You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[4] Call from Simon Ayende 2, Old Friend

Quest information
Start NPC Simon Ayende
zone Villa de Libertad
Objective Go to Simon Ayende
Basic rewards 5 pcs Soul Crystals (Event)
Item rewards
Quest walkthrough


Eleonore will ask you to go back to Simon Ayende


Go to Villa de Libertad and talk to Simon Ayende, accept his task


Simon Ayende will ask you to go to Pradera de Ceniza to deliver a letter

Simon Ayende will give you a task to go to Pradera de Ceniza to meet an ‘old friend’

To go there, exit Villa de Libertad to Auch and then go out of Auch to the Thueringen Lakeside. Then go to Thueringenwald.

< Location of Thueringenwald at the Thueringen Lakeside, A-6 >

After entering Thueringenwald, proceed to Pradera de Ceniza

< Location of Pradera de Ceniza at Thueringenwald, F-12 >


After entering Pradera de Ceniza, check your map to see a blue marker. Go to that marker and speak to A Mysterious Man.


The Mysterious Man will then give you a note after your conversation and tell you to give that note to Simon Ayende. Head back to Villa de Libertad in Auch and go to Simon Ayende.


Talk to Simon Ayende. He will give you 5 Soul Crystal for returning the note and will tell you not to tell Eleonore about it.


To continue the Pioneering Quest, go outside of Villa de Libertad then talk to Eleonore. She will give you your next task.

Rewards: 5 pcs Soul Crystals (Event)