TITLE Patch Note - September 11, 2013
DATE Sep, 11, 2013 VIEW 52641





The new character Veil has been added.

- The Veil character card can be obtained after completing the Bristia 2-2 scenario quest.

- Veil uses his exclusive Expert stance [Twin Sting] that handles crossbows on the both hands.


The new character Caisse has been added.

- [Flintlock], [Punisher], and the exclusive stance [Heavy Stinger] can be acquired.

- The job skill 'Gun Master' can be applied to characters that use shooting stances.

- The level of 'Overheating' buff is increased while normal hits or skills of [Heavy Stinger] are in use.


Effect of ignoring DEF is increased, depending the buff level.

But in case the level is 100 and above, if it turns to 'Gun Cooling' status by using skills or normal hits, skills cannot be used.

- Caisse character card is acquired once Bristia scenario quest is completed.

- The exclusive weapon, IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle can be created by talking with Marchetti at Kielce, Laboratory.(Added)




Twisted Weapon Refining Furnace' NPC has been added in Kielce.

- Once a user drags some Twisted Weapon Pieces that dropped from boss monsters in Tigres Prison Mission, they can be exchanged for random Elite Bristia Weapons.

- Acquirable Elite Bristia Weapons from the Refining Furnace apply up to +6 enhancement and 3 sockets.



Stance and Buff


The new Expert stance for Scount has been added.

- [Combat Medicine] which is a mixed type of trap and buff can be purchased from Emilia NPC in Coimbra after completing the Constellation Stance Book quest.

- 1 Symbol of Aquarius and 2 Elemental Jewels are consumed for the purchase.


DEF Ignore' attribute has been added to shooting stance.

- The attribute ignores DEF of enemy. The details are below.

a. Normal/ Veteran Stance: Ignores DEF by 2%

b. Punisher, Femme Fatale, Cobra, Split Shooter: Ignores DEF by 4%

c. Unlimited Shot, Sniper, Shadow Sting, Shining Sting:  Ignores DEF by 5%

d. Twin Sting, Wanted, Sweeper, Superior Blaster, Dual Blaster:  Ignores DEF by 6%

e. Flintlock, Tested Burst, Demolition Burst, Croisement :  Ignores DEF by 7%

- It is applied to the both of PC and monster.


Descriptions have been added to Tooltips of Liung's job skill, 'FullMoon' and Vincent's [Abyss] stance skill, 'Dealing'.



Quest, Mission and Raid


Bristia 2-2 scenario quest has been added.

- The quest can start once you enter Kielce after completing Bristia 2-1 scenario quest '[Missing] Meeting Oliva again.’


Tigres Prison mission has been added.

- To enter this mission, families must belong to superior factions and complete the Bristia 2-2 scenario quest, '[Investigation] Move ahead to the prison.' first.

- The entry lobby can be created by talking to Tigres Prison Guard NPC located in the north area of Kielce, Training Yard (Night).

- Once the number of free admission run out, you can enter the mission again only once by consuming 1 Elemental Jewel.


Bernelli sub quest has been added.

- A quest mail is created once families enter Kielce after completing Bristia 2 - 2 scenario quests.


J.D sub quest has been added.

- A quest mail is created once families enter Kielce after completing Bristia 2 - 2 scenario quests.


Bristia 2-3 scenario quest has been added.

- This quest can start once you enter Kielce after completing Bristia 2-2 scenario quest.


Mission re-enter function has been added.

- If a user is disconnected during a mission, 'Continue mission' button is created next to 'Last Location' button in Barracks and the user is able to re-enter the mission within 5 minutes.

- In case the user chooses 'Saved Location' or 'Last Location' even the user can re-enter the mission, the information of Continue Mission is initialized.

- The only characters that entered the mission once can re-enter even the user changes the characters to others in Barracks.

- After re-entering, characters are moved to the initial advance point and [Re-enter Penalty] debuff is applied for 2 minutes.(Re-enter Penalty: ATK, ATK Speed, Movement Speed -50%)

During a mission, if a mission server is ended in a specific circumstance, the Continue Mission cannot be used.

- Missions that is able to re-enter

a. Castilla, Relic / Castilla, Tower of Chaos

- Castilla, Relic: Can re-enter the Room of Tempest by using added Warp.

