TITLE Patch Notes - April 1, 2014
DATE Apr, 01, 2014 VIEW 24452

Patch Note:


New Event
- Lyndon Box

- Valentine Chocolate removed
- Renewal Package and Faction Package remove from cash shop
- To create more characters, you will need to purchase Character Slot(s); these can be obtained in exchange for a certain amount of vis.

1st Barrack - 10,000 vis per Character Slot
2nd Barrack - 100,000 vis per Character Slot
3rd Barrack - 500,000 vis per Character Slot
4th Barrack - 1,000,000 vis per Character Slot

*Note: 1 Character Slot = 1 Character Creation
*Note: Each Barrack can hold up to 9 characters.
*Note: To unlock 5th Barrack onwards, you will need to purchase "1 Barrack Slot" ticket






1. A new character, Levine, has been added.

 - His exclusive stance [Desire] can be used by equipping a one-handed sword and a special bracelet.

 - Normal attack is affected by a one-handed sword, and skill attack is affected by a one-handed sword and a special bracelet.

 - Normal attack is affected by STR stats and skill attack is affected by STR and INT stats.




1. A new raid boss monster Divino has been added in the Bahama, the Heaven's Altar area.

 - The monster is created right after opening the server, and it is regenerated after 7 days, within the maximum of 12 hours.

 - In case a family that doesn't belong to a faction attacks Divino, the family turns in hostile relations with other families that belong to factions.

 - Divino and the Phantom of Ruinmeladue of the 'Heaven's Altar Protection' mission can perform air attacks.

   Skills used by Divino of Bahama, the Heaven's Altar are applied to enemies in the air.





1. Bahama, the Heaven's Altar has been added.

 - Player can enter this area from Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest.

 - Warp saving and the Last Location function can be used in this area. (And Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest area has been changed to be saved in warp list as well.)




1. Temporary Quest Warp License has been added.

 - Quest Warp can be used with no charge while using the Quest Warp License item.

 - To families which possess the temporary 'Fabulous Return',

   Quest Warp License with the same remaining period of Fabulous Return is provided through Leonardo Expreso.


2. Weapon Crystals - Grade 36 have been added. They can be created through the Refining Furnace of Errac.


3. Mercenary License restoration function has been added.

 - Players can renew their Mercenary Contract by consuming 50,000 Feso. And the lost EXP is restored.

Reminder! The Mercenary Contract created before update and its EXP will not be restored.

 - The contract creator's name is displayed in the Mercenary Contract when hiring a character.

 - There's no change in the case that a character is hired by other families which didn't draw up the character's Mercenary Contract.


4. Wearable item types will be displayed in the Character Details Window.

 - In case the left-handed weapon, right-handed weapon, armor, belt, gloves, shoes, and temporary bullet slots are empty, tooltips are displayed.

 - They are not displayed for a character that has no wearable item in the locations.


5. New Artifacts have been added.         

 - Red Hairband: ATK +5% / Physical Penetration +5 once worn by Catherine Torsche

 - Portrait of Nena: SP +300 / Once worn by Sierra and Nena, there is a 5% chance to apply Element buffs during normal attack

   - Element Buffs: Power of Fire (ATK increase), Power of Wind (Movement Speed, ATK Speed increase), Power of Land (DEF, RES increase), Power of Water (HP, SP regen increase)

   - Only one of the 4 buffs can be maintained and other 3 buffs are not applied.

 - Hunting Trident: HP +5 / STR +5 once worn by Alejandro

 - Hair of Catherine: SP +300 / increases characteristic stats of each doll Catherine by 5


6. Rare monster spinelle shop has been added.

 - The shop can be used through Ustiur Hunters' Association VP, Katherine NPC in the Ustiur, Base Camp.

 - The spinelles sold in Errac have been integrated with the Ustiur Hunters' Association VP, Katherine's shop.

 - Purchasable spinelles are as follows.  

