You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

[1] Before Starting (Startonia)

Quest information
Start NPC
zone Startonia
Objective Conversation with NPC Nunez
Basic rewards 5pcs Microphones
Item rewards Soldier Character Card
Quest walkthrough

After  completion of creating characters and family, start Granado Espada at Startonia

You receive a mail at the beginning of the game. You can check the Quest “Before Starting” in the
mail box by clicking (Alt + A)

Let’s go and find NPC Nunez. You can meet NPC Nunez by following the arrow. Also, as you find
NPC Nunez, you can meet Recruitment NPC at Startonia square. When you click NPCs, you can
see their comment and skills.

You can meet NPC Nunez by following the arrow. Talk to NPC Nunez by clicking him to continue
with your quest.

Press or click the “OK” button to progress or continue with the NPC dialogue.

You can see New Pioneer Medal (Ctrl + L) which is obtained from NPC Nunez. Try to wear it by
double click the mouse left button.

Put also to your other two characters the New Pioneer Medal by selecting the other two
characters. Shortcut key (F2) for the 2nd character and F3 for the 3rd character.
Then double click the New Pioneer Medal to equip it just like what you did at the 1st character.
Talk again to NPC Nunez after finish equipping the New Pioneer Medals.

Quest is completed by selecting “Move to Reboldoeux”. You will then be teleported to the first map,
the Cite de Reboldoeux map. The next quest is to go to NPC Lyndon in front of the Office of
Pioneering Support of Reboldoeux.

Before moving to Cite de Reboldoeux map, you will get rewards from NPC Nunez.

Rewards: Soldier Character Card, 5 Microphones and 3pcs New Pioneer Medals - 30 Days