- Castilla, Tower of Chaos: If a user has moved to Queen of Valkyries appearing area, the user can transfer to the area right away from the entrance of Valkyrie Guardians creating location.

b. Lost Glorious Time / Lifted Cursed Pattern / Chateau de Bourgogne / Dr. Torsche's Mansion - Basement / Nest of Garim / The Secret Tower

- Nest of Garim : If a user has chosen a gate among left and right at the Y shaped fork, the user can only use the chosen way after re-entering the mission.

- The Secret Tower: In the Secret Tower 3rd floor mission, a Warp to the center area has been added to General Guard Follower creating location inside the tower.

c. Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber / Time Paradox mission / Viron, the Clock Tower mission / Prison de Joaquin Basement

- Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber: If a user has moved to left or right gate, the user can only use the chosen way after re-entering the mission.

- Viron, the Clock Tower 4th Floor: During a fight with boss monster, a Warp Gate is created at the entrance of boss' room.

- Viron, the Clock Tower 10th Floor: During a fight with boss monster, a Warp Gate is created at the entrance of boss' room.

- Viron, the Clock Tower 12th Floor: During a fight with boss monster, a Warp Gate is created at the entrance of boss' room.

d. Mission: The Tower of Ice Wizard / Cabeza de Bahia / Inside Crater, Sekhmet / Mission: Silent Maze / Prison de Joaquin Basement Passage / Occulta, Room of General

e. Endless Greed / Prison de Joaquin Basement Passage / Tetra Avernus Road / Trinity Elemental Force

f. Lucifer, Twisted Spacetime Room / Bloody Navy mission


Bristia scenario quest and some recruitment quests will be changed as follows.

- Regardless of Viron scenario quest completion, Bristia scenario quest can proceed once a family that has family level 30 and above enters Viron.

- The condition that some specific character must be included has been deleted from all Bristia scenario quest and recruitment quests.

[Except Heroes of Bristia(Jack, Raven, Gavin, Edward, Selva, Berneli's advance to Bristia) quest].


Tutorials about enhancement and socket have been added.

- After talking to Nunez in Startonia, the quest starts once you talk to Lyndon in Reboldoeux.

- Idge recruitment quest can proceed after completing the enhancement tutorial.

If a family already started to proceed with the recruitment quest, the family Info will be changed to the status that the tutorial has been completed.

- Socket Merchant, Rachel NPC has been added in Reboldoeux Shopping Street.





The new Artifacts have been added.

- Materials for creating the new Artifacts can be acquired from Tigres Prison.

- Old Golem Talisman, Golem Talisman, Elite Golem Talisman: Additional ATK +5%, +15%, +20% toward Lifeless enemies

- Old Demon Talisman, Demon Talisman, Elite Demon Talisman: Additional ATK +5%, +15%, +20% toward Daemon enemies

- Old Undead Talisman, Undead Talisman, Elite Undead Talisman: Additional ATK +5%, +15%, +20% toward undead enemies

- Old Executioner's Earring, Executioner's Earring, Elite Executioner's Earring: Additional ATK +5%, +15%, +20% toward Human enemies

- Old Creature Talisman, Creature Talisman, Elite Creature Talisman: Additional ATK +5%, +15%, +20% toward Wildlife enemies


Tigres Prison medal has been added.

- The medal can be acquired by completing missions.


The new item, Dazzling Ore has been added.

- It can be obtained by failure of enhancement of items that are level 88 and above.

- In case an enhancement is failed even if an Enhancement Protection item is used, the range to obtain Dazzling Ore is decided as twice wider. (Added)


- If there is no space in Inventory, the obtained Dazzling Ore is moved to Cabinet automatically without any announcement. After zone moving, the Dazzling Ore can be checked in Cabinet.(Added)

- Untradeable pioneering weapons, magic scrolls and Encyclopedias are excluded.

- Once 300 Dazzling Ores are inserted into Rumin Refinery, they are exchanged for Dazzling Rumins.


Dazzling Rumins have been added.

