Game System

You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.


'Family' represents the player in game.
When you create initial family, characters which is created later will belong to the initial family.
The family level will be increased in accordance with sum of each character’s level, and the buff will be provided

Family level

Family Level

  • - If you want to make your character stronger or grow your character differently with other family, you can level up
    family level.
  • - Family level is decided from the sum of all character’s level you have in the Barrack.
    And once the family level is decided, the combat power is also enhanced according to the family level.
  • - You can check the enhanced combat power figure on Barrack mode.
Family Attribute

Family's Blessing

  • - Make your own Family Attribute with point you can get from level up of your Family
    (Short cut for Family Attribute : Ctrl + T )
  • - When you move the mouse cursor to the family’s Attribute icon, the effect of Attribute is marked.

Quest Process

You can naturally understand the whole story through quests.
And various rewards and character cards can be obtained every time you clear the Recruitment quests.

Quest acceptance

Quest acceptance

  • - You can start the quest by clicking the NPC who has an exclamation mark.
  • - You can check the details of quest and how to proceed through conversation with NPC
Check the Quest

Check the Quest

  • - When you accept the quest, you can check the
    information window by clicking ALT+A Shortcut
  • - All quests present you’re carrying out now

Secret Guard

It’s a mentor system connecting beginners and existing players. Beginners can level up faster and existing players can
get the bonus exp. & family reputation.

Secret guard information window

Secret guard information window

  • - Ctrl + D
  • - Brings up the Secret Guard Request Menu.
Secret guard lobby information window

Secret guard lobby information window

  • - Alt + L
  • - Brings up the Secret Guard Lobby, where you can see families requesting to guard or be guarded.
  • - You cannot be 'guarded' if your Family Level is 15 and above.
  • - You are required to be a minimum of Family Level 15 to provide the Secret Guard service.
  • - The Guarding Family’s Family Level cannot be lower than the Guarded Family Level.
  • - You can only maintain one Secret Guard Service at any time.
  • - The family ending the contract will not be able to request for the Secret Guard Service for 24 hours.
  • - Both the Guarding and Guarded families are required to be in a squad.
  • - Both families will gain slightly more EXP than normal. The Guarded Family will level up much faster and Guarding
    Family will receive family reputation as well.
  • - The Guarding Family has to be in the vicinity of the Guarded Family in order to receive the reputation points.

Promotion System

If your character reach the level 100, you can learn more powerful high stance.
You should promote If you want to learn high stance.

Promotion and high stance

Promotion and high stance

  • - Master NPC who can meet in each village will let you know the promotion and high stance.

Promotion and high stance

  • - You can be promoted in Level100-> Veteran Level 10 ->
    Expert Level 10 -> Master order.

Promotion and high stance

  • - After you’re promoted, you’re able to learn
    more powerful high stance as well as you
    can make your character more powerful
    because 10 points additional ability will be

Pet System

Pet will help your battle more effective and comfortable.

Pet recruitment

Pet recruitment

  • - You can recruit useful pet for hunting through quests, item shop or events
  • - Pet has many abilities depending on the type of pets like picking up items, giving buff or Etc.
  • - You need pet food to activate pet you have.
  • - Pet food can be purchased in game shop and can be obtained through events

Team Combination Buff

Team buff is unique. It’s applied when you’re made up MCC with certain characters.
The buff can be applied only with two out of three characters.
But remember the same character will be identified as one character.

  • Fighter Fighter
  • Musketeer Musketeer
  • Wizard Wizard
  • Warlock Warlock
  • Scout Scout
  • - Pioneer effect : All ability are increased +5
  • - Applied characters.
    Musketeer, Scout, Warlock, Wizard, Fighter, Pioneer king Grandma
Three Year War
  • Berneli Berneli
  • Sharif Sharif
  • Soho the Wind Soho the Wind
  • Adelina the Pirate Adelina the Pirate
  • Adelina Adelina
  • Jack Jack
  • M'Boma M'Boma
  • Panfilo Panfilo
  • Panfilo the Battlecook Panfilo
    the Battlecook
  • Raven Raven
  • - Three year war’s effect : ATK rating 1, DEF rating 1, Attack speed 5% increase.
  • - Applied character.
    Grace Berneli, Sharif, Raven, Soho, Adelina, , M’Boma, Jack, Panfilo the battlecook, Panfilo, Adelina the Pirate

See more combination


Squad is the function of hunting more effectively composing a team with other players
You can make your own squad and can invite other players or can be invited by other squad..

Squad creation

Squad creation

  • - Click the Squad button on the toolbar placed top of the game screen.
Squad invitation

Squad invitation

  • - Click the player you want to invite by clicking right
    mouse button and select the menu 'Squad invitation'
  • - Send invitation message to a player, and if the player
    accept it, invitation completed.
Squad information window

Squad information window

  • - ALT+D
  • - You can check the squad members through squad
    information window.
  • - You can use plenty of functions through menu button
    placed right side of squad information window.
  • - Squad can be composed up to 12 players and it
    remained even if member logoff


Enjoy Granado Espada altogether!

Enjoy Granado Espada altogether!

