You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[1] Welfare Letter

Quest information
Start NPC Auch Pioneering Officer
zone City of Auch
Objective Go to Simon Ayende
Basic rewards 20 Shiny Crystals
Item rewards 50 Novice`s Soul Crystals
Quest walkthrough


Now, you should finish pioneering in Coimbra and move to Auch.

Move to Auch using the Waypoint in town and meet Auch Pioneering Officer.

Auch Pioneering Officer is located at the Office of Pioneering Support of Auch.

Welfare Letter of Coimbra Pioneering Officer is required to proceed with these quests.

Talk to the Coimbra Pioneering Officer, Jonathan, to receive a Welfare Letter.
Go to City of Auch and hand the letter to the Auch Pioneering Officer, Eleonore.
 < The Location of the Pioneering Officer >

Auch Pioneering Officer thanks you for bringing the Welfare Letter, and explains the complicated situation of Auch.
She mentioned that she alone manages pioneers, Mission guides and Faction operations. It’s too much for her to handle all of it alone. Hence, she wants you to meet the Republican Party Leader, Simon Ayende who stays in the Villa de Libertad in the City of Auch.
Simon Ayende is inside of the Villa de Libertad in the City of Auch
After talking to Eleonore, you will be given this quest. Go to Villa de Libertad.
< Villa de Libertad located in the City of Auch,  J7 >
< The Location of Simon Ayende >
Once inside, talk to Simon Ayende. 
Simon Ayende explains about the Republican Party.
Then he asks you to go back to Auch Pioneering Officer and tell her that he’s very thankful for the advice that she gave him.

Go back outside and go to Eleonore. She will give you another task.
< Auch Pioneering Officer >
Rewards: 20 pcs Shiny Crystals, 50 pcs Novice Soul Crystals