You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[1] Illier Style Tofu Dish

Quest information
Start NPC Nunez
zone Coimbra Market, The Cathari Falls
Objective Chocolate 0/1, Silken Tofu 0/1, White Wolf Meat 0/5
Basic rewards 10 pcs Shiny Crystals
Item rewards Field Drop Manual - Normal (30 Days)
Quest walkthrough


After getting an Introduction Letter of Lyndon in Reboldoeux, meet Admiral Nunez in Coimbra.

You can move to Coimbra using waypoint.

< The Location of Admiral Nunez >


Admiral Nunez asks you to buy some ingredients for his dish to serve you.

You can purchase Chocolate and Silken Tofu from Lisa and Camille in Coimbra Market.

< The Location of Lisa and Camille >


< Purchase 1 Chocolate and 1 Silken Tofu >



White Wolf Meat can be obtained by hunting White Wolf at The Cathari Falls.

The movement path of The Cathari Falls is as follows.


Coimbra > The Nimrod Bridge > Garden of the King > The Cathari Falls




Bring all the purchased or obtained ingredients back to Admiral Nunez.

Admiral Nunez will cook the dish using the ingredients you brought then ask you to deliver it to a Pioneering Officer of Coimbra. 


< The Location of the Pioneering Officer of Coimbra >


The Pioneering Officer of Coimbra tells a story of Admiral Nunez`s dish.

“This Tofu Dish was spread from Katai to Illier, and is made with special ingredients that cannot be found in the New Continent.

So Admiral tried to find substitutes and tested them out.

He always ends up making the worst dishes… However the real problem is that he always gives them to me.

I wish he will stop this soon, but he seems really determined.

Some pioneers who do not know about the Admiral unwittingly become his dish testers. Oh, you have such bad luck today..”

The Pioneering Officer will tell you to throw away the dish. When you go back to Admiral Nunez, quest will be completed.


Rewards: 10 pcs Shiny Crystals, Field Drop Manual - Normal (30 Days)