  • - Raid has the difficulty which cannot be compared with normal monsters.
  • - Team member’s tactics and strategy are very important and it should be taken advantage of each class’s abilities.
  • - If you succeed Raid, you can be rewarded unique items with high probability.

Dual System

It is the system that you can make a battle with other players in different area.



  • - Request a dual by clicking left mouse button
    if you want to request a dual.


  • - If the opposite family accept the dual, the red mark is
    appeared above head and can attack each other.

Baron System

Baron is the family who forcibly attacked other players more than once and made them unavailable the battle

Baron System

  • - When you kill other players without dual request,
  • - When you turned into you will be recognized as a monster by other players, and when you are killed, Exp. Is
    decreased and might drop items you have.

Faction system

You can enjoy the game with other players by creating faction (party), and make a battle with other factions.

Faction invitation

Faction invitation

  • - Faction system is a group which is consisted of
    friends have the same objection, enjoying the game.
  • - Faction is higher group than a squad. Squad focus
    on mission and hunting but the objection of faction is
    enjoying the game.
Faction information window

Faction information window

  • - ALT+T
  • - Find the information of faction that you’re in.
  • - You can input profile as well as check faction news
    and see the list of opponent of your faction
Create Faction

Create Faction

  • - If you don’t want to be one of faction’s member,
    you can make your own faction as a faction master
  • - You can create faction by talking to Linden in the
    new continental support center (need family reputa
    tion 200, 1000vis)
Brilliance of the leader, Faction colony’s blessing

Brilliance of the leader, Faction colony’s blessing

  • - If the faction you’re in or you created take each
    assigned colony, you will blessed by the faction
  • - If you’re a faction master, you can have different
    effects from other factions with Brilliance of the
  • - When you take a colony as a master, you can have
    Brilliance of the leader.
Withdrawal Faction
  • - If you don’t like the faction you’re in or you want to create a faction by yourself, you can leave a faction.
  • - You can leave the faction when you select the withdrawal button on the faction menu
  • - You cannot join the faction during 7days after you left faction and also needs 7days to create a new faction after
    dismiss the faction.

Faction system

Colony occupation

Colony occupation

  • - You can find the architecture named ‘colony’ in
    game and it’s occupied by faction.
  • - If the colony is unoccupied, it can be occupied by
    destroying the colony.
  • - The colony occupied by the other faction can be
    occupied by using the function of declaration
Colony war

Colony war

  • - Colony war only can be proceeded in channel 1
  • - When the colony war started, all targets will be
    marked by red icon, so it can be distinguished.
  • - When the colony war is proceeding, there is no any
    penalty like decreasing Exp. or dropping items even if
    the character cannot continue the battle.
  • - If faction occupy the colony, the faction’s master and
    member of battle ability will be increased.
    Faction master: attack +2%, defense +2%, attack
    speed +2%
    Faction member: maximum HP +5%, maximum SP +5%

Item Enhancement / Manufacturing

You can get more powerful items by enhancement or manufacturing.

Item enhancement

Item enhancement

  • - Weapon and armor’s ability can be enhanced through Enhance
    ment merchant NPC.
  • - By dragging the item on inventory window into the item enhance
    ment window, you can try enhancement.
  • - Enhancement can be succeeded up to +4 by 100% probability
    and it can be succeeded randomly from +5.
  • - If enhancement failed, the item tried to enhance will disappear
    and you can get enchant chip


  • - The option can be assigned to the gear through enchant merchant.
  • - You need the enchant ship which is the same level with gears to enchant gear, and one
    enchant chip will be consumed once you enchant.
  • - The item doesn’t disappear even if enchant failed but the option can’t be appeared by
    certain probability.


  • - You can exchange the item for enchant chip by using
    enchant chip exchanger.
  • - You need the item with three options to get one
    enchant chip.
  • - Enchant chip will be given randomly depends on the
    level of exchanged three items.
Item manufacturing

Item manufacturing

  • - Item manufacturing needs recipe and materials.
  • - After select the item manufacturing window, and drag the recipe
  • - Item can be manufactured in case you have all materials written on the

Shop & Market

You can buy and sell items through shop and market

Item Shop

Item Shop

  • - You can only trade with NPC has shop icon
    above head living in the village.
NPC shop trading

NPC shop trading

  • - You can trade items you want to buy or sell
  • - You can select the quantity of items when you buy or sell
Personal shop

Personal shop

  • - Items obtained through hunting are purchas
    able by using a personal shop freely.
  • - After creating a personal shop, drag the item
    on inventory with left mouse and move to
    personal shop administration window.
  • - You can set up the item’s quantity & cost you
    want to sell.
Personal shop is created

Personal shop is created

  • - Only leader character will be shown after
    creating personal shop.
  • - Shop message will be marked above leader
    character’s head.
Personal shop purchase window

Personal shop purchase window

  • - Item can be moved to the selected window by double click the item on the selling list of
    personal shop or by inputting quantity you
    want to buy.


  • - You can sell and buy items through market.
  • - Accumulated money as a commission will be sent to Clan master who is colonizing at the moment.
  • - You can use the Market system through the Market keeper in village and you can check what you are purchasing and selling in the Cabinet.
  • - Caution! Items will be disappeared if you don’t receive from the Cabinet for 7 days.