You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[4] Discover A Hidden Way

Quest information
Start NPC Nunez
zone The Tetra Catacomb
Objective Keys to Hideaway 0/1
Basic rewards 3 EXP card (Rank 56), 10 Shiny Crystals
Item rewards 20 Beginner`s Triumph Fillers, Phoenix Wing (30 Days)
Quest walkthrough


Move to The Tetra Ruins using waypoint, then enter The Tetra Catacomb Dungeon.



< The Entrance of The Tetra Catacomb >


< Continue to Go Into The Dungeon >


< Move to the Place Where The Secret Mechanism Is >


You need the Keys to Hideaway to activate Secret Mechanism. These keys can be obtained by killing Siegmund which appears in the center of the room.


< Siegmund, Quest Monster LV 29 >

If you obtained the Keys to Hideaway, click the Secret Mechanism to move to the Tetra Hideout.



In the Tetra Hideout, there are 9 Treasure Boxes and an exit statue. You can move back to The Tetra Catacomb through the statue.


< Tetra Hideout and 9 Treasure Boxes >


When you open the Treasure Boxes, you may obtain Quest Items or Vis. But sometimes monster appears from the box.

Open all the 9 Treasure Boxes to get Bone Dagger, Book with an Old Cover, Old Leather Pocket, Old Papers, Old Illustration of the Tetra Ruins.


< Let`s Open the Treasure Boxes to Obtain the 5 Items >


If you have obtained all the Quest Items, go back to Admiral Nunez to complete the quest.