      • Thief Captain Capri Spinelle 
• Minotauros Spinelle 
• Diseased Capybara Leader Spinelle 
• Sphinx Spinelle 
• Frogfish Spinelle 
• Elite Lightning Cockatrice Spinelle 
• Elmorc Spinelle 
• Queen Bee Spinelle 
• Imoogi Spinelle 
• Exiliced Valkyrie Spinelle  
• Captain Capybara Spinelle 
• King Henry Spinelle 
• Amber Bee Spinelle 
• Angry Acorchado Spinelle 
• Medusa Spinelle  

 - Spinelles can be used in the Thueringen Lakeside only. Summoned monsters by spinelles are weaker than the existing monsters and disappear after 10 minutes.


7. Enhancive accessories have been added.

 - Necklace enhancement increases HP and Penetration stats.



8. New Artifacts have been added.

 - After the buffs below are activated, the Limitation buff which has cool down time for reuse is applied for 1 minute.


Quest, Mission, Raid


1. Bahama, the Heaven's Altar scenario quest has been added.

 - This quest can proceed once families enter the Bahama, Base Camp after completing Sierra Rose recruitment quest.


2. Nena recruitment quest has been added.

 - Families, who have completed Bahama, the Heaven's Altar scenario quest, can proceed with this quest by talking to Nena in Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest.

 - Nena, the new recruitment NPC, is specialized to handle a polearm and uses her exclusive stance [Vigilar].

 - Nena's exclusive stance and her job skill rings have been added to the ring box.


3. A new daily mission 'Heaven's Altar Protection' has been added.

 - Able to enter this mission by clicking the 'Stone with Mysterious Energy' in Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest.

 - 30 Memos of Expedition and 3 Silver Bars are consumed upon entry.

 - All the Phantom of Ruincruger, Phantom of Ruinmeladue, and Divino must be defeated to accomplish the mission.


4. The Prophet’s Forest daily quest has been added.

 - Families, who have completed Nena recruitment quest, can proceed with this quest by talking to Nena or Sierra.

 - Able to enter the mission through the Stone with Mysterious Energy in Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest.

 - 10 Snail Skin and 5,000 Family Reputation are required to create the mission lobby.

 - Mission re-entry function is applied to this mission.


5. 'Gift from Emilia (expert stance book acquiring quest)' has been added.

 - The quest is delivered to Expert above characters when they enter towns.

 - Once families complete the quest, they can receive expert stance books (event) which can be purchased from Emilia. The quest can proceed up to 3 times.

 - [Enhanced Tactics] stance book, which can be acquired through 'Call from Master Guardian', is not provided through the 'Gift from Emilia' quest.


6. Weapon providing quest has been added.

 - The quest mail is delivered to families with level 20 and above once they enter towns.

 - The quest can proceed through Master Guardian NPC and up to 3 temporal weapons are provided.

 - Provided weapons are 33 grade, unable to enhance, enchant and process sockets. The use period of weapons will be consumed right after receiving.


7. A NPC which provides buffs has been added in some mission floors of Tigres Prison.

 - Through Olivia NPC in missions, useful random buffs are provided 15 times from each floor.

 - Required items and quantities are as follows.


- Provided buffs are as follows. Buffs are disappeared by moving zones.





1. Quest Warp function has been added.

 - In the zone map opened through Quest Info (Alt + A) - See Location, families can move to quest locations (NPCs) by right clicking the Quest Mail icons.

 - To use the Quest Warp function, families must have a history that they have used the route from the current location to the targeted location once.

   (Also the existing families must have the history of zone transfer saved after update.)

 - Returned families can use the Quest Warp function with no charge for a while for their conveniences.

 - Existing families need to pay Feso for the use.

 - Required amount for transferring: Number of passing areas x 1,000 Feso (Maximum: 10,000 Feso)

  Ex. Auch -> Thueringenwald: Consumes 3,000 Feso (Auch -> Thueringen Lakeside -> Thueringenwald)

  Ex 2. Auch -> Coimbra: Consumes 2,000 Feso due to the waypoint (Auch -> Coimbra)

 - Unable to move to the current area.

 - Unable to move to some raid and mission areas.


