Bristia Season 2: 3rd Update Preview

  • July 12, 2023

Tigres Prison

A lighthouse.

After the Tree-Year War, the light of the lighthouse went out with the destiny of Bristia.

One day, witnesses that have sawn a flash of light in the lighthouse started to appear.

At the first time, it was considered as just a rumor that spread by Resistance for hiding its shelter but people believed that something was happening in the lighthouse as the witnesses got increased.

The door of Tigres Prison is open as Bristia 2-2 scenario starts.
The view would be great if the scenery can be seen from inside. Tigres Prison will be updated partitively. Missions in the prison can proceed on by opening mission rooms as going down to lower floors. In the other words, the missions can proceed on like the missions in the Clock Tower of Viron.
I love missions. Let me go in there.
………..I need a Soul Crystal to revive her. To advance to Tigres Prison, there are some conditions required.One of the Bristia 2-2 scenario quests, ‘Captain Veil’s Escape’ has to be completed and only the families that belong to superior factions can enter Tigres Prison.
Brainwashed members of Resistance think themselves as prison guards. As 3MCC, up to 12 players can enter Tigres Prison mission. The completing ways of missions differ according to the different room structures of each floor.Also, like the missions of the Clock Tower, keys of the next mission rooms can be acquired at random. The chance of acquiring keys can be increased by proceeding with the missions through a ‘Shortcut’ that will be updated soon.
Reward boxes are provided once boss monsters of each floor are defeated.The reward box contains exclusive Artifact materials of Tigres and Essences of Renauld(tentative name) which increase stats permanently.
Sheeny, the Bloody Navy of the first basement level
Who is waiting for you at the lowest floor of Tigres Prison?  Tigres Prison B7F ~ B10F
The way to go down to lower floors is having keys of downstairs by defeating boss monsters. Completing ways of each floor differ and it is more enjoyable to play game than on the 1st to 6th basement levels.
Who farted!!

The 10th basement level is the lowest floor of Tigres Prison and a fearful boss monster is waiting for you there.

Huhu, I’m not afraid of General Renauld!

Hello, Inspector. Why are you naked? Let’s talk first.


 New Items of Tigres Prison

The new items will be added once all updates of Tigres Prison will be completed.

The items below can be acquired only from Tigres Prison.

Essences that Renauld’s life is concentrated.

These 6 consumable items that have the name of Renauld increase stats of characters.

The stat increase effect is applied to all characters of a family permanently but there is a limit of its usage. The items can be used up to 5 times for the increase of each stat and this part will be displayed in UI.


I can feel the energy of Renauld!!!!


A special medal is given to a squad that defeats the final boss of Tigres Prison, Renauld firstly. Only one squad of each server can have this unique medal.


The class of Tigres boss


– Displays of skill range will be added. You can now cast accurate skill attacks by using them.


No problem with forward attacks
Come in here. Come into this range of Ice Vrille. You can check the range of skills that attack enemies by appointing ground range.

Flame Hammer