- 'Dazzling Garnet - Rumin'

Weapon: Fire attributes additional ATK +28

Armor: Fire RES +16

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Spodumene - Rumin'

Weapon: Penetration +8

Armor: Immunity +8

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Zircon - Rumin'

Weapon: Ice attributes additional ATK +28

Armor: Ice RES +16

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Pearl - Rumin'

Weapon: Absorbs 5% of ATK damage as your HP

Armor: HP Recovery +50

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Apatite - Rumin'

Weapon: ATK Speed +9%

Armor: Movement Speed +9%

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Obsidian - Rumin'

Weapon: ATK +9%

Armor: DEF +9

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Bloodstone - Rumin'

Weapon: Critical +9

Armor: Max HP +9%

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Peridot - Rumin'

Weapon: Mental attribute additional ATK +28

Armor: Mental RES +16

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Tanzanite - Rumin'

Weapon: Max SP +9%

Armor: Evasion +5

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Opal - Rumin'

Weapon: All attribute additional ATK +6

Armor: RES to all +4

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Topaz - Rumin'

Weapon: Lightning attributes additional ATK +28

Armor: Lightning RES +16

Other: Max SP +16%

- 'Dazzling Turquoise - Rumin'

Weapon: Accuracy +9

Armor: Abnormal State RES +16

Other: Max SP +16%


Essence of Renauld has been added.

- The item can be acquired from a reward box of Tigres Prison, Renauld`s Room mission.

- Essence of Renauld increases a stat by up to 5. During the increase, if a user does mouse-over on the stat part in Character Info UI, current stat and the maximum stat are displayed.

- Increased stats are applied to the entire family.

- Madness of Renauld: STR +1

- Hatred of Renauld: HP +1

- Greed of Renauld: AGI +1

- Arrogance of Renauld: INT +1

- Hypocrisy of Renauld: DEX +1

- Corruption of Renauld: SEN +1

- Among the Essences of Renauld above, one item can be acquired by putting 100 Pieces of STR into Distiller NPC located in Kielce, Laboratory. The Piece of STR is obtained from reward boxes created in the entire Tigres Prison missions.


Enhancement effect has been added to Cube item.


Description has been added to tooltips of trap items for capture.


New Artifacts have been added.

- Broom of Maid: Cleaning Time skill level +1, AGI +5 when worn by Marie

- Diary of Idge: Melt Armor skill level +1, STR +5 when worn by Idge

- Bloody Bandage: Melt Weapon skill level +1, STR +5 when worn by Claude

- Treasure Map: Fatal Blues skill level level +1, DEX +5 when worn by Brunie


New accessories have been added.

- Bristia Earrings: Penetration +5, Immunity +5

- Bristia Necklace: All kinds of attack damage -5%

- Bristia Belt: Immunity +10

- Bristia Gloves: Penetration +2

- Bristia Boots: Immunity +2

- Set effect: Once Bristia accessories are equipped together with Bristia or Elite Bristia weapons, ATK is increased by 2% per 1 accessory. (Up to 10% increase).

- Finished Bristia Earrings and Bristia Necklace are dropped from Breeze level 1 to 149 in Bristia, Scar.

- Finished Bristia Belt is dropped from Breeze level 150 in Bristia, Scar.

- Finished Bristia Gloves and Bristia Boots are dropped from Renauld in 'Bloody Navy' mission.

- Bristia accessories can be inchanted by using Enchantment Chip Expert.


Effects have been added to The Crescent of Avenger Costume and The Tonfa of Wrath Costume.


Creating Improved Gun Master Ring has been added.





Enchantment preservation system has been added.

- Enchantment UI has been changed.


Family Attribute Pages have been added.

- It can be expanded up to 5 pages. And it costs 800,000 Feso to expand the 5th page.


15, 16 Barracks have been added.


[1:1 Duel Deactivation] has been added to others in Game Option.

- If the option is selected, it denies duel requisitions from other users automatically.

- The option cannot be activated during a duel.


Removing Temporary Rumin function has been added.

- Through socket equip UI, only the temporary rumin that equipped in costume can be removed.








Some Elisa's poses in Barracks have been changed.

The unnatural graphics of JD and Sniper Bernelli have been modified.

Some poses of Marchetti have been modified.

Faces of Kurt and Emilia have been renewed.





'Shelter of Resistance' and 'Bristia, Scar' has been changed as follows.

- Able to save in Warp.

- Other families cannot be summoned to these areas.


In Kielce movement list, Sailing Ship Cargo Area has been changed to Kielce Laboratory.


Stance and Buff


The basic ATKs of Calyce's [Shadow Sting] stance and Ralph's [Shining Sting] stance have been slightly increased.


Some changes of Family Attribute

- Decrease amount of 'Monster Shot damage decrease' in the [Defence] tap has been changed from 50% to 30% once the attribute reaches its maximum.