2. The notice for the Quest Warp unusable situation has been more elaborated.


3. Quest Info UI has been changed.


4. Quest Info UI has been changed.

 - In the zone map opened through Quest Info (Alt + A) - See Location, families can move to quest locations (NPCs) by right clicking the Quest Mail icons.

 - Quest Area, Shortest Route, Warp Route taps have been added in Quest Info.

  - Quest Area: Displays areas related to each quest.

  - Shortest Route: Displays the shortest routes from current locations to quest locations.

 (This displays the routes even there is no history of family's earlier zone transfers.)

  - Warp Route: Displays usable routes through Quest Warp.


5. Twisted Weapon Refining Furnace has been changed.

 - The previous [Twisted Weapon Refining Furnace] has been changed to [Twisted Weapon Piece Refining Furnace].

 - Twisted Weapon Pieces can be obtained by destroying Bristia weapons with certain options.

   Players can insert the weapons into the Twisted Weapon Piece Refining Furnace by dragging them.

 - Destructible options: Must satisfy all the options of Basic ATK 90 and above, ATK 35% and above, ATK Rating 3 and above, additional damage depending on armor types or species +80% and above

 - Only the option values above are affected to the quantity of Twisted Weapon Piece.

   Enhancement/ socket processing values are not affected.

 - Higher values of the weapon options increase the obtainable quantity of Twisted Weapon Piece.

   200 up to 820 pieces can be obtained.


6. 'Upper UI Auto Open' option has been added in the Play Options tap of Game Options.

 - Once the option is activated, the inside menus appear automatically by mouse over on the upper UI.


7. Notification system has been added.

 - Notifications are displayed on the board located on the upper left side of the window when requesting war through Consentual Declaration of War function or if there is remaining Family Attribute Point.

10. Levels of affiliated families and faction names can be checked in the Group Info of Group Chat.


8. A close button has been added to the Accessory Enhancement UI.


9. Grace period for faction authorization will be added.

 - A newly formed faction will have 10 days of grace period.

 - After the grace period, a faction which includes 5 families and above can be authorized through Pioneering Officer NPCs in each town.

 - Party mission, Faction level up, Declaration of War, Colony War request, Party Inventory use and etc. are unavailable during the grace period.

 - The functions above cannot be used by a faction which has less than 5 families even if 10 days have passed.

 - All factions that formed before update will be authorized automatically regardless of the number of affiliated families and the date of foundation.


10. A Special Bracelet tap has been added to the Filter parts of Market and Equipment windows.


World Cross PVP


1. World X PVP has been changed as follows.

 - Class/Record has been divided according to participation modes (normal/fixed item) of team/single battles.

   So class, ranking, point, and result are displayed separately according to the modes.

 - Server Ranking UI has been divided according to the modes as well.

 - Aside from the character's individual record, rankings, points and results of each class will be reset. 

  ( Retained unused EXP points and purchase points are not affected.)


2. While using a certain skill of Catherine Torsche's [Death Chopping] stance, damage wasn't increased according to the number of Lloyd. - Fixed


3. Configurations of World X PVP Lobby UI and Ranking UI have been changed.


4. The previously selected game type is maintained in UI.


5. In case of proceeding with game as fixed mode only, all points of normal mode and fixed mode were deducted. – Fixed





1. When monsters or summons attack enemies in [Decay] and [Corrosion] status, additional damages are not applied any longer.



1. Tierra De La Sed has been changed as follows:

-It was unable to join a squad with members of other factions that belong to the same party. – Fixed

- The flag's name displayed in the Tierra De La Sed zone map has been corrected.


2. Battle Colosseum has been deleted.

- The Royal Honeycomb in Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest drops quantities of Elementiums.

- The required item for the Seal Ointment quest has been changed from Elementium to Kryptonite.


3. Item drop rates of some areas have been decreased.

- Lago Celeste, El Ruina de Memoria, the 2nd Floor of Skeleton Dungeon

 - Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge

 - Rion Dungeon Corridor/Hollow




1. The method to exchange Elite Bristia weapons has been changed as follows:

- With 5,000 Twisted Weapon Pieces, through the Twisted Weapon Refining Furnace, players can select a type of Elite Bristia weapon and proceed on the exchange.

