Novice Guide

Zone map
- You can see the detailed zone wthich your character is placed.
When you check 'Function of Zone map move' in game option, you can move to the clicked point automatically.
World map
- It shows all zones embodied in game
Zones have quests marked blue letter icon
If the zone has the colony of faction, you can see the faction information when you move the mouse cursor on the zone.
Way point
- Way point is the service for traveling village
to village or basically designated place.
- It is placed on each village or movable place
by the way point.
- If there is no way point, you can walk or use
warp system.
Warp system (portal)
- Warp is different from the way point. You can save places you want and move
- You can save up to 10 places on the warp window by pressing 'CTRL+R'
- Extended warp list can be used additionally and you can use this after purchasing 'official warp license'
Warp system (portal)
- You need 'warp scrolls' when you want to use warp.
- You can buy the 'warp scrolls' through Leonardo Expreso NPC stationed in each village.
- And you can extend the warp save list up to maximum of 10