- Attributes of 'Magic Shield' in [Defence] tap and 'Iron' in [Assist] tap have been changed to be investigated up to 3 points.

- Users need to check the Attribute Page if they have allocated some points to the attributes before their initialization during update.


When summoned monster of [Trance Robo] stance applied Splash attack, the nearby monsters of target got doubled damage. This problem has been fixed.


DEF formula has been changed.

- Once DEF goes over a specific amount, the amount of damage decrease is getting decreased according to the DEF increase. So after the update, in case of characters that have high DEF ability, they will get more damage from PC than before.

- This will be applied to the battle between PCs only.


Panelty of armor damage according to weapon types will be deleted. The details are as follows.

- Heavy Armor Penalty deletion: Gaiters, Knuckle, Dagger, Shotgun, Sabre, Javelin

- Soft Armor Penalty deletion: Great Sword, Crossbow, Blunt, Cannon, Crescent, Polearm

- It will be applied to the both of PC and monster.


Some changes of J.D character.

- The minimum ATK speed when he equips Great Sword and Crescent while using [Royal Guard] stance has been changed from 10 to 15.

- Cool down time of Zeppelin Attack skill of [Royal Guard] stance has been changed from 5 sec to 7 sec.


Some changes of [Punisher] stance and Leonele job skill.

- Overrange Shot: The minimum shooting range deleted. The maximum shooting range increased from 20m to 25m.

- Mark: 10 level reference point, the duration increased from 50 sec to 100 sec.

- Zero Defects: Casting time decreased from 1.3 sec to 1 sec.

- Leadership: When the level is 13 and above, physical/masical Penetration is increased by 6.


Shootdown Shot and Accuracy Shot skills of [Flintlock] stance/ Sting Bringer and Escape skills of [Wanted] stance will ignore Invulnerable and Safe Guard buffs.


The normal hits of [Domination Fire], [Domination Ice], and [Domination Lightning] stances have been changed from 1 hit to 2 hits.

- The total damage of normal hits has not been changed.


When Redemption buff is applied, Heavy Drinker debuff is not applied. (Except Barrol character)


Skill casting effects were not displayed while multiple effects were shown. This problem has been fixed.


Changes of Friede's exclusive stance [Rocking].

- Basic Penetration has been increased by 10.

- Increasing Penetration according to level has been changed to 0.4.

- Damage is increased by 10% per every 1 level of Free of Soul buff.

- Arounding Skill:  Cool down time changed from 8 sec to 12 sec. ATK doubled.

Once the skill hits the target, level of Free of Soul is increased by 3.

- Power Stroke: Cool down time changed from 9 sec to 15 sec. ATK increased to 1.5 times.

Once the skill hits the target, level of Free of Soul is increased by 5.

- Accelerando Skill: Cool down time changed from 12 sec to 18 sec. ATK increased to 1.5 times.

- Finishing Skill: Cool down time changed from 20 sec to 25 sec. ATK increased to 1.25 times.

- By skill use, the level of Free of Soul buff is increased up to 20.

- In use of finishing skill, damage is increased by 2% per every 1 level of Free of Soul buff.

- From the Finishing skill level 11, damage is increased by 3% by Free of Soul buff.


Changes of some stances and skills

- Rapiere, Rapiere of Grim: Basic ATK increased by 20%.

- Vendetta: Basic ATK increased by 12%.

- Counter: Cool down changed from 45 sec to 30 sec. SP consumption decreased from 550 to 300.

- Heavy Stalker: SP consumption decreased from 650 to 300.

- Acrobatic: SP consumption decreased from 650 to 300.


Skill critical is not created while using a stance that uses the both of Dagger and another weapon together.

- Ex. Stances that use only a dagger: Arnis, Blitz Assault, Death Chopping, etc.

- Ex. Stances that use the both of a dagger and another weapon: Combat Assault, Shadow Assault


Sound effects have been added to Valeria Vendetta's exclusive stance, [Enahnce Tactics].


In the 3 missions of Demonic Castilla, the maximum acquirable number of Sun Stone from normal monsters that created after defeating awaken boss has been increased to 10.


Tooltips that were relevant to skill casting time have been standardized.


'Adrenaline Fever' skill effect is now applied to status that cannot be regenerated naturally (knock down, stances used in the air).


Icons of Burn and Counterattack buffs have been changed.