- The quantity of Twisted Weapon Piece required to create IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle through Marchetti has been decreased from 8,000 to 3,000.


2. The Portable Steel Bolt's icon and illustration have been changed.


3. There was an overlapping display of Esssence of Balance at required item for creating Skill of Vergo the Cursed. - Fixed


4. The maximum quantity of the Impervium which is used for enhancement of weapons grade 33 below has been decreased.



5. The maximum quantity of Enhancement Booster used for enhancement of weapons grade32 and 33 has been changed.


6. The creation method of the Elite Bristia weapon has been changed.

- Before: Create by using the Elite Bristia weapon recipe or exchange by inserting Twisted Weapon Pieces into the Twisted Weapon Refining Furnace

 - After: Create by using the Elite Bristia weapon recipe only


7. The materials of the Elite Bristia weapon recipe have been changed:


- Before: Weapon Crystal - Grade 35 x2/ Esssence of Purity x1,500/ Esssence of Corruption x1,500/   Esssence of Balance x1,500

 - After: Weapon Crystal - Grade 36 x1/ Esssence of Purity x2,000/ Esssence of Corruption x2,000/ Esssence of Balance x2,000/ Twisted Weapon Piece x3,000


8. The required quantity of the Twisted Weapon Piece for creating the IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle through Marchetti has been changed from 4,000 to 3,000.


9. 'Basic ATK' which was an enchantment option of the Elite Bristia weapon has been deleted.

  - This is not affected to normal Bristia weapons.

  - Large Caliber Rifles and Masterpiece items are excluded.


10. Bristia set effect is applied to the items below:

 - Bristia Arm Shield

- IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle

                - Masterpiece Cube

                - Masterpiece Diary

                - Masterpiece Encyclopedia


11. Block, a basic option of some rapiers, has been changed to Penetration.



12. Spirit of Forest has been changed to be traded.


13. The acquirement conditions of Journal Smeared with Ferruccio Breadcrumbs and Formula of Martial Arts were reversed. - Fixed


14. Displays of Mercenary Contract tooltip have been changed.

 - Creator's information of the Mercenary Contract can be viewed by the creator only. You can use the mercenary restoration system.' tooltip is displayed to a creator.

 - This is applied to existing Mercenary Contracts as well.


15. When wearing the Refined Vespanola Tonfa, it looked like it equipped on only one hand. – Fixed


16. Option values applied to maximum enhanced accessories have been changed as follows.

 - Accessories without maximum enhancement values have the same options as before.



17. The icon of the buff applied after using the Status Ampule - SEN has been changed.

18. The icon of the buff evoked due to the Sensation of Diablo has been changed.


Stance, Buff


1. When using Repulsive Force skill of the Gorgeous stance, the enforcer performed the skill after moving a bit. - Fixed


2. While using [Bloody Feast] stance, when the Bloody Horizon skill hit several targets at once in Bloody Fiesta status, the level of Bloody Fiesta was increased repeatedly. – Fixed

Some stances and skills have been changed as follows:



3. Descriptions about stats which affect to stances have been added in the Summon/Construction stance tooltips.


4. During Swift Move status, the status was not lifted even though some skills of [Furious] stance were used. - Fixed


5. Deep Sting skill couldn't be used if the skill user didn't have the Ancient Star Orb. - Fixed

6. Repeatedly Stab skill couldn't be used if there's no Ancient Star Orb in inventory. - Fixed


7. The skill effect of Dimension Territory of the [Distortion Cube] stance was applied to dead characters too. - Fixed.


Quest, Mission, Raid


1. Tigres Prison mission rewards have been changed as follows.

 - Bristia Officer's Box and Bristia General's Box have been added to reward boxes of all floors.

 - Elite Bristia weapon recipes have been added to reward boxes on the B4F and above.

 - The quantity of Twisted Weapon Piece which is dropped by completing Tigres Prison mission hard mode has been increased.

