Mold of Penetrator

Mold of Arondight

Mold of Epee

Mold of Rapier

Mold of Sabre Rafael

Mold of Calabrone

Mold of Blade

Mold of Cutlass

Mold of Shamshir

Mold of Slicer

Mold of Sabre

Mold of Bastard Sword

Mold of Vident Hander

Mold of Slayer

Mold of Merveilleuse

Mold of Earthcracker

Mold of Kaladbolg

Mold of Guisarme

Mold of Spetum

Mold of Gungnir

Mold of Muspellheim

Mold of Broinac

Mold of Muerte Balada

Mold of Baselard

Mold of Pugio

Mold of Eared Dagger

Mold of Xiphos

Mold of Mystic Knife

Mold of Main-Gauche

Mold of Split Dagger

Mold of Poignard

Mold of Gaiters

Mold of Gaiters of Wind

Mold of Gaiters of Storm

Drawing of Handgun

Drawing of Chassepot

Drawing of Revolver

Drawing of Mustang Strider

Drawing of Claude Baudez Nique

Drawing of Match-Lock Rifle

Drawing of Wheel-Lock Rifle

Drawing of Brown Bess

Drawing of Dreyse

Drawing of Sniper Rifle

Drawing of Finisher

Drawing of A Dragon Hunter

Drawing of Shotgun

Drawing of Semi-Auto Shotgun

Drawing of Clayshooter

Drawing of Imperial Shooter

Drawing of Recoilless Cannon

Drawing of Automatic Cannon

Drawing of Peacemaker

Mold of Arm Guard

Mold of Buckler

Mold of Iron Shield

Mold of Templar Guard

Mold of Royal Guardian

Mold of Rod

Mold of Jewel Rod

Mold of Mage Rod

Mold of Sage Rod

Mold of Mantis Rod

Mold of Staff

Mold of Staff of Hypnosis

Mold of Staff of the Simurgh

Mold of Bracelet of Fire

Mold of Hellfire Bracelet

Mold of Bracelet of Muspell

Mold of Bracelet of the Salamander

Mold of Bracelet of Pluto

Mold of Bracelet of Ice

Mold of Tempest Bracelet

Mold of Aurora Bracelet

Mold of Bracelet of the Yeti

Mold of Bracelet of Neptune

Mold of Bracelet of Wind

Mold of Bracelet of Lightning

Mold of Bracelet of Storm

Mold of Bracelet of Sylphide

Mold of Bracelet of Uranus

Cut of Leather Tunic

Cut of Leather Armor

Cut of Hard-leather Armor

Cut of Studded-leather Armor

Cut of Ring Mail

Cut of Camisa de Soldado

Cut of Naranja e Preto

Cut of Sunset Striped Suit

Mold of Scale Armor

Mold of Chain Mail

Mold of Plate Mail

Cut of Coat

Cut of Long Coat

Cut of Redingote

Cut of Justocorps

Cut of Graciegote

Cut of Albaes

Cut of Striform

Cut of Robe of Fire

Cut of Robe of Ice

Cut of Robe of Wind

Cut of Hellfire Robe

Cut of Tempest Robe

Cut of Robe of Lightning

Cut of Inferno Robe

Cut of Aurora Robe

Cut of Robe of Storm

Cut of Robe of the Salamander

Cut of Robe of the Yeti

Cut of Robe of Sylphide

Cut of Robe of Pluto

Cut of Robe of Neptune

Cut of Robe of Uranus

Cut of Elementalist

Cut of Alegrias

Locker Key of Inmate

Free pass [Ustiur]

Bahia land Ticket

Box of Bellem

Enchantment Chip Level 32~76

Silken Tofu


46. The following changes have been applied to Cecile Character:

-Earrings were equipped on an improper location. -> Modified

-Support Ballista's attack range has been changed from within 8m of Cecile to within 10m.

-Duration of Wild Sense buff has increased from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.


47. There was a problem that skill points were not consumed upon level-up of skills in a specific situation. -> Fixed


48. Overall quests from Reboldoeux to Ustiur have been renewed.

-Some of the Scenario quests from [Lyndon, director of the Office of Pioneering Support] to [The Frozen Megalosaur! Brachiosaurus] of Ustiur have been renewed.

-Rewards which increases a current MCC's EXP have been added in some quests.

-Pioneer Manuals which increases combat EXP are provided when completing scenario quests of each city.

-Along with quest renewal, some unused quest items will be removed from Inventory.

-Possessed Cacao Butter and Cacao will be exchanged for 30 Cabosse and provided through Leonardo Expreso.


49. Some contents will be changed or deleted to arrange items.

a. Item deletion

-Mystery Powder is not sold any longer.

-The item's choice, appeared when entering “Tierra de los Muertos,” has been removed.

-The item has been removed from catalyst material list for Rumin Refinery.

-The item's choices have been removed from recruitment quests.

*Some of the recruitment quests will mention the said item but it will not be an option

-Ring box exchange function through Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax has been removed.


50. Low level Enchantment Chips have been merged as follows:

 -Enchantment Chip Beginner is changed to Enchantment Chip Novice and can enchant equipment level's 1 to 76.

 -Enchantment Chip's level 32 to 76 will be removed.

 -Enchantment Chip Exchanger

  *Only Enchantment Chips level's 80 to 100 can be registered.

  *Equipment with options is no longer exchanged for Enchantment Chips.

 -The minimum level of Enchantment Chip to use Paper, Stone, and Scissors content has been changed from 36 to 84.

 -The minimum level of equipment that provides Enchantment Chip in case of enhancement failure has been changed from 32 to 80.


51. Equipment Enhancement UI has been renewed.


52. There was a problem that the box was still shown when Cutie Claire and Cannon Shooter Claire used Invisible Potion. -> Fixed


53. In ‘Master of Mueletosr’ and ‘Counterattack’ quests, when moving to West town without Invisible Stalker buff, a description of usage is displayed above a leader's head.


54. There was a problem that it was possible to talk to Brilliant Painter Elizabeth in Kielce and Asceticism Priest, Lycose in the Armonia Cathedral in Baron status. -> Fixed


55. When selecting ‘Leave for Bounty Hunters Guild’ in the Warpgate created after completing demonic mission, a wrong dialogue was displayed. -> Fixed


56. There was a problem that the max range of Fire of Chester of Story Telling stance was applied differently from the tooltip. - Fixed


57. There was a problem that if a character got an inability to move after using Progressive Health-Filler, HP was filled. - Fixed


58. Quest Warp destinations of the following quests have been changed.

-Bahama Scenario Quest [Visit the Sick Person]

-Bahama Scenario Quest [Ten Nobles of Vespanola]


59. Reboldoeux Culverts Key is no longer required to enter Errac from Reboldoeux Culverts.


60. Call from Simon Ayende 3 quest mail was still remained after completing Gavin recruitment quest. -> Fixed


61. There was a problem that an error message appeared when families with level 80 or above performed "Write a mail." -> Fixed


62. The location for King of Greed's respawn in Bahama, Underground Cave 1st Floor has been changed from a fixed area to a random spot.


63. Mireille Card has been added in "Character Card Box of Heaven."

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