During the [Royal Guard] stance use, if Air Strike Ready status is on, the icon of Zeppelin Attack is highlighted.


Debuff of 'Heavy Drinker' skill of [Cobra] stance is not applied to dead enemies.



Colony and Clique Battle


HP of Faction Colony has been decreased by roughly 30%.


Change of receiving way of reward box that provided to rank 1 to 3 in Clique Battle.

- Before: Can receive the reward box after the battle, before the next battle start.

- After: The box will be provided right after the battle.


Battle Coliseum has been changed as follows.

- Monsters that are 2nd boss and above drop reward boxes instead of items.

- Items can be obtained by clicking reward boxes. The reward items and the quantity are the same as before.

- If a family that has obtained a reward box doesn't click the box within 20 sec, it is disappeared.

- The skill of Battlefield Yellow Phobitan has been changed to 'Killing Attack'.

- 'Killing ATK' gives more damage than the previous skill, 'Power ATK' and its casting time has been increased.



Quest, Mission and Raid


Added announcement dialogue: Adelina Favor Rate quest cannot proceed during the day you complete Lisa Favor Rate quest.


While putting up posters on the bulletin boards in Coimbra and Reboldoeux during Diego recruitment quest, 2 posters were attached at once. - Fixed


In a specific circumstance, it was able to enter Demonic Castilla mission more than the allowed number. - Fixed


Changes of the part that in case a family that is Neutral or doesn't belong to any faction’s attacks raid monster, it turns to hostile relations with other families belong to superior factions.

- In case a neutral family that belongs to a superior faction squad attacks raid monster, it will be withdrawn from the squad automatically.

- Once a family has been withdrawn from a squad, it cannot join a faction squad until moving to other zones.

- If a family belongs to a neutral squad, it will not be withdrawn automatically even it attacks raid monster.


Wrong location information of some quest mails has been corrected.

Locations of NPCs were not displayed in some quest information. - Fixed


Changes of some quests

- Required 'Bone Bead' quantities for quests in Skeleton Nest have been decreased. Mysterious Altar: 50 to 30/ The 2nd Altar: 75 to 50

- Required 'Pioneer Token Level 9' quantity for completing the 'Bahama Swamp Area' quest has been decreased from 6 to 3.

- Required quantities of each mineral for completing the 'Mystery Medicine' quest have been decreased to 10.


A Warp Gate to Bounty Hunters Guild has been added to 3 kinds of Demonic Castilla mission.


A NPC that sells keys for mission of Coimbra Nimrod Bridge has been added to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.


The condition to obtain Constellation Expert stance from Emilia NPC in Coimbra has been eased.

- The stance can be purchased if a team leader is Expert and also Emilia recruitment quest is completed.


Pet cannot be used during the Olivia recruitmnt quest, 'Spy Olivia' and 'That day' missions.


During the Faction mission 'Madness Auto Baron', normal monsters are not regenerated when Auto Baron is in repairing mode.


In The Secret Tower 3rd Floor mission, all monsters in the mission will be disappeared once the final reward is provided.


Quest reward description has been added to tooltip of quests that proceed after Cherlyn recruitment.


Regeneration time of King Dragon Head in Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory was decided depending on the monster killed at the last. - Fixed


During the faction mission 'Madness Auto Baron', normal monsters were regenerated once Auto Baron was destroyed more than twice and turned in repairing mode. - Fixed


During the Bernelli's Bristia sub quest, the weapon shop of Bernelli NPC couldn't be used. - Fixed


Right after completing 'Mop Up Pirates' quest in Kielce, a quest mail of 'Mop Up Pirates' was sent again. - Fixed


The effect of Skill Casting Speed Decrease has been deleted from 'Spy Olivia's job skill, Acrobatic.

- The effect was not applied since the effect of SEN has changed. Only the skill description is deleted.


During Idge recruitment quest, 'Tempered Breast Plate of Idge' that obtained from bonfires in Tetra Ruins wasn't able to create. - Fixed


During the Deadlands raid, the stage to hunt 'Ice Queen' and 'Fire Apostle' couldn't proceed further occasionally. - Fixed


If a user try to proceed with 'Hidden Holy Water Chamber' quest even 'Lunch Delivery' quest is incomplete, an announcement is displayed.


"End Conversation" has been added to the dialogue distractor in Veronif recruitment quest, 'Broken Heart2'.