 -  Recipe - Greek Croma, Recipe - Fate of Castilla, and armor crystals grade 33 have been added to reward boxes on the Tigres Prison, 6th and above floors.


2. DEF/DEF Rating decrease effects have been added to Terber debuff which is used for quest missions.


3. Repeat quests are not automatically registered in the Quest Notification Window any longer.


4. The Egg Skin object of the Castilla area mission has been changed to be disappeared in 10 sec.


5. Debuff effects applied on some monsters of Kielce, Night area were not shown normally. - Fixed


6. There was a problem that the Griffon Egg wasn't regenerated occasionally. – Fixed


7. It was unable to proceed with collecting mineral daily quest when protected Impregnable Gauntlets item was in inventory. - Fixed


8. In the Demonic Castilla mission, when the awakened boss monster was defeated then the mission ended due to the time limit, a mission failure message was displayed. - Fixed


9. About the [Rica's Thesis] Simon's Request - Bloody Gysophila/Chamomile quests, the quest locations were marked in the zone map incorrectly. - Corrected


10. Rascel's Decay debuff wasn't overlapped on monsters. - Fixed


11. While proceeding with Medicine of Derrick quest, it was unable to receive quest items if inventory was full. - Fixed


12. The maximum target number of Shining Machine Shot of the Shining Sting stance has been increased from 4 to 8.


13. Cherlyn sub quest (acquiring Witch Craft quest) has been changed to proceed by Snowflake Cherlyn's town entry.

 - This quest won't proceed for families who have completed the quest already.


14. In the Demonic Secret Tower mission, normal monsters were not removed even the General Guard had been defeated. - Fixed


15. The reward box of the party mission 'Curse of Red Sunset Forest' has been changed to be created at the location where the boss monster appeared.


16. In Party Mission: Disaster of Stone Pit Area, friendly summons don't disappear after the Earth Quaker's destruction any longer.


17. Abilities of Lisa and Brunie monsters which are created in A Mere Boy (Ramiro, Tiburon) missions have been upgraded.


18. In Party Mission: Disaster of Stone Pit Area, there was a problem that summons attacked the Fallen Rock. - Fixed


19. In a certain area of Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Reception Hall, even though the [Trance Robo] stance quest had been completed, the relevant dialogues were displayed continuously. - Fixed


20. The wrong marked location information of 'Drunk Barrol: Mischievous' (Barrol recruitment quest) has been corrected.


21. Right after moving zones, the Details button of the Quest Notification Window showed mismatched quest information. - Fixed


22 Party mission end point has been changed to a point when the treasure chest is clicked. And the complete end time has been changed from 3 min to 1 min 30 sec.


23. The ranking notice displayed after the end of party mission has been changed to appear 30 sec after clicking the treasure chest.


24. In case a player possessed below 24 pieces of Strange gas/solid/liquid, he/she couldn't proceed with a quest. - Fixed

 - If a player has the items below than 24 pieces, the items will be removed and the player will proceed with the next quest.


25. Some of Bounty Hunters Guild missions have been changed as follows.

 - In Demonic Sphinx, Minotauros, Medusa missions, the probabilities of awakened boss appearance have been doubled.

 - The quantity of Sun Stone obtained by defeating awakened boss has been increased.


26. In Sierra recruitment quest 'Golden Honeycomb Appeared?!', the mission time stops once Golden Honeycomb is defeated.


27. Difficulty levels and rewards of some field raids have been upgraded.

 - Vergo the Cursed

  - Abilities of Vergo the Cursed and Mein monsters have been upgraded.

  - Players can attack Vergo the Cursed after defeating all Mein monsters first.

  - The previous summon method is removed and monsters regenerate in certain locations.

 - Diablo

  - Can enter Sacred Dungeon through the well in Pradera de Ceniza.

  - Levels and stats of normal monsters of Sacred Dungeon have been upgraded.

  - Diablo's stats have been upgraded.

 - Uraeus

  - Uraeus's stats have been upgraded.

  - The procedure has been changed.

