You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[4] Ferruccio Junction Cleaning

Quest information
Start NPC Sir Lyndon
zone Ferruccio Junction
Objective Defeat 10 Red Mandradora, 10 Leaping Croc
Basic rewards 2,000 Vis, 3 EXP Card grade 12, 5 Shiny Crystals
Item rewards 2 Wings of Lucifer (30 days), Devil Wings (30 days)
Quest walkthrough

Monsters have been attacking workers at Ferruccio Junction.

Move to Ferruccio Juntion and defeat Red Mandradora and Leaping Croc to complete quest.

You can see the entrance of Ferruccio Junction from Cite de Reboldoeux Gate of the Reboldoeux Queen > The Reboldoeux Stone Pit > Ferruccio Junction

Do you think it’s boring to run around village?

Press (ALT+F3) and move to the main spot at once!

< Move to Gate of the Reboldoeux Queen >


< Move to The Reboldoeux Stone Pit > 

< Move to Ferruccio Junction > 

< Marked Ferruccio Junction Quest Area > 

Defeat Red 10 Mandradora and 10 Leaping Croc and return to Lyndon to complete quest. 


Red Mandradora 


Leaping Croc 

[ TIP ]

Red Mandradora is good at hiding. Look for him carefully.

Save the zone (Ctrl+R) and complete the quest quicker. You can use this function conveniently.

Find the wing item (Ctrl+F) that we’ve got from the quest.

Wear it by double click the mouse left button and special ability will last for 30 days.