'Receive Squad Buff' check box option wasn't operated normally during a mission. - Fixed


During the 'Bloody Navy' mission, the reward item was not dropped after Renauld's dead occasionally. - Fixed


'[Return Orpesia] Another Plot' quest had to proceed again once a user enter Kielce through Durm NPC after completing Bristia quests. - Fixed


Unnatural displays in 'The Owner of Royal Guard' mission have been modified.





Crossbow type weapons have been changed from both-handed to one-handed.

The basic DEF Rating of Strata Devil Rosario has been changed to 1.


Effects of Old Selene's Memory, Selene's Memory, and Elite Selene's Memory Artifacts have been improved.

- SP Recovery has been increased. And SP is recovered as well while using stances used in the air.


Once Glove of Selva is inserted into Refining Furnace, they are exchanged for Melee Weapon Crystal.


The exclusive option of 'Prospe Gaiters' and 'Prospe Knuckle', 'Penetration +3' was not applied normally. - Fixed


Some rings were unable to be inserted in Anvil for Destroying Accessory. - Fixed.


An icon for acquiring a specific Artifact was not activated. - Fixed


Crescemento equipment has been added.

- According to wearer's level, ATK/DEF Rating and ATK/DEF are changed.

- In case of weapon, basic AR increased up to 30, in case of armor, basic DR increased up to 28.

- Enhancement is possible up to +6. During the trial of an enhancement, the enhancement chance becomes 100% once 1 Shiny Crystal is added.

- Socket processing is possible up to 2 sockets. During the 2 socket processing, the item is not disappeared once 1 Shiny Cristal is added. The chance of socket processing is not changed.

- Socket processing for some weapons is impossible.

- Enchantment is possible by using Enchantment Chip Beginner. Option of additional damage toward monster types is applied randomly.

- Pioneer Equipment, Damaged Ancient Equipment, Ancient Equipment, and Ancient Equipment Recipe will be not sold any longer.

- Crescemento Equipment and Shoes/Gloves/Belt of Pioneer can be purchased from attribute tools merchants of each town by using Shiny Crystals.

- In Rio recruitment quest and Individual Faction betrayal quest, 'Improved Crescemento Equipment' is required instead of 'Improved Pioneer Equipment'.


Changes of some Elite items

- ATKs of Elite weapon level 12 to 84 have been increased.

- DEFs of Elite armors level 12 to 52 have been increased.


Epic Grade Glazium and Damaged Ancient Glaziums have been removed.

- All Glaziums have been removed from quest/mission rewards. Some rewards of them have been changed to Veteran G EXP Cards or Expert G EXP Cards.

- All dropped Glaziums in some areas have been removed.

- All sold Glaziums by some NPCs have been removed.

- Acquirable Glaziums from alchemy have been removed.

- All Glaziums in Premium Treasure Chest - Mysterious Treasure Chest have been removed. And the Symbol of Cancer has been added in the chest.

- Retained Epic Grade Glazium and Damaged Ancient Glazium will be calculated as 5,000 Vis for 1 piece and the Vis will be provided through Leonardo Expreso.





The minimizing button in Character Info UI located in the bottom of the window was not functioned. - Fixed


During the faction chat, leader's font color will be different to the others.


In a specific circumstance, when consumable items are inserted into Party Inventory, the items were disappeared. - Fixed


In use of Bullet Dispenser, if a specific action is taken, there was an abnormal end of client. - Fixed


Client initial running window UI has been changed.


The color of faction leader's faction chat has been changed.


Temporary Bullet Box cannot be exchanged if it is in use.


The order of Pet can be set in Pet Info UI.


In case of using Microphone including item link, in a specific circumstance, family name and Microphone information couldn't be seen clearly. - Fixed


Changes of Rumin Exchanger

- Before: A colored ore can be obtained once 3 Major Rumins and 10,000 Feso are inserted into the exchanger.

- 1 to 20 pieces of Dazzling Ore can be obtained once 3 Major Rumins and 500,000 Vis are inserted together.

- 10 to 30 pieces of Dazzling Ore can be obtained once 3 Dazzling Rumins and 500,000 Vis are insertd together.


If there is a 100% chance for item enhancement success, the warning message that informs item disappearance is not displayed.


Some UIs have been modified.

a. Barracks Mode

- Some font colors that displayed during a family creation have been changed. And duplicated explanations displayed during a character creation have been deleted.