 - Common Applications

- Regenerated within 24 ~ 48 hours

  - Materials of new Artifacts can be obtained from the changed raid boss monsters.

  - Elite Le Noir, General Plate items can be acquired with a certain probability.


28. There was a problem that some repeat quests of Rica NPC in Kielce could proceed twice a day. - Fixed


29. The remaining time of the mission, which is renewed when boss monster of Demonic Castilla is awakened, has been increased from 15 min to 30 min.


30. Characters cannot move after entering 'Revival of Takion' (Viki relevant quest mission).




1. 'Send error information immediately' option has been added in the Other Option tap of Game Options (Alt + O).

 - When receiving a quest while the option is activated, the quest is not automatically registered in the quest notification window located on the right side of the game window.


2. 'Send error information immediately' option has been added in the Other Option tap of Game Options (Alt + O).

 - Once an error occurs while the option is checked, the error is delivered to IMC without asking for intention.


3. When a player increased Item Value Slots through the Auch Public Service Officer (Reboldoeux, Domingo), choices related to Barracks Slots increase were displayed. - Fixed


4. In Item Enhancement UI, the usable maximum quantity of +7 Impervium was displayed as 0. - Fixed


5. While purchasing an item in Market, if a player tried to purchase other items when a purchase confirmation window was already open, the client was closed. - Fixed

 - In case a player purchases other items while the purchase confirmation window is open, the amounts of additional items are accumulated in the confirmation window.


6. When the Opal of Precision weapon costume was equipped on the left hand, the costume image didn't appear. - Fixed


7. There was a problem that when a character who uses weapons on both hands attacked enemies in [Decay], [Corrosion] status, and doubled additional damage was applied. – Fixed


8. In case a character turns in knock back status while creating the Scarecrow through the Scarecrow Creator of Thueringen Lakeside, Scarecrow creation UI is closed.


9. Characters cannot move to party missions while performing skills.


10. There was a problem while searching enhanced accessories in Market, enhancement values were not shown. - Fixed

11. If an enhancement value is entered as a search term in Market, items which are unable to enhance are not listed.


12. While searching enhanced accessories in Market, wrong results were listed regardless of entered enhancement values. – Fixed


13. While searching general equipment in Market, results were not appeared once enhancement values were entered. – Fixed


14. Search terms in Market are not case sensitive.


15. The wrong marked monster levels and occupying faction names in World Map (Alt + W) have been corrected.


16. Summoning families to Island of Fire is not available.


17. In case a player becomes immobile by a member in the same faction, the member's information is not appeared in system message window.


18. Even though hostile relations which had been formed with a member in the same faction through forced attack or duel request were lifted, the color of character identifier was not renewed. - Fixed


19. Baron points have been changed as follows:

 - In case a character with 0 Baron point(s) makes other player's character immobile, the Baron point is increased to 5,000. (Before it was increased to 20,000.)


 - After that, every time the character makes other's character immobile, the Baron point is increased by 1,500. (Before it was increased by attacking character's level * 10.)


 - We intended to lighten the burden of low frequency Baron behaviors and increase the burden of habitual Baron behaviors.


20. Faction Invitation UI has been changed.

 - More details of factions can be checked in the UI.


21. A button which can add or delete all music has been added in Music List of Jukebox (Alt + J).


23. Creation of Faction UI displays faction withdrawal penalty.

24. When the Faction button of the main menu was clicked, Creation of Faction UI didn't pop up. – Fixed

25. A way to use the Enchantment Chip Exchanger NPC has been added.

 - Enchantment Chips can be exchanged by dragging them into the Enchantment Chip Exchanger directly.


26. HP/SP's continuous increase/decrease effects due to buffs/debuffs have been changed to be overlapped. But buffs' overlap setting won't be changed.

 - Effects of Restore's HP increase and Entangle's HP decrease are applied together.

 - Restore and Satisfy are not applied together to one same target. (Same as before)


27. A character directly displays values of received buff/debuff which have continuous effects on HP.


28. It has been changed to show a confirmation message when transferring authority of faction leader.


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