You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

Adriana Recruitment Quest

Quest information
Start NPC Adriana
zone Castilla, Base 1
Objective Recruit Adriana
Basic rewards 6 Expert G EXP Cards, Adriana Card
Item rewards
Quest walkthrough


Reminder: To receive Adriana Recruit quest, you must meet following requisite; Cleared Adriana sub quest, Favor Rate of NPC Viviana should be over 50 and able to enter Castilla, the Tower of Chaos.


[1] Her Request

If you meet the requisite for Adriana Recruit quest, go to Castilla, Base 1.

Adriana will tell you that she is exploring Castilla under Queen’s order and, if you fine any artifact or something noticeable, to bring it to her.



[2] Artifact Hunter

Go to the location of Castilla, Mine mission and acquire Shiny Relic Piece.

Then report back to Adriana.

Adriana will ask you to find rest of the pieces.


Rewards: 3 Expert G EXP Cards.



[2-1] Shiny Relic Piece 1

It is reported that Chaos Dekaravia in Castilla, Mine has a Shiny Relic Piece.

< Final Boss of Castilla, Mine Mission, Chaos Dekaravia >


Defeat Chaos Dekaravia and acquire the second Shiny Relic Piece. Once you acquire it, third Shiny Relic Piece will start



[2-2] Shiny Relic Piece 1

Collect Third Shiny Relic Piece is in Castilla, Relic.

Use Locate button to see the exact location.



[2-3] Shiny Relic Piece 2

As for the Fourth Shiny Relic Piece, you obtain information that the Tempest in Castilla, Relic has it.

Tempest is the final boss in Castilla, Relic. Defeat it and acquire the fourth Shiny Relic Piece.

After acquiring the fourth Shiny Relic Piece, go to the Tower of Chaos and acquire the last Shiny Relic Piece.



[2-4] Shiny Relic Piece 2

Using the Locate button, you can see the exact location of the last Shiny Relic Piece.

< Castilla, The Tower of Chaos. Location of the Fifth Shiny Relic Piece >


After acquiring all 5 Shiny Relic Pieces, report back to Adriana.


Adriana will combine Shiny Relic Pieces and make a Shiny Golden Relic.

Adriana will then ask you to bring the Shiny Golden Relic to the Transportation Troop coming from the mainland.


Rewards: 3 Expert G EXP Cards



[3] Vespanola Transportation Troop

Adriana will ask to bring the Shiny Golden Relic to the Transportation Troop in Viron.

When you go to the location indicated on the Viron map, you will enter a quest mission.

Deliver the Shiny Golden Relic and report back to Adriana.



[4] Counterattack of Admiral

When you report back to Adriana, you will find out that there has been a…

Adriana, being angry, will tell you to join her to make a mess in Viron.

To join her, go to Viron where Pharrel is.


< Location of Pharrel >


Clear the quest mission and talk to Pharrel.


Adriana will question Pharrel but Pharrel will claim that he know nothing about the Shiny Golden Relic.


After the conversation, talk to Adriana in Castilla, Base 1 to receive
Adriana Card.