- The MCC buff mark has been deleted. The font color of [Selected Character Buff] has been changed.

- Duplicated explanations of 'Create Character', 'Delete Character', 'Select Team', 'Delete Family', and 'Log out' have been deleted.

b. Faction Information (Alt+Y)

- Texts in buttons have been simplified by categorizing.

- Blank of Faction Memo has been modified.

c. Blank of Secret Guard (Ctrl+D) has been modified.

d. Some locations of texts in Quest Information (Alt+A) have been modified.


In case of item enhancement failure, if there is no enough space in Inventory, the Enchantment Chip is provided to Cabinet.


Some client messages have been changed.


A change of family block function

- Normal/Whisper/Squad/Group/Faction chat of blocked family will not be shown.


In case a squad member is moved to Barracks by Destruction skill, the moved character will not be shown in Squad member character UI.


Poses of Cadet Elisa in Barracks have been changed.


Steel Bullet, Metal Shell Ammo, Steel Bolt, Large Caliber Bullet, Psychic Sphere, and Elemental Sphere cannot be registered in Market any longer.

- The registered items in Market will be moved to Cabinet after maintenance.


Tip contents that shown in Mission Waiting Room have been changed condignly on each mission.


When Queen of Valkyries is transforming in Castilla, Tower of Chaos mission, moving location of families has been changed.


When some skills of [Floresta] stance are used while 'PowerMagic' buff is applied, SP was not consumed. - Fixed


The unnatural graphic of Beatrice's thigh part while she is wearing her Summer Costume has been modified.


While proceeding with 'Sky Road and 5 Elements' quest, an exclamation mark on Hamann NPC was not displayed. - Fixed


Cano did not use skills during 'Cano's Heart' mission. - Fixed


The hit sounds were not played while some weapons or weapon costumes are equipped. - Fixed


png format has been added to Save Screenshot option.

- It can be changed in [Graphic option] tap in Game Option (Alt+O).

- png format is a lossless compression method. It has the same image quality with bmp format but can store images as lower volume.

Save png screenshot option was not stored after closing client. - Fixed

Client was closed once a specific text is typed for the motto. - Fixed


When the sommon of [Trance Robo] turned to combat status during transforming, lower stats were applied. - Fixed


In Olivia recruitment quest, 'Spy Olivia' mission, Renauld can be attacked right after the mission start. - Fixed


The location information of [The dice has been thrown.] and [Curiosity about the daughter of Dr. Torsche] quests has been corrected.


The amount of ignoring DEF that applied to shooting stances will be applied to Blocking as well.

- Ignores Blocking by 1 once it ignores DEF by 1%.


Functions of Costume Collection Chest and Period Wing Collection Box have been united.

- The location of Costume Collection Chest has been moved next to Costume Trader, Johanna.


In case a character that located in other Barracks is selected in Barracks Character List, the character's name, job and level were not displayed. - Fixed


Memoirs and Skill Point Reset Manual that were needed for stat/skill points reset have been deleted. And the reset will be done by consuming Vis.

- Retained Memoirs and Skill Point Reset Manual will be exchanged for 1 White Gold Bar per 1 piece and provided through Leonardo Expreso.


The exchange with Merchant Union Rep., Chyler in Kielce is possible by dragging Purses.


A message saying 'You already have the item.' is appeared in Artifact List after obtaining Elite Artifact.


Max family level is adjusted to 99.


Market and Item Protection Service UIs are not activated at once any longer.


Private Shop UI and Item Protection UI are not opened at once.


Descriptions of the message box that created by right clicking the no map list in Warp List UI have been changed.


In Barracks, once 'Saved Location' button is clicked, a user was entered 'Last Location' channel. - Fixed


Once Squad invitation request was sent after the waiting time of Squad invitation was passed, the request was denied. - Fixed


Once Personal trade request was duplicated, a message saying 'Block Personal Trade' was displayed. - Fixed





Cortes couldn't apply normal hits if a character was located nearby him. - Fixed


Movement Speeds of Starfish and Large Starfish have been increased.


Dropped item from Sacred Vespanola soldier of Sacred Chaos Requiem Dungeon has been changed as follows.

- The soldier will drop Petrified Heart instead of EXP Card.

- EXP Card can be purchased by using the Petrified Heart through Wandering Merchant NPC located in Bahama, Base Camp.



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